Mudspike Fly-In, Saturday July 20 2019 on Hollo Pointe servers

This Saturday, July 20th 2019, we invite all to visit the Hollo Pointe servers for a day of DCS fun. Our servers will run a variety of missions across the Caucasus, Nellis and the Persian Gulf maps.

Lots of Client slots are available, including A-10A/C, F-14B, F/A-18C, M-2000. Some missions include opposing aircraft, such as the Su-27, Su-25A/T. Lots of helicopter types, as well.

All skill levels are welcome. We will run missions from about 1200 Saturday CDT. Just pop in - and read the Briefing!

Look for our servers that go by Hollo Pointe and Hollo Pointe North. We run the Open Beta version with Integrity Checks.

Voice chat is done on Discord. Follow the Hollo Pointe link above for a Discord link to the Hollo Pointe channel. You are welcome to hang out, or join in the conversation.


Cool…hope to drop in. Am on call that day but hoping I have an evening off… :+1:t2:

I’ll try and drop in, as it’s my birthday weekend, and I think that’s supposed to mean I’m allowed to do what I want. Have to spend part of it beginning to go car shopping though, so we’ll see how that goes.


I think my afternoon and evening are free so I’ll probably be stopping in to donate a few airframes to SAMS, enemy aircraft and the rear of certain aircraft carriers.

For those of you who don’t normally fly on MP servers this is a great way to start! Definitely a no pressure environment when it comes to skill level and I have learned quite a bit from Franz, Wes and others along the way.

All our visitors are automatically enrolled in CETIP, an acronym I just made up which stand for: Combat Effectiveness Training & Improvement Program. :sweat_smile:


I propose a minor amendment to the above:

Training & Improvement Program - Combat Effectiveness or “TIPCE” (colloquially known as / pronounced “tipsy”). This seems more apt given the likelihood of inflight beverages being consumed during the exercise…


Crud… I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. However I look forward to the screen shots.

The first lessen is:
Basic Engagements at Extended Range

Followed by:
Vertical Ordinance Delivery & Kinetic Attacks


Internet connection willing I’ll give it another go… I’ll try in non vr this time as last time was a slideshow for me

I hope I will show up in the CEST evening what is actually 12:00 CDT :slight_smile:

BTW isn’t it possible to insert here time and date which will show in local time for each timezone user? Just asking…


^^ That should do it ^^


Assuming my PC is not in scattered parts on my desk, which I both hope for and dread, I will try to be there. Warning: I am as rusty as heck in all the air-frames :slight_smile:

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It is -6 GMT.

Adjusted! Does the forum not account for DST?
I used Denver CO as a reference which is two hours behind me and set that the time as Toronto + 2.

I am EST (DST) so GMT -4.

Nominated Post of the Year 2019.


To your dismay, y’all, I might even manage! :smiley:

Rancid puns and free self loathing included!


Count me in. I’ll try to practice a little in the Red aircraft to give you a better target to hone your RIO skills against.


I’m gonna go red… So if you see an erratically flown su33 or 27…shoot me

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I’ll likely fly a bit of red (badly) as well.

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Hi folks,
We will start the Hollo Pointe server with The Highway. After that we will move on to a Persian Gulf mission that includes Red Clients

Using Discord for chat and voice.