Mudspike Country Club


I put one in the water on 18 on my final round, too. Then I had to chip from the concrete area with the crowd, across the water!

Weird but worked.


Currently playing the Waste Management Open (4 rounds) and am on the second round, tied for first place. Funny thing happened on the second round, I’m on the first tee and I can’t select a driver. I had been futzing around with my golfer, customizing some clubs, and I didn’t realize I had swapped out a 3-wood for the driver in my bag. I went and changed the club in my profile, but you can’t switch clubs mid-round (that is a real golf rule I believe) so I had to play the entire round without a driver. Hopefully the club will be available for the third round.


Hey…finally got another win - pulled out a four round win at the Waste Management Phoenix Open (otherwise known as Poop in the Desert). Went into the final round tied for first place, and figured I’d crumble and get a bunch of double bogeys, but played a respectable -5 and didn’t get the yips anywhere on the course. It helped that I got my driver back too…haha…



I finally started my PGA Tour career. Early days, but doing OK. I do like the UI change and some of the “flash” that makes it seem different from a typical round.


Yeah…the galleries are kinda cool. There are some special holes during the Poop in the Desert tournament that are really nifty with regards to the spectacle of the event.


Man…I should have known better than to try to play without being able to have a beer next to me. On call, so no alcohol for four days…sigh…resulting in a +4 first round. I was all over the place.


Can’t we have any Mudspike society events without having to pony up coins? I literally know before even playing that i will be near last, if not last. I don’t feel like constantly giving up coin for 0 chance of winning or getting a top 3.


LOL…well, if it is any consolation, the last event it looked like the purse was less money than the entry fee… :smile: I dunno, I don’t have any problem with it because I’ve earned several thousand coins just playing the Dot Com rounds.

My second round in that last event was better…but still horrible. I must have been being chased around by an ex-girlfriend with a golf club…


Yes I’ll throw in some events that are free to enter :slightly_smiling_face:


I manged to hold on to a decently par game for Round 2.

And yea, personally I don’t care about the winning coins in the Mudspike Society events. Do the coins have any function outside of fashion accessories?

As far as getting coins, I’ve earned about 10k of them from my FedEX career mode, on Medium difficulty, and my not even scoring super well, sometimes. I’ve barely spent any coins on fashion accessories, since I have won a few accessories I liked from XP increases as I play. I wonder if resetting the FedEX career lets me earn those coins all over again?


Well, not the best, not the worst, but tied with a sober @BeachAV8R overall. Instead of focusing on being bad at things, let’s look at two things I was surprisingly good at so far this season

Go me! (if you want to know why i’ve been so bad look at my putting stats :joy: )


Ah, very nice. Putting is still the tough part for me. I’ve about got the power side of it down, but reading the break… still worse than coin toss.

And in those screenshots… Rhino, you really need to do something about those ratty looking miniblinds in our clubhouse!


I’m looking forward to the round sometime in the future when I hit every fairway and green in regulation. That would be like bowling 300 for me…


I can spend some coinage on a nicer looking clubhouse


Took a crack at the latest event after taking a few days off. Bad idea. Should have played a warmup round.


Geez, and ruin that early American hillbilly atmosphere.



Wow…that Desert Strike Open at Valle de los Reyes is a tough track. I thought I was in for a nightmare round initially. The first couple of holes are super-tight. I think I hit about 20% of fairways in this round…and I can’t think of another course where I’ve had to contour shots (fade and draw) around obstacles. I lucked out with some shots and I thought a +1 round was a sigh of relief.


I had actually practiced that one beforehand for the first time doing this and had gotten my score under par. Feeling good I went in and promptly pooped all over the bed. My putting failed big time as I came up short by less than a foot on no less than 5 occasions and had at least 8 putts that rimmed out or rode the rim on the way by. So yeah :frowning: and this is why people need to stop caring if aren’t going to be first, it’s for fun. I mean, people don’t stop doing the x-mas flight once the first 3 people get there


Yeah…it is fun and I don’t care what place I come in. I’m more in it to play against myself and get mad when I do something stupid haha… I do try to play conservatively when I’m in the lead and don’t necessarily always go for the green on those long par 5s, but if I’m behind, I tend to take more chances…which usually gets me further behind. :upside_down_face: That course was pretty challenging I thought. I should have checked my stats before finishing the first round…I really think my fairways percentage was very, very low. The greens were pretty sticky though, which helped stop my ball with some shots that would normally have been too hot to stop.


I should be able to complete a round or two on the current Society event tonight. Looking forward to it.