Mudspike's Massively Coordinated Event, April 16th 1700Z - Down Town Krasnodar

During the Mudspike DCS World Fly-In this weekend, Mudspike will be also hosting our first Massively Coordinated Event (MCE). MCEs are large-ish scale events that emphasize planning and multiplayer coordination to achieve common goals (or just unbridled chaos and wanton destruction, depending on the participants). Like the Fly-In events, the vision is to have future MCEs for many of the simulations that we love here at Mudspike.

For this first MCE we will be flying @near_blind’s Down Town Krasnodar mission which pits the forces of NATO against the Russians.

Mission Overview:
Pushed past the tipping point, NATO and Russian forces are embroiled in all-out war in the Caucasus arena. NATO has authorized a pre-emptive strike deep into Russian territory, targeting railyards that are resupplying the enemy front.

BLUE Tasking:
Player-flown Mirage 2000Cs will deliver the strike, escorted by Player-flown F-15Cs. Player-flown Su-25Ts will help clear a path by knocking down any Russian SAMs that poke their heads up.

RED Tasking:
There are no Red player units in this mission.

This MCE will kick off at 1200 CDT (1700Z) on Saturday, April 16th, with a quick Mission Overview and then individual flight briefs. The mission will start around 1300 CDT (final time to be announced at the Mission Overview) and should last a good two hours.

We need YOU! to volunteer to a flight slot! In this thread, please indicate which flight you’d like to join (see list below). To ensure everyone is placed to the best of our ability, please give first, second, and third preferences.

“Chevy” Su25T SEAD:

“Enfield 1” M-2000C Strike:

“Enfield 2” M-2000C Strike:

“Enfield 3” M-2000C Strike:

  • Lead :free:, #2 :free:, #3 :free:, #4 :free:

“Springfield” F-15C Sweep:

“Colt” F-15C Escort:

Flight leads will lead a pre-mission brief for their flight.

Mission Overview brief, rev 2

Chevy’s brief, rev 3
Enfield 1’s brief, rev 3
Enfield 2’s brief, rev 2

Springfield, Colt, sorry guys, I wasn’t able to complete a brief for this mission. :anguished:

Primary and alternate flight slot decisions will be made Friday night and announced in this thread. Flight leads will get a PM with briefing templates and instructions.

This MCE is the first of its kind here at Mudspike, so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out the kinks.


Request to save Chevy #2 for a buddy of mine.

If SEAD fills up, and anyone’s feeling extremely passionate about the role, we could easily relocate to one of the F-15C flights.

2 slot please

so 1900 CEST ( Central European Summer Time) amirite?

Primary F-15
Secondary M2kC
Tertiarry Su25T

Since this is one of my first MP expierences and by the looks of it so far the first time at something serious I would prefer not to have lead. A question I have is how comms would be handled? I hope we could all join the mudspike TS. If voice comms are not mandatory I’d like to be placed in a flight where everyone agrees to be on TS or some other form of voice comms.


TS3 voice will certainly be strongly recommended (Mudspike’s TS3 server). If someone wants to play and there’s an open slot and the flight lead and rest of the team can support them, we won’t stop them from joining in the fun.

Thanks for the answers. I suppose my preference spot would be #2 in the springfield group. Will we setup TS commander/whisperlists for proper intraflight and extraflight comms? Or just everyone in the same channel.

EDIT: Escort spot is fine.

I put you in Colt before I saw your request for Springfield. If you like the sweep role more, we can move you there - just right now there are NO escorts for the strikers, which will be important.

Well we don’t exactly need an escort or sweep per se. It just depends on how alive we all want to be upon reaching the target area.

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Put me down for one of the M2000 strike flights, preferably not lead, as I still need some practice with the updated plane.

I can lead the F-15 four ship OCA sweep, Or the Escort

I could also do one of the m2000 slots, lead or wingman, I just have the least experience in that jet in DCS

edited cause I thought I said four ship

@klarsnow, I put you as lead on the sweep for now, we can move that around as more folks join up, if you’d like.

Springfield is currently fragged as a four-ship sweep. As flight lead, if you want to break up the sections to perform other functions, that’d be your prerogative.

Please sign me in for “Springfield” F-15C #2

Second choise: “Enfield 2” slot #3 with miRage

Please put me in #2 slot of “Enfield 2”. I have virtually no hours on this bird and should not lead :wink:

Alternatively I would fly sweep with Natalon.

I’d like an F-15C – Springfield #4 is my choice.

Hi, I’d like to take part in one of the Frogfoots.
I just feel more confident in the Su-25T, then in an F-15C.
Don’t have the Mirage.

Is my time calculation working out correctly? I get 2000 CEST on several websites. Syrian said 1900 CEST. Don’t want to show up late on my first “real” multiplayer mission.

Really looking forward to this.

hey @SevenColoredMage!

Did you perhaps by accident tried to convert from BST ( British summer time)? Zulu time does not recognize summer time :slight_smile: I converted some of the most common time zones.

Math is always a difficult thing to do in public, but here goes:

The CDT timezone in the US is UTC -5 hours, so 1200 CDT in the US is 1700 UTC.

The CEST timezone in Europe is UTC +2 hours, so 1700 UTC is 1900 CEST…n’est pas?



I would like to join y’all, preferably in a M2000C but I would also fly an F-15C in a pinch. :slight_smile:
I am not an experienced flight lead so a #2-4 would be ideal, but I could also lead a strike package.

I put you as #4 in Enfield 2, @Aginor, but that flight is currently without a lead, so you may get “promoted” to that job, if you’re really up for it.