Mudspike Country Club


Haha, no ruffled feathers, don’t worry!


So, second society event… first round was a relative shambles… terrible drives and approaches. Putting was the only thing keeping the score in check at all, and even then finished +2.

Second round, much much better and more consistent. -10 on the day to bring event total to -8 with 2 rounds to go.


Two rounds, such potential for chaos. :joy:


I’d like those first 4 holes back… managed to hit 2 flagsticks this round, which saved me from some looooong putts and resulted in birdies. :slight_smile: 1 round left!

Some missed opportunities on the front 9 kept my score down a bit, but the back end was pretty good.

Event stats for me: 75% FIR, 76.39 GIR, 51.39% one putts, 56% birdie conversion rate, only 1 eagle, which is disappointing, as I had a few chances. But pretty solid 4 rounds altogether.


Yeah…if you are hitting 75% FIR and near that for GIR…you are pretty much guaranteed a good score.

The game is fun because I never know what kind of round I’m going to play. I missed the cut on the last FedEx Cup event with a +6, then started the next event and finished 36 holes in fourth place…a respectable show. I really seem to play poorly in winds greater than 10mph…


Steam put this title on a 40% off sale today… so I took the plunge. Not as good a price as you guys paid, but still a decent saving!


Welcome to the…club.


Much better start

Round 2 not as good

Round 3 getting worse

Round 4, just managed to hold on to even par and finish -7 under for the four rounds.

Interesting as I was playing, it was showing you (@Rhinosaurus) around 10 holes in front, I guess to give me a comparison of how far I was behind. I think the last round I had, I could see I was 8 shots behind, so was trying harder and taking a few more risks.

These tournaments are good fun and a great way to play a course multiple times. I’m happy with the improvement and think its a little bit easier being on my laptop whilst away from my main PC.


+7 round 1, -2 round 2, On a serious note, am I the only one that has to intentionally hook puts to the left to get them to break properly, But only when the green slopes down from left to right facing the hole. Otherwise it’s either just miss or no break at all when there clearly should be.


I don’t have that issue.


yeah we noticed :stuck_out_tongue: oh well, +1 and +2 leaves me at +8 overall…


I just finished the first round at -11. I was putting out of my mind, never did so well. One of the greens, however, is like the grand canyon and I ended up bogey’ing that one do to a 3 putt performance.


Well, I just did practice round at Faxon and fell off the bike. +40.

Looks like I’ll be skipping this round, especially since it will cost me coin to lose.


Ouch. That’s unfortunate.

As an aside for everyone… These opening tournaments are set with easier difficulties / default settings. Later championships/majors will have higher difficulty levels to reflect the intent of the tournament.


I did more like we all expected I would, first round! :smiley:


Okay, second round evens. The greens were tricky this time, and the ball seemed to have a magnet for the water first round! LOL!

Good fun, thanks!


Had a good first round. Got a little worried with my first few holes…bogeyed the opener, never a good start, and doubled #4 and thought I was in for a really rough round. I was just being slow on my swing temp resulting in some errant shots…cleaned up my swing pace for the rest of the round and settled in. And I liked the course - no gimmicky spots to really get yourself into a jam. Of course, I enjoy some of the gimmicky courses too just for the challenge of it…

Looks like they changed the program and you can now finally display your final scorecard…yay!

We are all chasing Coach76 (that you @Gunnyhighway?) - apparently you only see how people are doing relative to your rounds completed since I don’t see @keets score reflected in his subsequent rounds.


Yes it only shows the score on that screen live. You should see total round score on the society page though.

And the scorecard not showing is just for PGA Tour mode.

Speaking of which, I won the 2nd event (alternate since I wasn’t invited to the Champions version). Barely hung on. Did not have a good final round… couldn’t read the quickness of the greens to save my life. So different than the first 3 rounds.


So basically the game tracks the statistics of everyone playing the round, and gives them to you throughout the four rounds based on where other player’s are at or near the same points in the round(s). If I’m understanding that right. Which is a good way to do it…keeps you eyeing how people are doing relative you throughout the rounds. Half the fun of golf is watching people climb and fall on the leaderboard… Well, maybe not half the fun. Beer is a significant slice of the fun.


Actually looks like it hides the various rounds. I guess it’s the game’s way of encouraging people to keep playing, since if you see someone way ahead you may just quit playing (or not enter).

I only see the scores for people who have completed all 4 rounds.


I shot a 61 somehow in round one and have been nursing the lead ever since. I think I am in front still anyway.