Mudspike Country Club


So to say this has been a rough season so far has been an understatement. Buoyed by the fact I wasn’t dead last during the previous outing I went in to the Turboprop Challenge with some optimism, but not much. The front 9 of rd 1 was typical shite, +4 after 7 holes, then a birdie and par to close the front 9 at a somewhat garbage (for a video game) +3. The Back 9 was a mix of 4 birdies and 2 bogies, not the smoothest, but brought the 1st rd score to a somewhat respectable +1

The front 9 of rd 2 picked up where the first 9 started, terrible. 5 bogies mixed with 2 birdies put me once again at +3 for the front 9. Then it finally happened, not sure what went right but the back 9 was all positive birding 6 out of the 9 holes with not bogies for -6 on the back 9 and -3 for the round. I even managed to birdie a hole after smacking a tree trunk dead on a few yards in front of me. Either way, total score of -2. Yay!





Horrendous… 19 over tournament for me. I really struggled to get the pace of the greens. Too many 3 putts, not helped with a 9 on the first round.

Anyone for darts? :grinning:


Hell yeah, it has been years…

Discovered something today. I handled a real golf club in a sports shop and went to do a practice pseudo-swing. It was uncomfortable. I switched around (club the wrong way). I am left handed for clubs IRL. Does not surprise me, I am a switched leftie by my parents, anyway, and a few things got away (bow and arrow and hand drill, to name two). But I am right handed for darts!

Anyway, finished the current tournament on the game. Did better than I expected :smiley:


Did you try switching your in-game character to lefty? Does it make a difference for the game feel?


Might be worth a try, for some psychological kidology, now that I know my character is swinging the wrong way, LOL!


Huh! Psychological Kidology worked. Least, for this course in the PGA (in which I am usually getting slayed)…

Good suggestion, @adlabs6. TY! :slight_smile:


I was chasing you all during the second round. I had a very, very ugly mid part of my round going double-bogey, bogey through the turn. I really thought it was out of reach at that point - I think I was four strokes back going into #12. Somehow managed to birdie four of the final seven because I just started aiming right at the hole. Great fun reaching the 18th teebox knowing you have to birdie to tie…! Fun stuff and definitely was an intense final few holes…


dammi… I mean congrats :joy: I do know what you mean with the chase though. Even being the first one to complete both rounds I knew that finishing tied with your first round score wasn’t going to cut it, so the birdie on the last hole to put me momentarily ahead felt huge. queue another “that’s what she said”


The multiplayer game dynamic is somewhat interesting. Well, multiplayer in the sense that we are playing, but playing at different times. I’m not sure how the game determines when to show you the entire fields scores. I think by hole 11 or 12, it was showing your score through the 18th, so I knew what I had to match or beat, which obviously changes your psychology on how to play. If I know I’m up by three or four strokes, I play conservatively. If I’m down by a bunch, I play super-aggressively (which can go both ways as we all know). In real life, the tee-times on the final day usually have the leaders playing together in the final pairings, so you normally might not know what you are shooting for unless previously in the day someone really made a hard charge early. I have not seen though, an instance where I finished a round and on the 18th hole it showed a close competitor on a hole behind me, which I would think should happen sometimes.

The long and the short of it is - the players who play latest in the event probably have a slight advantage in knowing where the bar is set. I’m not sure if there is a way to balance that (can the other player scores not be shown until the end of the event?). I like to know how I’m doing against the field though…it definitely makes each round more exciting (or depressing in some cases…lol…“I should have went fishing today!”)…


For some reason, neither have I. :joy:

Mudspike Fishing Club matches, nice :+1:


there is much better fishing out there than fishing planet :smiley: I may or may not have a YT channel dedicated to vidya game fishing and eventually hunting :smiley:

*cough cough *

But back to the golfing, yeah now that you mention it no one is ever really behind you in terms of holes played unless they stop in the middle of a round. Use to be a bit of an issue with DiRT Rally as there were always some who waited till the last second so they knew what times they had to beat. Although with golf I’ve been the one whose been late most of the time and that sure hasn’t helped me any :joy:


You’re a streamer!!! Whodathunkit? Can’t wait to check out some videos…!


It’s just easier, if i spend a few hours capturing footage, editing and rendering a video no one watches I get annoyed. If I play for a few hours and no one watches then it’s no big deal. Weird how that works.


I might make my first foray into streaming with VTOL VR in a week or two. Might be fun to see how often I get shot down…


Oh wow… Nice videos. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for this next Steam sale.

With your St John’s Carp video, I’ve actually fished the St John’s lake at Linear fisheries in RL. I didn’t catch anything though.


Thanks, there’s actually a few from Linear in the latest game, but I should probably spin that off into another topic.


Whew…what a smokin’ round you had @adlabs6! I checked in last night to see if I could play 9 holes of the next tournament and see you killed us all by six or seven strokes! We need to send the beer cart girls to your holes more often apparently… :rofl: :beers:


NSFW there beach… Hahaha


Oh my word.