Mudspike Food Thread


Yep, zucchini. Works out pretty well as a pasta substitute (Dr. Girfriend has a gluten allergy), though you have to be careful about excess liquid. Have to cook it FAST in a very hot pan to keep it from turning to water.


I like that shredding style.



Only in America … But I would still love to have a go with it




Teacher training college?


Now, look and learn.


Ummm, now I’m hungry for my sausages beef & peppers recipe.
We went to Belluno back in the 80s for a week. Great time, great food! First dinner there, we’d just arrived after travelling and my wife didn’t finish the huge plate. The waiter was not too happy and had a long gesturing with our host. :spaghetti::stew::dango:



Must. Know. More.


In Pittsburgh, and apparently this is what the locals eat. Instead of having a sandwich with fries and coleslaw, you put them all on the sandwich.


And this happened. Yes, it’s Bourbon.



I think I need to introduce you to the Gunpowder Plot


Venue: Marina Variety Store Restaurant Charleston

While my presentation skills lack refinement, what you have before you is a partially eaten (I was hungover and damn hungry) half plate of Crab Cake Benedict and half of Lowcountry Shrimp & Grits. Not being able to make up my mind as to which offering would not only sufficiently fortify for the drive back to Atlanta, but also raise my spirits to the task, my cousin Teddy agreed to go halves. All I can say is “Lord have mercy”, it was good.

We had hosted another beer release/benefit the night before for the South Carolina Aquarium turtle rescue center. The release was a black IPA called What the Shell, which was pretty darn tasty, not that I had any input on the recipe. Our tap room staff did an amazing job, but had the collateral effect of allowing the proprietors to overindulge.


Ah mon dieu, that’s definitely on the list for the next time I’m down there. Isn’t that location where California Dreamin’ used to be?


No, I think Marina Variety has been there since the 60’s. CD is on the other side of the Ashley, just north of the James Island expressway bridge. California Dreaming does have our beer though, bless them.


Oh dear…another thing to put on my bucket list.


Ah, got ya. Never spent much time on that side of the peninsula back in my Charleston days. It was… unfriendly territory for baby Nukes…

Is anybody in NC stocking your beer yet?


Thanks for asking NN. We are working on keg distribution in NC and GA at the moment, and also getting a canning line. It’s kind of a chicken/egg scenario, complicated by how much cash the chicken has in his nest. I have a new respect for ground start manufacturers. It’s a constant struggle between receivables vs capital expenditures for more equipment.

I so wish that I had read the Lagunitas founder, Tony Magee’s book, So You Want to Start a Brewery, when we were putting together the business plan. He happens to be a good writer as well as brewer/business owner, and the book should be required reading for MBAs, IMHO. Outstanding.