Mudspike Food Thread


Tonight’s offering: my first attempt at a green curry, with chicken, over sauteed bok choi:


I’ll have two medium portions, please! :smiley:


In a quest to break out of “the usual” food, I made a Pork Tenderloin last week. I used ground up garlic (the jar stuff is great) and fresh


Dang, it has been since May and I am getting pretty darn hungry waiting for a new recipe!!!



Making my first attempt at slow smoking a brisket on the grill. (Apologies for the beat up grill grates…replacements are on order!)… Rubbed them down with Dos Anclas salt and some peppercorn. Soaked hickory chips in water for a few hours, wrapped them in foil, and laid them on the back of the grill wrapped in foil. Briskets on the front, out of direct heat…and trying to maintain about 250F and hoping for 5 or 6 hours of cooking (in time for the Barca soccer game)…

Anyone else have any tips? I think I’ll flip it in about 2 hours, and I heard maybe when the meat temp plateaus, you can take it off, wrap it in foil to help finish it and get it over the hump for the last couple hours.


I don’t know much about smoking, but I know you’re gonna have a bad time. You want 12+ hours for brisket to do it right.


Yeah, I was reading that…but these are only 4 lb. cuts of meat…not the 10-20 lbs. that are typical. So I’m hoping they will have a bit quicker cook time. As long as my in-laws don’t get botulism, I’ll be happy with it…I’ll be mostly drinking anyway. And I have the local pizza joint on speed dial in case of any disasters… LOL


Just saying. I know we have some apostates to the One True BBQ here, and I’d hate to see this give them ammunition.


At the 1/3 point…resisted the temptation to open the grill hood for two hours…kept an eye on the temp gauge and sitting at around 275F with just the back burner on low. Flipped, salted the other side, back on for a couple hours and then I’ll wrap it. Probably should have started this project at 6am instead of noon…


Breakfast was extra thick Boars Head bacon, half egg white / half regular egg Mexican omelette with pico made from our garden (except the cilantro)…western hash browns wrapped in. Some Guatemalan coffee to wrap it up…


Corn brushed with butter, olive oil, and salt going on with brats…35 more minutes… Fingers crossed.


Not ashamed to admit I used the Texas Crutch to get the meat to where it needed to be. Wrapping in foil and bumping up the temperature slightly.


Did someone say brisket? You want a minimum of 10 hours at around 220- 250 for brisket to br at the sweet spot. You should be wrapping it once it reaches around 160 internally and once a good cust has formed. If you wrap it too early you will have less of a smokey flavour. If you are only cooking it for 6 hours or so just make sure to slice it thin. Thick slices will be chewy


May the Lord Franklin have mercy on our meat souls…



I will make a full report/confession when it comes off the grill…lol…


Oh man this is good. Mostly I was worried about it being under-done, but it was just right for the family. I’d prefer a touch of pink color…but I’d rather have erred on the side of done…


Looks excellent Beach but you have to toss that BBQ to the curb man. I personally wouldn’t grill on that thing.


LOL…I’m a backcountry camper. I’ve literally cooked and served steak on river rocks…a grill that is in one place (next to a pool no less) is like heaven…LOL…


Rocks are cool but IMO rusty dirty grills aren’t …

Don’t even try to clean that grill with a wire brush either because a wire bristle will get caught in it and send someone to hospital … my wife nearly choked on one once.

You have to up your grilling game dude! :grin: