Mudspike Country Club


I picked it up as well to be a hack lol.


Have you guys figured out the shot landing zone? Often times I find my self going long. If the pin is 160 yards, and the club says it will carry 160 yards, does that include the ball rolling?


I think so, but only in a completely level plane and even then it’s more of an “avg max”. But since backspin is mostly just theoretically possible (it is but you need to mess with shot types and plenty of other things and still gives lack luster results) I usually club down and play the long bounces unless it is a real steep increase in elevation or a very heavy wind as if you are hitting it perfect or close to perfect it does tend to play long.


First two holes reminded me that I probably should have played a warm-up round after several months off. But a nice end to the front 9 pulled half of those miscues back. After getting down to +2 things started getting a bit sideways on me, but managed to keep the bleeding to a minimum and then… slice, slice slice. After hitting perfect up and down on my timing I sliced 3 straight shots into the drink to start off 15. Being 1 over par for the hole and still on the tee before my shot only sliced onto the rocks this time, I’d like to think I salvaged the best possible result from there on out. Excluding added shots for landing in the water once on the first hole and 3 times on 15, that would have actually have been a decent round.


I spent some time last night struggling with the same problem Gunnyhighway mentions, the ball going a good bit beyond expectation. A club says it’s good for 80 yds. The lie says I should only be getting 80% to 85% of that power. Ball goes 90 yds?

Seems to mostly happen with closer-in shots, or at least it’s more noticeable there.

Also did some reading on the club difficulty. As soon as I installed, I chose “Master” club set and never looked back. They are not a nightmare, but every timing and swing plane error is quickly punished (frequently the “Very Slow” downswing, for me).

So from what I read, the three club difficulties adjust how punishing those mistakes are, at (as I understand) the cost of distance/power. For example, on the “Master” club set I’d started with has just a few pixels wide swing plane for my mouse to trace over, and staying inside that narrow stripe is almost impossible on many shots. There’s always some tiny variance and it is amplified into the shot.

Stepping down to Pro clubs, these blue zones are widened, but the maximum power I can get from a shot does down with each. More again with the Beginner club difficulty.

Playing a round with Beginner clubs last night, I actually had only one shot out of the entire round where I didn’t get a Perfect back or fore swing. And the vertical swing plane blue zone is so wide, that again, I never had issues. Of course, less power. My drives off the tee with Master clubs can push 320 to 330 yards when I get it right. With Beginner Clubs getting a 100% Perfect/Perfect was decently easy, but only put the ball 260 to 270 yards out.

I’m gonna invest a few plays in determining what kind of approach I want to take. The Master club set offers that power, but the sometimes frustrating timing and swing plane force the mechanical perfection of the swing to the primary “difficulty”. Or would I rather have less focus on demanding mechanical perfection, and use Beginner/Pro clubs to shift the “difficulty” onto decision making, things such as playing with fewer shot assists, and manual club selection?


Staying with pro. I suck enough at hitting those straight.


Great assessment. Might be better to stick with the more forgiving clubs and sacrifice the distance. The only holes it would really matter on would be the par 5s you are trying to reach in two… :thinking:


I use the beginner clubs and my drives are a bit shorter than you guys. On the par 3 and par 4s the difference is not as noticable, as the second shot can be made up using different club selection.


Well at least this has confirmed that this is the most accurate golf sim I’ve ever played. I struggle and get frustrated with golf IRL and my virtual experience is mirrored here.

Just when I think i’ve cracked it, I card a 9 over for 9 holes. It’s so close to my real golfing it’s scary.

I’ll have a crack at the MCC tournament just for a laugh but will be tossing the virtual money into the lake along with several virtual golf balls,


I tried pro clubs, but the penalty for being sloppy out weighed the extra distance. Cant imagine master clubs would be worth it other than bragging rights. Unless you can set a tournament rule where beginner clubs are excluded or something.

Even with beginners, i still have had Eagle attempts on most par 5s. Notice i said attempts. My putting needs a lot of work.


I changed my preferences to two round per tournament (36 holes) and felt some real pressure playing the Shiners Hospitals for Children Open since we fly for them at our work all the time. I had played a good tournament in the previous event (4 under) but really took off on this course. I was still using the pro clubs, but was just hitting them really consistently. It didn’t hurt that the course is wide open…lots of room for small mistakes. Carded my best 18 holes ever at -9 and running away from the field. Nervous to start the second round because it seems like with this game the wheel can come off at any time (I’ll be T144 by the end).

Par on the last hole…showing the card through 17 since you can’t see your card after the round is over for some crazy reason…


Well… Looks like beach will be winning all the money from our club tournies…


I don’t think so. Like I said…it oddly swings from doing very well (top 5 finishes) to bottom of the barrel 100+ placings. I’d think I’d get some 20 or 50th placings in there too…but it is feast for famine. That tournament was 3mph winds or so…but once winds get up in that 12-15mph area things get ugly in my game. Like @keets said, I’m pretty frustratingly inconsistent…just like when I used to play the real game of golf…so maybe they are getting it right!


Does our handicap factor in to tournament results? I think I’m sitting at +1 handicap maybe right now (I think)…


Not the ones I have set up, but we can set them up that way, yes.


So, I finished up my round at the opening event on the PGA Tour, and it was a good final round. -5 to close things out and bring me into the top 10. Score could have been even better but for a silly bogey, and some incredibly close calls with putts that could’ve dropped for birdie. But alas, that’s golf. Nonetheless, an 8th place showing in my first event over 4 rounds, pretty good. Unfortunately, didn’t qualify for the Champions Invitational, so we’ll be playing the alternate event next. Same course, different field, less points.Of course, it doesn’t tell me what the requirements are…


Trying to share some replays, but I have no idea how to find them to share. I can watch them in game, but that’s it. Weird.


Oh I suck at this, barely could make it through the tutorial. So sad.


Playing with the Beginner clubs was far less punishing than the Masters. Distance did fall off, but currently my game will be helped more by getting the basics right, than distance.


I pulled out the Xbox controller and will try that as suggested.

Adjusting mouse sensitivity helped but I can’t be consistent, maybe if it allowed horizontal.