Mudspike Country Club


Had a nice second and final round in the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open…shooting a second round -3. Not nearly as clean a round as the first round…with bogies on 5, 14, and a double-bogey on the 18th. Offset by five birdies and an eagle…

The first round lead held out though…

FedExCup Rank of -26…not quite sure where I want to be there or what it gets me (better is better obviously).


I actually went back to the mouse. The controller has it’s advantages, and for some really works well. But the mouse seem more consistent for my technique, after trying both.


That’s actually saying you went up 26 spots on the leaderboard. You want to be 1st :wink:


Just out of curiosity what is your in-game mouse sensitivity set at?


I upped it from the default 50% to 75%. This solved how the cursor would annoyingly run into the top/bottom of the screen edge on my swings (and then skate left/right).

Now I can swing comfortably with the cursor never touching the edges.


An ugly round of golf, A combination of poor course management and switching to pro clubs before the event. :astonished:

It can only get better. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why does it say I’m -4 on your screen?? I shot a -6.


Not sure… :thinking:


I just checked the Beaumont crossing event and you are down as -6 as you said.


I missed out on the sale. Now you guys have played for awhile, what are your thoughts on the game? Worth the full price? Do you all anticipate playing for some time to come? Just wondering if I should jump in. I’m not a golf player IRL, but in the past I have quite enjoyed playing various computer golf games (I think the one I played most was Microprose Golf back in the early 90’s) .


I’ve been playing console and PC golf games since the mid 1990s. My experience with TGC 2019 began a bit mixed. Unlike quite a few golf games from my past, it’s mechanics are not something where “accuracy” on clicks on a meter plays a factor in making good shots. TGC19 is more like playing Wii Sports Golf, or Tiger Woods Golf on the Nintendo Wii, where power, swing plane, and fade/draw are input by “feel”. TGC19 gameplay (for me, anyway) has a lot of guessing. Many of things either aren’t documented, or aren’t obvious at all (again, for me).

After my last 10 to 15 rounds, I’m to the point where the mechanics are decently comfortable. Especially for driver, wood, and irons I’ve come to a good sense of “feel” and usually can hit the greens with a room for a 1 or 2 putt par or birdie chance. Where my game breaks down, is putting. How much to correct for the break of the green, how much power to add (or even how to add that much power!) are leaving me with 3 and even 4 putts.

I think my issue is that on the driver, woods, and irons, there is little (or even zero) need to make a shot with less than 100% power. The clubs in the bag are designed such that their shot modes (normal, chip, pitch, lob, flop) cover most distances I encounter… most ALL with a 100% shot power. So this means all my attention is on making that shot straight and well timed. Never needing to guess at the power level I’m using, just make sure I’m hitting 100%.

With putting, the varying the shot power is fully half of the mechanics. And the only indication of putt power is watching your golfer’s animations. Guesstimating from trial and error how far back the golfer animation relates to how far the ball will travel, and that of course being completely variable depending on up or down slope.

At some point, the putting will probably come together for me. Maybe there is something I’m missing there, too.

Overall, yes. TGC19 is a really nice golf experience for me. Something I’ll keep playing for a good while I think. The best aspect for me is that TGC19 doesn’t keep “upgrading” my golfer’s power or abilities as I progress. He’s a capable golfer right from the start, with everything coming down to my own skill as the player.

I really disliked that aspect of my Tiger Woods games, where I had to “rank up” my golfer to being able to hit a ball a decent distance… then tragically ranking up further to the point where I was making many par 4 greens in one super-amp’ed up drive.

Hope those are useful thoughts.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts adlabs6 ! Very much appreciated. Hmmm. I’ll have to give it a bit of thought. A nice relaxing game sounds quite appealing. Something to play late at night with a nice glass of scotch maybe.


I’m enjoying it and think it will be something I play for quite a while. It is a nice break when I want to sit and watch TV out of one eye, and play a round with my other. And I can play it on my laptop in the pilot lounge at 3AM since it works great on my laptop and an X-Box controller. I don’t know that it is $50 worth it though…it was a really good deal on sale.

I like the game mechanics at this point, and even with the pro clubs I’m perhaps finding a stroke pace that works most of the time. Sometimes the rails fall off…which is sort of how real golf works…haha… I haven’t explored all the options yet…like I don’t know how many courses are included, and I don’t know how many user created courses are out there, but so far I’ve seen a great variety of beautiful and challenging tracks.


Not had all that much practice as I would like. I was not doing very good with the joystick hat, either, what I did play (was getting something like 7 to 10 over). Had a round this evening and decided to give the mouse control a try.

OMG! :astonished:

Also, glad to see this one…

Town where I was born! LOL!


Were @BeachAV8R and @Rhinosaurus playing that round the same time as I? They suddenly started appearing on the scorecard and I was confused. LOL!


That’s weird. I don’t remember playing either of those courses


I have no idea what happened to this leaderboard… beach dropped to -5, adlabs went from +15 to +10… I don’t get it. Cygon_Parrot apparently is a wizard. Congrats!


Only thing I cna think of is maybe that I had turned the handicap scoring on for that tournament? When I go look at the society statistics, it shows very different scores (Cygon shot a -3 for example lol). Technically Beach got robbed of a win here. haha. Hope I didn’t set the others up that way!


Yeah…I think it is a handicapped event maybe? No worries…it is still fun stuff!


I’m not sure about the current one but the next event and the following one do not have handicapped scoring on


Hell, I just played the game, LOL! Don’t quite get all the red tape of handicaps and stuff, yet, but if there are any gripes or ruffled feathers there, my apologies, I am pretty sure it would be a result of that handicap thing. It was, after all, my first game on the society, and I think only my 5th or 6th game total, so I probably do have a very favorable handicap (whatever it is and however it works).

And yes, it was a good round! Lol! For some reason (pun possibly intended!), I just “clicked” with the mouse control method. Love it, don’t know why I did not start with it!

Thanks! :slight_smile: