New User Invites and Ye Old Forum

A few years back we had an old forum at the ‘articles site’ ( and we thought we had invited everyone that had joined there to this new shiny one but it’s possible we missed a few due to some files being chopped up or invites expiring. Anyway, I reran the invite thingy to make it work this time (only 2+ years late, not bad eh?) so if you see any old faces around here then that’s the reason.

While we aren’t actively trying to grow (we have no ads or sponsorship here, so less people is better from an operational viewpoint :slight_smile:) if you look in your User Profile (the circle picture top right of the page) and click the “Invites” tab then you can invite other people to this forum if you have their email address. As you are ‘vouching for them’ then they skip all the usual ‘New user may be spambot protection’ hoops that others have to do. You also get a beautiful badge if you need that sort of self-validation from a machine.

You can also use the “Invite” button at the bottom of any topic if you think someone not here would benefit from seeing it and joining in the conversation.

What if all my friends are spam bots though? Why we gotta discriminate?


@discobot Hug new user.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Can you fix my leg @discobot

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All hail @discobot!


For any new users now regretting accepting their invite :slight_smile: , here’s what is going on (click the links below):


Oh Newbies, don’t mind us


That gave me a good chuckle.


Buuuuuuuuuut… …

Have we all forgotten @dicebot (who is crying in a corner scheming on how to make skynet punish us all)


He deserves no better for not letting me get that mug (I’m a bit vindictive when it get’s to AI).

I tried the Invite button from my Profile Settings and the Invite button did not activate. Invite did work from the link in this conversation

I couldn’t get it not to work when I just tried, but I’ll keep looking:

  1. Profile page is here:


  1. Hit the ‘Invites’ tab and then the ‘+ Send an Invite’ button at the end.

  1. Fill in a valid email, the button won’t light up until it is a good email (of someone not already a member).


Sorry, I should have prolly sent this Private to begin with, but, I tried again with another email address, and from my Profile Settings, the Send Invite stays greyed out. Here is a screenie -

Best guess is either your browser or the email address you’re trying. Does it still happen with Chrome + the email in my example?