New old FALCON Series?

Hmm. Says you can get all the old ones (From Falcon 1.0? → 4.0 I guess) cheap too. Bugs and all I suppose.

Hmm. Looks like BMS is moving along? Or up?

You probably missed this:

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Actually, we should probably consolidate these threads…? Or at least the later parts of that thread here? It kind of deserves its own place…
What do you guys think?


Kinda on the subject :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmm, I dunno.

Personally I’ve downgraded Microprose and it’s dizzying battery of ‘in development’ titles from an initial “Enthusiastically hopefully” to “Skeptical eye-roll” whenever I see them in the news.

In the few years since they made their initial announcements, they’ve proven particularly adept at saying things that will make flight simmers excited. And that’s a good thing, to be sure.

But thats pretty much it. Save for a handful of titles that don’t really hit the ‘strike zone’, it’s been all talk, no walk.

To wit, they are currently developing FOUR B-17 related sims. And we’ve basically had radio silence since the announcement(s) of them.

This article at Tallho Corner (which cites an interview with Micropose as posted recently in PC pilot, notes one of said sims was almost scrapped due to missing source code. OK, great they found it and are back on track…but why would they announce the remake if they hand’t secured the code at the time?

Oh, and also they are signed on with…CAP2? Holy resurrected abandonware batman! (Seriously, the devs will have some nerve showing their face to the community after years of radio silence and broken promises). But that’s a whole other thing to discuss another time.

Point being, they’re demonstrating a worrying propensity to talk first, think later.

I’d be willing to upgrade their status back to ‘approving nod’ if they can manage to ship something real by end of year, or at least put actual release dates behind titles like Task Force Admiral and Sea Power.

But, as of now…[Rolls eyes]…


Well haven’t BMS been talking about Falcon 5? Like when responding to requests on their forums I’ve seen them saying “wait until you see it in Falcon 5” or “That is coming in Falcon 5”.

So I’m not so despondent about Falcon 5 and what it will be like - but as for the rest - who knows.

PS - couldn’t agree more about CAP2 - fortunately I was able to get a refund.


I’m not quite at eye rolling yet, but I’ve moved from straight up excited to cautiously optimistic for sure.

In addition to the reasons you mentioned, there was a minute where after Jason left 1C he was going to be a producer with them, then all of a sudden he wasn’t. I know this is silly tea leaf reading speculation but I can’t help but wonder if once he got a look at things they weren’t in the greatest of shape?

Still hoping for the best, all the stuff Lagettie has been saying in interviews sounds great. Maybe just a case of starting to hype things up way to early on the simulation front?

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Wasn’t Cap2 just a single dude working on his own that burned himself out? Or am i misremembering this


I wouldn’t quite be so negative.
For me Jason just had one goal in mind, Pacific Theater.
He considered MicroProse rather than joblessness but once someone oglfferes him to do The Pacific, he bolted.


Yeah, I remember that too.
Truth be told, I never owned the game so I will not comment but I follow developers that are literally a single guy and it isn’t easy.


Yes good point, could have been any number of things. Just have been really looking forward to what they’re cooking up and worried a bit that it’s not working out.

CAP2 was/is pretty much one guy, I think the main reason people were/are annoyed is not that he stopped necessarily but that he just straight up disappeared.

(Bought it but haven’t followed closely so could be there’s more to it than that.)

I don’t so much concern myself about series numbers (F4, F5). What matters to me is that Falcon BMS is currently the best single-player combat flight sim available. Whether or not Microprose repackages is as Falcon 5 is irrelevant. The sim exists—now. And it is brilliant—now. If, on the off chance, they do produce it, I will finally pay for something I have been enjoying for 20 years. Meanwhile, in that same span of time, I’ve “invested” probably close to $1k in the DCS family of products. I find myself in the very comfortable position of being both a fan AND caring not two farts about how this plays out.


True. I think his dev forum is still up on steam if curious. I deleted his demo last month to make room for DCS. The demo was fun to play

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Except Falcon 5 is entirely a different product.
Build from the ground up with an entirely different engine and framework in mind- from what I understood of the interview.

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I was kind of excited until it mentioned the F-35. Now I’m very skeptical.


Dunno. You have to remember that Falcon 5 is not going to be DCS level.
I mean even original Falcon 4.0 wasn’t even close to DCS level.
Didn’t even had a proper cold start, that arrived , IIRC, with SP4 or Allied Forces


True. The emphasis was more on strategy and tactics.


Oh darn. I was getting ready to throw some butter on the popcorn for a spirited debate, especially concerning the flight model :rofl:


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I’m so going to the store for some…!

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assuming they can save millions and years in dev time, w/ the source code they can port the dynamic campaign engine over to F5.0,

Issue here is, the dev interview I saw said they plan to Model F-35B and Block 60/70 as well as the Block 50.

Since there’s no Public data on those, I’m going to go out on a limb and say F5.0 wont be a study sim akin to DCS this time around, but more Entry Sim Lite.

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