NATO Ministry of Information video thread


It’s said he became a fighter so maintenance intensive the secretary of defense himself went on a personal vendetta against him… in the end his powerful yet archaeic fire control system could not save him against bureaucracy. Ironic…

But I know, Yung Lockheed, if we study these secrets together… assuredly, we can master them to rule the intercept



Some nice close up 500 and 2000 lbs bomb impact footage, from a RDAF live fire exercise this week.
Video on Facebook


That was sweet and terrifying…!


I don’t think that this has been posted before but I saw it on Reddit and it’s a good video from the Pilots POV from walk-around through to cat launch, landing, parking and shut-down:


Nice! That poor GoPro at the Cat Launch video - about 17:00 in and it goes flying… :slight_smile:


Those were outstanding videos. I’m assuming those little black square cartridges he put underneath the net mesh behind the seat were the data cartridges? The choreography on the deck of the carrier was just amazing to watch with respect to shuffling all those aircraft around.


Behind the seat were the tapes for recording displays, the cards he pulls out of the sleeve pocket are the mission cards that hold data you’ve loaded such as waypoints, etc.







That was awesome. Something really cool about watching that analog airspeed indicator just wind up that fast. Very cool.

That perspective always makes the thought of ejections seem even more nuts. Seems like a lot of stuff to get in the way of cleanly exiting the aircraft, although I know there are devices that make the safe(ish) exit more probably.


Desire to Intrude INTENSIFIES


You know it’s not an A-6 but the viggen can make some pretty dang neat intrusions too.


At a more decent speed too I expect.


Provided the engine doesn’t flame out…


Amazing JAS 39 Gripen video: the sound is pretty staggering.


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