Mudspike Country Club


Last night I finally got my home network issues sorted out, so might be able to give MP another go. (A fairly long and boring story, but the main antagonist turned out to be a bad bit of Cat 5e installed in a wall about 2 years ago, and was one of the last things I tried or expected to be causing it - open offer to anyone that wants the movie rights btw.)


I recently traced an intermittent network issue here to the network jack on my wall plate. Never know, but I’m glad to have the come-and-go problem gone.


200,000 IRR no more, possibly less


For future Society events, should we consider forcing everyone onto the same tee color? Or do real tournaments allow players to choose?


I thought I had it set to force tee colour? If not I’ll fix that. I thought I was setting them to the middle tee.

Any way I’ll set a few more events up tomorrow that are free and force tee colour. Any other requests? Courses? Conditions? Etc…


This would be the kind of problem that I would get so frustrated at not being able to find that I’d probably sell my house and buy a different one. I’m not very good at problem solving.


Where was the option? LOL…I didn’t even see that? Hopefully I picked the red tees… :smiley:


Does the editor have Augusta? We should play a four-round tourney the same week as the real Masters…


Wonder if we can do a Mudspike Ryder Cup…LOL…


I was going to suggest the Skins Game, do they even still do that for real?


No. It ended in 2008.



Not sure if I can set that up. Also you have to pony up cash.

I think skins is limited to two players and has to be specifically set up as a party event. Society events are just regular tournaments as far as I know.


Nerve wracking second round of ups and downs. Definitely played the last nine holes a bit better. I couldn’t find a way to pick anything other than the default red tees (?). The course seemed long enough even from there though…a couple Par 5s were out of reach for my second shot even after some booming drives. And again, those first two holes are murderously narrow. Sure is a pretty game though. Does the lighting and winds stay the same for everyone who plays the same tournament? I had light winds on this round from 2-7mph probably.


My second round winds were similar to yours.

I was hanging on to a decent run, peaking at -5 (IIRC), until a nightmare Par 3. Heavy Rough lie, HUD indicates the shot will have about 60%-70% power? Try less than 10%. Twice! I think I was 4 or 5 over on that hole. Ouch.

I was hanging on the edge with each shot. Every birdie seemed to only be offsetting a bogey.

Great fun!


:smile: Yeah, I think I had an 8 in the last tournament…and I remember distinctly screwing up the last hole with a double bogey or triple or something. I tried to put the water hazards out of my mind in my last round…I think 16 and 17 or something had them? I was playing towards the fat sides of the fairway and greens and hoping I wouldn’t get one of those nutty bottom of the swing twitches that would send my ball zipping off in an adventurous direction. I did manage to hit two tree branches in that round…thankfully the balls made it through and dropped just beyond the trees. My stats showed something like 80% fairways and 52% greens in regulation. Hard to believe I posted a sub-par round with the awful greens statistic.

That was a nice course. Looking forward to the next tournament. Hopefully we can get together and play a round online too.


I hate this game and love it at the same time. So frustrating.

A shocking +20 for the first round of the Desert Strike open, then missed a par on the 18th to finish -2 under for the second round.

I am still using beginner clubs and this course really showed I have problems with my length (ahem - :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), so may have to start practising more with the pro clubs.

Loving the tournies though as its great from a timezone and working away from home perspective. A Ryder Cup style event would be good fun if the game supported it, though on my form I don’t think I’d make the cut for the Europeans. :slight_smile:


What did you drink between Round 1 and Round 2? Drink more of it. :rofl:


The Turboprop Challenge at Blackberry Ridge is one gorgeous golf course. I couldn’t concentrate on my game for the views!

Had a less than stellar even round for the first round. Tight course in some spots…some nerve wracking shots around some water. And it looks like winds are around 6-11 mph, so be prepared to make some corrections for that. I think I hit every sand trap on the course…

This drive should make you a little nervous… :fearful:


That course looks like somewhere @fearlessfrog should be at home with. Mountains. Snow. I was looking for bears in the woods. Not that I was in the woods. Never.


Need to get back in the mix in these haven’t played in a while.