Mudspike Food Thread


Im up to Thai Hot level #3 at my fav Thai Thai 'm restaurant in Loveland CO. I will go for Thai Hot #4 on my next visit but not so sure i will be able to finish it.

Thai Hot #3 coconut soup -


When I was a young lad in Northern England it was the done thing to have an Indian after a few beers and normally we always went for the hottest curry possible just … because. This was called a Vindaloo although some restaurants did an even hotter one called Phal I think. This always ended up in coughing and hiccup fits and sweating from every pore.It was like a trial of strength that continued for the next day as you daren’t move too far away from the loo.
Curries are almost the national dish of Britain now and now I live in France we have to do homemade dishes as there are very few Indian restaurants in my region. The French really don’t like spicy food, just put a dried red chilli on the edge of your table is enough to keep any Frenchman away.
Sorry, I’m rambling on again about nothing :slight_smile:



I’ve done that mistake too.
Oh boy.


First steps of preparing slow cooker low-country chicken bog. Browning the Cajun sausage, onions, and garlic (the house smells awesome!). Next into the slow cooker with 3 cups of rice, 4 cups of chicken broth. In 5 hours, add two pounds of pulled rotisserie chicken, simmer another hour. Top with some chopped green onion and a side of cornbread…(and a beer of course)…


Has anybody here jumped onto the Instant Pot bandwagon yet? I keep hearing about them from friends who won’t quit raving about how fast it lets you cook literally everything.


I heard they were all the rage about a year ago prior to Christmas. I don’t know what they are about honestly (pressure cooker type?)… I’m a slow cooker fan though…put all the stuff in at mid-morning, set it in LOW, and the stuff is ready at 6PM when we all roll in. I’d rather do that than even have to spend an just an hour waiting for something more instant.

The Instant Pot fans are probably the ones that won’t shut up about their Big Green Egg grills (LOL…apologies for Big Green Egg fans and owners here…I’m sure they are uh-mazing…)


My problem is, most of my crock pot recipes are only for 5-6 hours, and any longer means you overcook dinner. That’s not a good fit for my line of work, so it’s limited most of my ability to use the crock pot to weekends.

My last year at State, there was a senior design project in my class that was proposed and sponsored by a doctor from Charlotte, and friends of mine were on the team assigned to it. She basically wanted a crock pot that could keep the food placed in it cold until it was time to start cooking, then go to a traditional crock pot, with remote-enabled controls over cooling, heating, start times, stop times, transition times, and cooking profiles available remotely via a home wi-fi network. Basically, a crock pot that could solve the problem of “how do you cook a 6-hour recipe when you won’t be home for 9?”

The control part was fairly easy, but creating a compact but powerful cooling system that could immediately go to heat (especially for a group of electrical types) was a very, very tricky (read: complex and expensive) problem to solve. They came up with a solution, but for a small production run of maybe a couple hundred, unit cost was estimated to be north of $1000.

From what I’m gathering, the Instapot is supposed to provide a more workable solution to this problem (and I think it’s a pressure cooker?).


Yeah…I can definitely see the appeal of the 1 hour or less cook time. Get home, throw it all together, and an hour later it is done. I’m (usually) lucky in that I’m home much of the day anyway…so if I throw stuff in at 10AM, it is usually done by 3PM (sometimes pot roast takes longer), and then I just switch it over to KEEP WARM setting and it doesn’t cook anymore for the next couple of hours.

I need to do some research on the Instapot.

Your friend sounded like she engineered something nifty. Makes you wonder if a dry-ice sublimination rate could be calculated, put under a slow cooker pot so that it settles into the outer shell, then a timer pops on to start it. LOL…sounds like a fire hazard.



Props to Parmesan Petals!

Also, props to real bacon bits, fresh ground pepper and a few shots of Frank’s RedHot Original!






Hey @komemiute, what’s something special I could bring to my Italian-in-law getogether BBQ this Victoria Day Monday?


Probably too late but here I try still… (went to bed and it was waaay too late).
Usually italians prefer typical food from the place someone is from rather than local knock-off copies of italian stuff.

So… yeah. If I was in your shoes I’d rather bring something of strong flavor (but you probably know them better) but originating from where you’re from. Something atypical. Heh, sorry- not of much help…

That said if you can get in contact with people that REALLY import from Italy, definitely go for top-o-the-line cold cuts meat. Prosciutto crudo di Parma or San Daniele. Oil preserved dried tomatoes from Puglia are a must too. :slight_smile:


OMG! Pratt and Whitney make BBQ grills now! …

I sooo want one of these. I love how the maintenance hatch provides perfect rain protection.


Cuban Mojo Pork

8 hours later


My own take on huevos rancheros.
Start with onions and peppers. Most people use bells, but I went with Jalapenos and Ghost peppers. Throw them into a pan and get them sizzling. On top of that, dice up some garlic fresh and toss that in. Nice big clove. After a few seconds, in goes some pureed chipotle. Mix it up before you add in a freshly sliced tomato, then chorizo.

I like to cook the chorizo in the pan with the other ingredients, but it’s okay if you want to pre-cook it to get rid of the oil it produces. I just dump it onto a paper towel before applying. Get that mixed up real good and keep your eye on the chorizo. Once it looks close to done, turn off the heat and dump that out onto plate (with paper towel if you want to get rid of the grease). Use the same pan for the fried egg. While the eggs fry, you want to prepare your tortilla. I have a special tortilla pan, so get them a little toasted up.

Onto the plate the tortilla goes, then the egg, then scoop some of your chorizo mix ontop.


A few ghost peppers, some sarranos, a yellow and a green from the garden. Cover in water, stir in a tablespoon of Kosher sea salt, and squeeze in a lime.


Doing this ^^^ again. Adding more hot hot …


Doing some baking

Lemon-blueberry loaf.


Those look amazing. Gah, if only I could actually bake…