Mudspike Food Thread


My lower lip may quiver. But I’m not crying dammit…


What are you upset about? That kitten looks delicious!


Oh they are tasty when wrapped in bacon. But after two weeks of them. I’d rather have a cookie.


So, I’m making chicken stock tonight, and am soliciting for good winter soup recipes. Got a family go-to? I’d love to hear about it!


My wife makes an awesome Mexican vegetable soup…but unfortunately, I don’t have the recipe. We took a run to the grocery store this morning (before the pandemonium) and we are having chili and homemade pizzas for the next couple of days. Got a twelve pack of Shiner Bock (bottles…like civilized people) and a few bottles of Alamos Malbec. Let #Snowmageddon Redux come…we are ready…


While perhaps a bit unconventional, we really like this soup, especially on a cold winter evening.

( I hate seafood so we usually use chicken and no seaweed)
It is not terribly spicy, depending on how much chili pepper you add.


Awesome, thanks guys!

@BeachAV8R, I experimented with pumpkins in chili back in the fall- it worked surprisingly well as a thickening agent. Might have to make another batch.


First batch of chicken stock of 2017, just starting.


Homemade pizzas going in the oven…




We had beans in the crock pot and homemade cornbread this evening. Southern boy heaven.


Do you have a special recipe for Cornbread? I have never eaten that but I’d like to try it.

Similar to this or another variant?


Bacon and beer. Can’t go wrong with that…


It became chowder. The beer was seasoning for me.


Nice view while cooking breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs, southwestern hash browns, and thick cut bacon with some awesome Lavazza Kilimanjaro coffee to keep the chef warm…


Oh man…that chowder looks delicious…


Can’t go wrong with Lavazza.
Only one superior, for me- but it IS subjective, is Illy



Not sure if I am totally on board with the concept, so will need to try asap. Maybe tomorrow for lunch. Will report my findings :grin: