Mudspike Country Club


So that crazy island hole Par 5…did anyone do like me and aim to the right and that lower stand of trees with the slight bit of fairway behind it and hope the ball made it through the trees? LOL…both times I managed to get through…


you’ll have to be more specific than crazy island par 5 :joy: which isn’t a thing you’d expect to ever have to say.


Yeah…corrected that…it was to the RIGHT… So it was the hole where you tee off and the hold made the 90 degree right bend to approach the island green. The main fairway was straight ahead, but there was a little bit of fairway on a lower plateau to the right that was protected by like six or seven trees. Going there took a significant chunk of distance off the second shot to the island…but it was a gamble to see if you could make it through the tree trunks… :smiley:


that’s where i initially thought you meant. No, but only because I didn’t realize that area was there both times until after I hit my first shot.


Yeah, I thought going straight would leave too much distance for the second shot to the green from the higher tier…but maybe not…loved that hole…


I went straight and popped a wedge over the wall to give me the shorter shot to the green. Didn’t want to mess with the trees.


Loved the video. :clap:

I had to laugh at your hole 15 exploits. I had exactly the same thing on my first round.

You could really sense the frustration, very brave to record your reactions. :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess what I really could have done was hit back around, back towards the shot that landed me there, but I was just so pissed and felt like hacking up the hill to no success over and over haha.


Ugh. An awful opening round at the Bush Open or whatever it is called. +2 - I just couldn’t hit a green and hold it, and my putting was atrocious. Those are some fast, fast greens…and firm, so the ball doesn’t hold up at all on the approach shots. After that last course, this one seems so…normal!


So you’re normally in the mix at the end, so +2 being a good score, I can expect at least 15 over.

I might have to do a @Mudcat practise round. :slightly_smiling_face:


Anymore than 1 practice round and it’s cheating :joy:. Will probably stream my failures from here on out for those interested.


Tiger put two in the water this weekend on the same hole…


@BeachAV8R Yeah, agreed. Very difficult greens, to the extent they almost seemed rigged! :slight_smile: Landing short, the ball stopped immediately like a flop, even if you had applied some roll on correction. And if you aimed a bit long because of a wind, and used a flop or pitch to stop the ball quickly, it rolled on for all eternity. I guess the designer was in a bad mood with humanity the day they handed him the task of creating a golf course!

Loved the course, for that reason, incidentally. I gave it a good four star rating, as the previous one.


Golf momentarily breaks out during the round :open_mouth:

After the first round, for once I’m not last

I don’t think I’m doing anything differently, maybe the faster greens suit me a bit better. On to the second round, I fully expect a +13.


oh, I was pure rotten this time around. Being distracted wasn’t much of a help either. I’d post my scores but they were bad enough I don’t even recall them, film at 11.


Well that was a surprise. I had some fortune on a couple of the holes on the back nine and an eagle which helped. It did feel like I was getting the rub of the green.

Typical golf having thought I’ve cracked it, I just played a PGA career round and finished +10. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I do like the feeling of sometimes being on my game and other times wanting to chuck my virtual club in the pond…it mirrors my memories of back when I used to play golf for real…


now if we were playing The Golf Club VR you could toss your virtual clubs into the virtual pond. I like to throw them at the wildlife.


Oh man…I had such a fun round trying to chase you down. Actually, up until the 15th hole, I was just playing to try to catch up to and stay a stroke ahead of @Cygon_Parrot who I was trailing by a couple going into the second round. I managed to birdie 15 and 16 and then I though I might actually be able to perhaps tie you. Birdied the 17th and was pretty stoked…I mean, a relatively short par 5 on the 18th…heck, I might even be able to eagle it!

Grrr…no such luck. Good drive down the middle, three wood ended up just left of the green. A little flop shot put me about 7’ from the cup, but it had hella break to it and I missed that put. Par left me me one shot shy…but it was a fun chase!

Of course, right about now is when @adlabs6 cards a couple -7 rounds… :rofl: :golfing_man:


Conversely all I could think about was your 2 under for the first round and thought you’d be breathing down my neck. :sweat_smile:

That’s what I’m enjoying about the MCC rounds. There’s far more pressure than the single player PGA tour rounds.

I do agree with you, I’m fully expecting to get the @adlabs6 treatment. :grin: