Mudspike Food Thread


Scratch made Fajitas with all the fixins. I felt lazy and got canned beans though. @near_blind those are the bacon fat tortillas I was telling you about.


I’m currently addicted to these corn nuts. :slight_smile: Just thought I’d share the news in case anyone is interested in getting some fibre into their diet …

“Big on flavor, extra-large kernel Peruvian corn, or “choclo” in Spanish, has a slightly sweet, distinctively nutty taste and a hearty crunchy texture – grown exclusively in the Andes at an elevation of over 8,000 feet.”

$2 bucks a bag!


Winter time means soup. Yesterday was devoted to making chicken stock for the next few months.


You ever make chicken tortilla soup? One of my favorites…


YES! All the carrots, onions and celery, that’s gonna be some good soup!


I am just about to put in a nice piece of Aberdeen Angus Silverside Matured for 30 days on the bone Yummy :cut_of_meat:


Sunday Lunch in an English Pub:

I was going to do a “before and after” type thing but was hungry.


What’s great about British Cuisine is that it’s nowhere to be found here in Austria. JK, or am i? :slight_smile:


Memphis BBQ…


I am salivating, ours is about 30 mins away. That looks very scrummy Beach :heart_eyes:


It’s like that well known chain of Austrian restaurants known the world over… :wink:



Freshly ground beef with some fried onions and homemade chips.

To top it off? A mild but tasty sauce.

I was quite happy with its flavor. If you use Tabasco? Lose that. It’s basically 50% vinegar. Go with this. It’s great!

EDIT: Just to clear something up - The label says EXTRA HOT! Now, I do have a much higher tolerance for heat than the average joe (it’s what you get when you grow up in El Paso Texas and go to Juarez to eat sometimes) but when I say this is a mild sauce, I really mean it’s mild.

Valentina’s is made from Puya Chilis. In SHU? They’re literally the same as jalapenos. If you can handle those, you can handle this.


Oh Dear…this is in direct contradiction to the Health and Fitness thread…


Hot sauces are pretty good for you, actually!


Valentina is great! What are your thoughts on Tapatio?


Another quality mild sauce. Very tasty. Actually, I really like Tapatio because it nixes vinegar all together. I think vinegar is abused as an ingredient in these sauces. Most severely over use it purely because of its acidic properties.

There’s definitely a place for it, but it’s overused. A sauce like Tapatio provides a very welcome change of pace.


Papa Navynuke99 made quiches for breakfast this morning:


Awesome…! Mrs. BeachAV8R made two spiced up spinach quiches this morning. Coupled with some Gevalia coffee and I was ready to tackle mid-day gift assembly duty. Now I’m getting sleepy though.


Lady Chipwich prepared for Christmas brunch 3 styles of brioche, including almond and chocolate, and 2 styles of quiche. Dad assembled a large Barbie dollhouse. I desperately need to kill something (virtually).