Mudspike Food Thread


I’m in awe of this guy’s eating “skills”?! I don’t know what else to call it … the guy is an eating machine!!! …

He tries THREE TIMES!!!

What is this Grand Big Mac you Americans speak of?


If I remember correctly (I haven’t eaten McDonald’s while sober in years), a Big Mac is two I think 2oz patties, so maybe the Grand is two 1/4 or 1/3 lb patties?



But what do they call it in France?


A Grande Royale with cheese?


Ever wondered what makes the special sauce special?


Ever seen “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”?


That sounds like the kind of pornography i wouldn’t dare watch.


Highly recommend dry rubbed, peppered, uncured bacon. I usually wait for it to go on sale and stock the freezer…

Omelette stuffed with pico and topped with hash browns…


I have some weapon-grade sandwich and pizza pictures from my trip to Grosseto.
I think it’s ordnance too heavy for this thread, though.


Dry rubbed, what does that mean please?


Just spices (in this case pepper) that is rubbed directly on the meat. As opposed to like a sauce or basting…


I had a completely different explanation that would have SO worked for that question. :smiley:


It’s the only proper way to prepare meat for barbecue.


Who says keto has to be boring?


I enjoy the challenge of eating Keto. You have to get creative. I’ve managed Keto pancakes and pizza crusts. And when I’m struggling for a sweet tooth…this recipe is the bomb for that midnight craving:


Ooh nice! I don’t normally get sweet cravings- it’s the salty snacks that get me - but I’m sure the girlfriend would appreciate that recipe.

And here’s the finished product:


Cauliflower crust, or something like arrowroot or acorn flour?


The Keto pancakes are just eggs and cream cheese blended together (and a touch of cinnamon)…the pizza crust is eggs and cheese, beaten, then baked for about ten minutes to make it firm, then you add the toppings. I’ve heard of the cauliflower crust one but haven’t tried it yet.


Blue cheese burgers and avacado!