Mudspike Country Club



Oh my, oh my…

But yea, that final round had a good few putts that I usually never make. Couldn’t believe it.


I was distracted by the guest appearance of the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended, plus the Breeze and Northampton from the 2016 and 2017 Christmas Events (respectively). That is my story and I am sticking to it, LOL!

+16 for the two rounds, even with my “improved” left handed character. That Renville Lake course is insane!


Those um… spikes? They look kinda foreboding.


Another Keets master class with the twigs has seen my scoring plumb to new depths… +37 for the two rounds.

As @Cygon_Parrot has said, the course is nuts, a bit like a crazy golf course in places.

In my defence I had some sort of glitch on one of the holes and had to declare unplayable, the drop zone left me with a ridiculous mountain to keep chipping up and I was lucky to get away with an 11.

Anyone need lessons on how to increase their handicap, please feel free to get in touch. I’m not this bad at RL golf… :astonished:


It’s the top of a Dragon Ball Z character during the monsoon season. In the dry season, the water recedes about 30 feet and the whole statue is there…


Uh oh…that sounds like a 3-beer course. Definitely. Maybe 4.


Have 4 with a couple of shots of tequila on standby, that way it won’t hurt as much when you hit yourself in the face with the controller. :joy:


Oh my, was thinking of streaming my attempt tonight. Now I’m not so sure



Just played my first round…uh…+11 and I thought I escaped with my life…haha… Hint for those playing - don’t skip the hole overview fly-through footage…it might be helpful. What a fun and zany course. You probably have to sign a hold harmless agreement to play it… :smile:


Sorry all! I just picked it from the hot courses list haha. Never played it.


No man…it is hilariously fun…I loved the first round and can’t wait to “assault the course” on my second round… :person_climbing:


My +7 practice round doesn’t seem so bad now


It looks like a Sim City map…!

I’m gonna need my rappelling gear…

Best hole on the course…


I like the creative courses. Reminds of me Mario Golf. Just need Bowser to drive the ball for me.


Not an issue at all, LOL! I really enjoyed that course. It had its moments, there was one shot off what was essentially an 80 ft cliff to a green about 160 yards away. All estimates taken, I nailed it within a couple of feet the first round. It was great. Then there was one where the ball flopped down inches from the hole, and subsequently slowly rolled, and continued rolling away from it until it was 30 odd feet away on the fringe. I was almost tipping the screen. So funny!


Round 1, well well well, what do we have here

and then there was round 2, I did stream it, let’s just say I had a hard time keeping the language family friendly, even though i did, it was a struggle.


Practise rounds… 2 under. You’re a bandit. :grinning:

I can’t check the vid at the minute, but looking forward to it.




well i only did one just to try and get a feel for the course and because I only ever play our tournament matches. I figured, if I’m going to not go into each match cold I should play something and well, why not do so on the course we’re playing on :smiley:


I’m just mad I wasn’t smart enough to consider doing that… LOL…