Mudspike's Massively Coordinated Event, April 16th 1700Z - Down Town Krasnodar

Copy. I would do lead if there isn’t someone better qualified available. :slight_smile:

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hey everyone!

It looks like the event is drawing a lot of attention and many people have already signed up. Einstein, Near_blind and myself have given thought about how we should handle communications for those who are willing to join teamspeak.

Those who want to join us on TS will be put in channels based on the flight they are in. I have written a little guide about how you can add whisperlists so you are able to talk to everyone. this is optional. And even if you decide not to do it you will still be able to hear all global communications, just not respond to them. We thought this would be a cool way to simulate realistic UHF/VHF communications. And now you can tell your flight leader that you are banking 20° to the left without disturbing the whole package. While still retaining the possibilty to ask an individual Eagle driver to come to your rescue :slight_smile:

I’d like to state one more time it’s purely optional to do it or to even be on TS. Please don’t be scared off by this. It should only take a handful of minutes to do the setup. @EinsteinEP might have some corrections (channels etc) before go-time tomorrow. Here’s the link!

I want to to ask those of you who lead a flight to also read the bottom part so you can gain commander status and have the ability to speak on the commanders channel.


I’ll take Colt11.

On a side note, we should make plans for something similar with BMS. Just think… The F-16 can do all the missions above, IVC gives great comms functionality, all flights could be up Link 16, A/A TCN, etc. Plus, no worrying about who has what aircraft, etc. Just a thought for the future. :slight_smile:


Yup. I firmly believe a little coordination of MP events will have huge payoffs in quality of gameplay as well as the quality of the team we build up afterwards. The trick is finding the right balance between too little planning and too much. And there’s only one way to figure that out!

Not to get this thread too derailed, but I’d love to see some coordinated MP on Rise of Flight. Imagining a flight of escorts covering me on top while I fly my Hadley/Gotha to go bomb enemy targets gives me chills just thinking about it. :cold_sweat:

Updated the first post with the latest assignments as I have them. Still not too late to hop on, though.

Also added links to the updated flight briefs.

Uhhh… I just read the briefing and I have a question:

Arco and Shell have the same TACAN and Comms frequency? Is that correct?
That could lead to some problems I guess, like people joining on the wrong tanker.

Hello, after some training with the Mirage yesterday I would like to change from F-15C Sweep to “Enfield 2” #4

Arriving a bit late to the party, but is it possible to tag along with “Enfield 1”?

There seems to be plenty of redundancy on the Strike Package so my “delightful ineptitude” wont be much of an issue :wink:

You’re not late! The mudspike motto is to be on target. Nobody ever said anything about being on time :wink:

It’s possible the tankers are flying in a formation. Only the F-15’s are able to join up with this type of tanker in this flight. The Mirages can take fuel from an S-3 or IL-78 but I suppose their mission is just one pass, haul ass with the F-15’s sustaining air superiority for quite some time ( we have no briefings :frowning: ) Even with two tankers and supposing everything goes perfect it would still take about 20 minutes for all 6 F-15’s to fill up completely from 2 tankers.

Ok, that makes sense.

Oh, and for Colt flight: Most important thing is the Rendezvous time with the Enfield flights. Check their flight briefs for those times.

EDIT: Also, which TS channels are we going to use? I assume the order like in the first post, which would put me and my boys in channel 3 for the briefing (1700UTC, 1900 CEST).

I sure hope the CIA or somebody has a couple of black market fuel tanks for my Eagle…

I would probably use a centerline fuel tank to have a bit more afterburner available, but other than that you will probably be fine. It isn’t that far, and refueling is quite easy in the Eagle. :slight_smile:

In this mission the only aircraft that can join on the tanker are the F-15Cs and they don’t use TACAN or radio frequencies so should not be an issue.

The Mission Designer has given the Eagles enough fuel to get to the target and back. For extended stays in the threat area, there are tankers available on the way back.

You are correct (in my vision). There used to be one more F-15 escort flight wich apperently got removed wich is why there is one more channel than there are flights. I envision we will start together in the Mudspike Multiplayer channel or something. Although I don’t mind sitting with boomering alone for an hour in a channel :stuck_out_tongue: Or perhaps we listen in on what the sweep or our actual HAV’s get to hear during their briefing.

Depends on what Einstein and Near_blind will do as they are running it.

I am so jealous of you. Unfortunately I didn’t manage my agenda properly and am now gone with my girlfriend the entire weekend.
Would love to take part in the next MCE. :slight_smile:

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Sure. We see where you’re priorities are. Pfft. :wink:

Would love to have you there, @Freak. We’ll let you know the next time we plan one of these.

Sign me up for the last Su25 slot, thanks

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Added Mission Overview brief. @near_blind and I will be going over this prior to the flight brief.

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All of the KB commands for the F-15C are a bit too much to remember so I’m using the MFCDs (link here). It’s a work in progress…

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