New Tank Sim: Gunner, HEAT, PC!

Yes they did, but Soviet APFSDS was pretty useless at any more than 1.5km-2km… Bore riding (big) fins meant they slowed down quite quickly and dispersion above about 1km was horrible.

That’s why they prioritised HEAT as their main anti armour round but the extra diameter didn’t give any better penetration IIRC than 105mm HEAT due to manufacturing/quality control issues. Plus I’m pretty sure that some 125mm HEAT used a steel liner which doesn’t work as well as copper.


[Inarticulate screaming in the distance]

It has more armor kills than the Abrams. The Bradley is a monster. I’d imagine it deals with both its mobility that allows it to deliver a TOW from out of no where and just how fast it can put rounds on target. You hit first, you usually win since your opponent will have a “Significant Emotional Event” as the Chieftain would put it.


I’d like to articulate a thought.
Despite the immense technological superiority of the Bradley over the rest of the AFV, definitely coming at a cost, I believe that the best part of its (in-real-life) success is the thorough application of the correct combat doctrine and training.

Well conscious on its shortcomings, the US Army must have made sure of teaching the correct Standard Operating Procedures to it’s Boys and Girls.

Do not climb in a Bradley to blindly charge at enemies in the open. :wink:


Or do. It really does kick ass.


That is definitely true. But during the battle at 73 easting, bradley crews on more than one occasion found themselves unable to actually see the enemy until they were at point blank range. One commander, opened his hatch to get a better view, saw a t72 to his right hand side, 3 tank lengths away and unaware of his presence. They killed it and when they captured the iraqis, they said they had seen the bradley section advancing so fast that they thought they must be friendly so didnt shoot back.


Also the terrain of that battle made stealth a bit difficult. In the almost flat desert there is normally only one good option … CHARGE!!! And hope to overwhelm the enemy quickly… that is assuming you don’t outrange them


I had played the tech demo for GHCPC released a while back and liked it. Was in the mood for some modern tank action and went ahead and pulled the trigger on steam the other night. Spent about an hour, and honestly, I’m not feeling it. It strikes me as more arcad’ish than I was expecting. I can’t exactly put my finger on the why of it right now. I get it’s EA so there’s still plenty of stuff coming down the road. I was tempted to get a refund on it, but I appreciate small dev studios putting out work on riskier titles, so I’ve decided not to. I’ll revist later and see if my opinion changes.


You want the most realistic modern tank sim for pc?
Go to Steelbeasts Pro PE.
The non PE edition is the one used by many Armies to trains their tank operators.
Also not sooooo modern, more of cold war, the Steel Amor is also a very nice simulator.

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I would encourage you to stick with it. There is a surprising amount of depth once you get into it.

Although I have never been in combat in a tank, I have put more 105mm rounds downrange than I can count and been chased all over said range by Gurka’s with MILAN on one exercise.

As @stavka has said. For the closest to realism in a tank ‘sim’ then Steelbeasts Pro PE is the gold standard.

But. You might find controlling and coordinating a Platoon/Troop of tanks (let alone fighting with a single tank) frustrating with SteelBeasts as a single player… unless you want to spend most of the time in map view and playing it like a RTS?

As a single player game, nothing encapsulates the ‘urgency’ of armoured combat and gets as close to putting me back in the gunners seat as GHPC.


Imho, if you realy realy REALY love tanks sims/games you should have them all:
Steelbeasts Pro PE
Steel Amor

All of them have their pros vs cons, but all in their nice things, are excellent products.


I do actually, I’ll add for WW2 Steel Fury with mods is excellent. The graphics are showing their age, but the gameplay is great.

Are there any controls for that in GHPC? I wasn’t seeing any in the settings, and being part of a platoon of 4 tanks with no way to issue commands, might have been part of the issue.

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It has been a while since I last played but basically you are the ‘lead vehicle’ and there is a menu option that lets you access some basic commands to your platoon. Default key is Q

Follow/Halt is really useful. lets you ‘advance in bounds’… or retreat gracefully :shushing_face: and lets you assign a formation e.g. echelon right and vehicle spacing.

Other than that I have just played as the monkey in the gunners seat :stuck_out_tongue: I can see why it comes across as ‘simplified/arcade’ but the reality for a tank gunner is it doesn’t get much closer to real than this. If we ever get multiplayer with gunner, driver and TC this will be the best tank game [period]


I’m not a huge tank simmer. I played the Tank Platoon series and my last good tank sim was the first Steel Beasts (which I still have on CD :grin:). I skipped SB2 but eventually pulled the trigger on GHPC because it seems to get better every time videos pop up in my feed. I’m interested in tanks because my oldest brother drove one when he was enlisted. My initial experience has been brutal. I can’t seem to get enough sa to get anything downrange. Methinks, time for me to take a step back and figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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Slow and steady is the name of the game with ‘advance to contact’.

From the TC position in a hull down position (i.e. reverse slope) use binos (a lot). Hold the rest of the platoon and move forward to the next hull down position. Call up the platoon. Rinse, repeat.

Once in contact I then jump into the gunners seat.


Thanks for the advice. I realize I’ve been going into scenarios like “Leroy Jenkins” then realizing too late I entered the Hornet’s Nest.

I tried out the Bradley and lasted a little longer on the battlefield. As others mentioned, that tank is a beast indeed.

My SA still sucks but now you guys have given me something to work with.





That tank crew will never have to pay for a drink ever again.
Assuming they survived the battle…


That’s up there with the guy who managed to put a 105 down the barrel of a T-55 from about a kilometer out. That’s awesome. I need to start saving more of my stupid AA shots.

The PT-76 is a guarantee for hilarious own-goals. I once moved in a column, encountered an M-60A3. I fired first, but had an HE chambered like a true tactician of the East and was shocked, I say SHOCKED, when the M-60A3 was greatly annoyed by that.

He proceeded to not just knock out my PT-76, but he also overpenned and knocked out the PT-76 behind me, too. Yup, double kill.

There was also the time I got up REAL close to an M-60 with a BMP-2 and started dumping rounds into his hull only for the ricocheting shrapnel to pen my sidearm and friggin’ ammo rack me.

I self-detonated a BMP-2 once.

EDIT: I found the 105mm Shishkebab’ing!


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