New Tank Sim: Gunner, HEAT, PC!

We play GHPC completely differently.

I am going to have to adjust my play style :wink:

In what way? I like to try and engage from either as far as possible or close as possible with an MBT like the T-64A. At distance, it keeps me a small target. Up close, I get the most punch from its gun.

With the BMP-2? SEND IT. The BMP-2 only really has one thing going for it and that’s the stupid high rate of fire the gun has. Your protection is awful, your armor is awful, you can get ammo rack’d so easily, so I just go all in. Might as well use my decent speed to dive in, head first, and cause confusion. It’s not like a Bradley were you can just shoot out viewports with ease, so LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIINS.


I tend to play it like I was taught to do it for real…Moving the Platoon in bounds (with half the PL covering while the other moves) from one hull down position to the next, never engaging more than one target from the same firing position, never stopping on the reverse slope, etc… basically advancing a lot slower.

When we get multiplayer, I think I will have to (and please don’t take this the wrong way) play it more like a run and gun FPS otherwise I will probably get my arse handed to me.


The bounding is a bit dicey, currently. At least, to me. That’s a lot of micromanagement, so once we get co-op? So much more intuitive.

Although, I should be paying more attention to my immediate environment, I do notice I was shooting from the reverse slope. I’ll have to keep that in mind, especially in the 64 since the moment an Abrams see you?

And these are the M1s and M1IPs with their piddly 105s. When we get the Leopard 2, it’s time to feel fear.

Still, I’m going to continue treating the BMP-2 as if it’s Twisted Metal 2 on the advance until we get infantry dismounts.


Bounding movement with cover fire will be amazing when we get multiplayer especially when you can get someone calling arty or cas on on the objective at the same time :grinning:


I am so so excited to play this with you all.


The T-62 has now been added as well.


It’s like a T-55A with punch, it’s great.

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The T-62 mission “Rubber Mallet” was awesome. Everytime this game gets updated, I love it more and more.


Some gameplay of Rubber Mallet. I got greedy from my position atop the hill. After getting a perfect shot on an M-60, I decided to search for another target and another target, an M901 ITV, found me instead. And, at the same time, an arty shell found another one of my tanks.


According to the latest developer stream, the T-80B will be added shortly.



Gunner, HEAT, PC! got a nice new update yesterday. Introducing the Russian T80B MBT, the Mi-2 Scout, a training mission and 2 T80B missions.

Just FYI: I broadcasted a mission on my Twitch channel if interested.



I got a bit excited when I read this " Added a new West German (Bundeswehr) tank"… I was hoping for a Leopard, but it looks like it could be the M47?

However I can’t see it as a playable option and I’m now looking at the date it was posted.

Anyone else know anything?


I think it’s a Walker Bulldog.

I got a glorious kill on one with my chariot of the proletariat that is the T-34!

Ignore the fact that I lost 3 others while attacking 2 and then proceeded to catch an AP from his buddy, that is counter-revolutionary talk, comrade.


Cool. What is the mission? I still can’t see it, but my wife would probably say “you’re just having a man look”

In your first screenshot (even though it is on fire) there appears to be an obvious gap between the rear of the turret and the bustle, that def makes it a M47.


I haven’t logged on, but the tank in the picture is an M47

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Retro Rumble

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Thank you :wink: