Nov 13-15 DCS World Fly-In

In WC’s Red Square, @Maclean and @WreckingCrew fly A-10Cs on the Blue team, trying to capture the building in the background of the shot below.

I hop into a Blue UH-1H and start delivering needed supplies to forward deployed artillery installations, to help wither the overwhelming Red numbers.

Meanwhile, on the Red Team, @Krautwald strikes back at Blue ground forces in his Su-25T.

The artillery fire and constant barrage from the two Hawgs just isn’t enough to break a large enough gap in the Red lines to drive a Blue vehicle through to start the capture, so both Maclean and Wreck try to capture it by landing their Hawg on the roadway and taxiing into the capture zone.

Here @Maclean makes his approach with freshly installed speed-holes – mostly the 23mm variety.

Here he rolls to anti-climatic stop, just outside the capture boundary, but in front of a die-hard group of his fans who seem very excited to seem him.


DCS World 1.5 is so purty.

@near_blind, @Fridge, @Tankerwade, this is what landing on vapors looks like.


@Maclean is tearing us up! LOL…we have a sapper!!

So much fun trying to root him out… I hated to step away, but I gotta get a bit of work done real quick tonight… Thanks to everyone for coming by and participating (appreciate it 75th VFS guys!)



Tankerwade seconds from landing on the Kuznetsov


Aww man…one of my favorite things to do!! I gotta get 1.5 tonight… I love trapping in the Su-33…

Very quick clip of yours truly in the back seat of EinsteinEP’s L39 in formation with Derbsieger

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part 2 :smile:


The CAG was pleased with my ability to bring the airframe back in one piece. He indicated though, in no uncertain terms, that replacing both engines after each trap can only be viewed as unsustainable.

More practice today!

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From Simply War last night,

Su-25 about to have a bad day

While doing some low level nuke truck hunting something took my nose off :confused:

I did find the truck though after this, it was on the road literally with in sight of the base when I got it

Hawk.1 departing


Some shots from todays action -


@EinsteinEP @Derbysieger @Freak


Moving this post over here as it seems more appropriate. Herea are some screenshots from last night on Near_Blind’s server:

Deadmeat working over an AI adversary.

Splashing a rogue F-16 in the assembly area.

Noticed a little formation flying.

A little more formation flying. Nice and tight!

Good to see the A-10C getting some love as well.


And, of course, the Ka-50 moving some mud … or dust, in this case.

I managed to put a Ka-50 down on one the the Russian carrier escorts. I am very proud of that! :slight_smile:


Somebody crashing a Huey behind me…LOL…

This is what happens when you start chatting away with someone and spuriously decide to drop into the old, closed Kutasai airfield (target range) - you forget to put your gear down!

The walk of shame back to base…

Had a great time - I’ll be on a bit later again! Looking forward to it…



@BeachAV8R: “My work here is done.”

Some sexy formation flying.

That’s me in the Huey and @Maclean Maclean in the fireball.


@Derbysieger tanking up.

Lots of air-to-air action in @near_blind’s server.

@Tankerwade demonstrating how to do carrier landings.

“Hey Aero, I think you’re missing something there.”


A different kind of formation flying:

And some other screens from today:


@BeachAV8R and I just spent a good hour and a half fighting an increasingly personal war against an AI M-28 Havok that was defending the Russian-held Novorossiysk airfield

Although our primary goal to attrit Russian air defenses at Novorossiysk, this Havoc kept popping up and handing Beach and I our lunches.

This is what Beach managed to bring home after one such engagement - it’s a miracle he survived at all, let alone brought the crippled wreck in for a safe landing.

And this my fate is the result of a very quick merge - the Havoc was able to do this to me before I could even bring my guns to bear. And I even had advance notice he was popping up over the ridge!

Finally, Beach and I decided to get smart and try to lure the Havoc over to our air defenses. It worked, almost too well.

I took a missile to the face when I got target fixated but Beach raced in and hosed the devil whirlybird with streams from his smoking gunpods while Wreck’s ground units lit him up from underneath.

That Havoc took a metric #@!$ ton of lead (thanks for the new measurement unit, @near_blind!) and still stayed in the air, but catches fire and suddenly starts losing altitude. The possessed craft ends up slowly sinking to the surface of the sea and is swallowed up by a wave of foam, disappearing into the deep.

Some say the demon chopper still patrols the waters off of Novorossiysk, its ghostly crew searching for any Black Sharks that dare enter its watery dominion.


Had some fun on Wrecking Crew’s server this evening…my shoulders are sore…always a good sign!

I think this one was from the previous night’s mission…

And this might be me and Crew on the ramp after landing in the fog…thanks for the PAR approach EP!

Einstein about to get his butt handed to him by a pesky Mi-28…it became a vendetta of sorts…


Uh…Chief…I brought it back…just not intact…

Occupying a scenic seat across the bay from G-Town…

EP and I getting ready to go hunting together…

Another great day of flying on the servers today - thanks a ton for hosting us and we had a great showing throughout the day today…

Look forward to getting some time in tomorrow…!



@EinsteinEP and @WreckingCrew

A nice Tacview of the now famous Battle for Novo…LOL… Much hardware was expended. And now we have a name for our Mi-28 nemesis(es?)… “Pilot #75” and “Pilot #77”. Brother separated at birth…meet in the skies over Novo to purge the Blue Dogs from their homeland. Here’s to you Pilot Brothers.

Feel free to play the Imperial March song simultaneously…



That’s great, @BeachAV8R! You can see the moment that the Mi-28 and I lock eyes. I turn tail and run, but it’s not use - that cold-blooded killer tracks me down and takes both of us out.

Our moment of trimuph seems so trivial at that replay speed though…blink and you miss it.

Here are some screenies from Hollo Pointe (v1.2), from Red Square and The Highway –

Maclean and I heading towards the Red Square –

What the Red Square looked like at the end –

Trying my hand in the F-15C –

The bridge at the top of The Highway by KC –

There is an interesting neighborhood south of Gelen on the coast –

Somewhere in the fog, Beach & I made the landing before a civilian Yak-40 took off –

Lots of a/c types in The Highway - here is the battle between the Havok and EP - EP got shredded –

Is that a submarine with an Igla on the conning tower?

Map view of the Havok battle –

A few minutes in the Repair Shop and it’ll be good as new …

Another one needing some work –

Blue armor moving into Novo to win The Highway (at about midnight, mission ran for 6+ hours) –

Blue wins it!

Here is some action out of Huey Apocalypse – Maclean on the Dark Side surprised Blue by capturing the base –

Good times!


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