Mudspike Food Thread


I have friends who have been talking about starting a brewery- I’ll have to pass this on to them!


The best advice that I can give them is raise about 50% more cash than they predict, and to budget for a canning line. They will need it before the end of the first year. Mobile canners cut too deeply into thin margins. Converting warehouse space for production takes much longer than we thought, with permitting and all the necessary improvements to gas, water, electrical service. We need bigger gas and water lines, plus 3 phase power. And I think that our steam welder was there 6 months. They will need a ton of glycol, electrical, water, and steam plumbing run. CO2 for filling growlers in the tap room. and if they don’t have a kitchen or food trucks, customers bolt at 6PM on Saturdays. You need a big cooler and a lab. Don’t get me started :slight_smile:

If I were doing it again, I’d raise a million $. That would pretty much get you started as long as you were careful with spending.



Lemon loaf-cake.


I need the help from Aussie people.
I met the term ‘Devon’ as something Australians would eat.

Wot is dat?
Google doesn’t really help…


Well, to be fair, Devon was a jerk.


Went to The Rouxpour Cajun restaurant while in Houston this weekend.

Had some nice gumbo and boudin chicken. I haven’t been to New Orleans and I’m sure it’s better there, but this tasted pretty good.


These turned out better than I would have thought…


Home made bread


No need to cook to relax


Yummy yummy in your tummy ^^^

Had the Balsamic Bacon Pasta again tonight, ummm.

No pics - it’s all gone! :wine_glass::bacon::spaghetti::amphora:



At my parents and the Argentinian neighbors are putting out their regular spread. It is insanely delicious!


First use of the new instant pot. At least one of these quarts will become gumbo next weekend.


That looks like a bread-urchin…


Gotta love it when you are normally the breakfast cooker and you visit the parents and Mom rolls out breakfast…



Planning on pickling that?


Big Al’s Smokehouse at Dallas / Love…


My fried mushrooms.
2 Portobello mushrooms, degilled and diced into small squares
2 green onions chopped up and separated by green and white
Between 1 and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch
3 Oz. of Garlic Sesame sauce
1 Mild pepper of your preference, chopped however you feel
Jasmine rice
1 Oz of cashews

Throw the mushrooms into a bowl and spritz with water. Then dump on the cornstarch and toss them so they’re evenly coated.
Fry the result between 6-8 minutes
Add the peppers to soften them up, 2-4 minutes.
Stir in sauce, 2 Tbsp’s of water, and the white portions of the green onion until sauce has thickened, about one minute.
Kill heat, add sriracha to taste and stir it in.
Garnish with the green portions of the green onion and cashews, serve with rice.

Of course, I’m not leaving without sharing a burger sporting fried jalepenos.