No Man's Sky

So is the consensus that this is good now? Asking for a friend

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It’s a good thing I’m out of town for the next couple of days…

I think this is a pretty good summary.

I’m down to NZD$5/hr of cost now and a good beer at an Auckland CBD pub these days can be $10 - so it’s not an expensive pastime, considering :grin:

I hope I keep feeling interested to play through it. I think I might.

I’m enjoying it so far. I’m not sure I would have wanted to pay $60 for it, but at $30 it seems like a good buy.

I have 12 hours invested in it now, and I feel I have barely scratched the surface. The planets are huge, full of life and with varied terrain and weather. You can upgrade your equipment, buy new ships and even command a fleet of ships. Space combat is, from what I have seen so far, not as good as that in Elite, but it’s ok, and only a small part of the game as a whole (so far at least). You can build bases, and there are numerous points of interest to visit on the planets. The space stations provide a place to upgrade equipment, trade and take on mission assignments. Then there is the crafting, which is pretty straight forward.

It has some parallels with Elite, but it is more gamey than being a space sim. It is more colorful and cartoon like when it comes to visuals.

I don’t know what it was like before the Next update. To be honest I steered clear after the terrible reviews it received on initial release. I think it was probably just released prematurely.


Very interesting. Honestly the more it diverges from Elite almost sounds better in my head. I’m really looking for moderately engaging brain bleach for week nights. I might have to pick it up.

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I just started a quick peek. Initial thoughts:

  • I love how it looks. The art style might not be for all, but on a i5/1070 it looks beautiful and runs great. Like a ‘Yes’ album cover.

  • Survival! Quite stressful at the beginning. Lots of running around trying to live. Might regret that ‘Extreme Death’ setting I used and restart. :slight_smile:

  • Like @PaulRix said, it feels like a good deal for $30 so far. Quite a different game from Elite or any of the other space argument sims. Amazing feeling to get off the planet for the first time and see there’s millions more.


Nice impressions. I’m currently actually thinking of going back to my starting planet and translating a bit more of the local robot language. I don’t know what good it does but why not :grin:

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I’m playing now and on ts. Open to checking out multiplayer.

@bearhedge @fearlessfrog @PaulRix

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Nice! I’m ‘tentative’ at the moment (work) but might be able to jump in in one hour or so.

sweet. I’ll still be here then for sure.

Hopped back in for a quick explore - she is still pretty!


Looks like a whole new VR update coming this summer. Cool. :vr:

Wow - looks really nice!


That will be cool. :sunglasses:


Yessssss. I’ve wanted to go back to it. That’s going to get me there I think. Super cool.

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Verrrrrrry interesting. I’m curious to see if it’s enough to get back into it or if it just turns out to be a gimmick.


Before the VR update, a move over the Vulkan from OpenGL for performance improvements (hopefully). Interesting in the context that X-Plane is doing the same (slowly) and it was something DCS mentioned as a goal as well. Be curious to see what sort of framerate improvement it gives here.

August 14 for beyond, which includes vr!

Looks like it’s using the VTOL vr approach to flying. You reach out and grab the joystick in virtual space. Nice. Hyped for this update.

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hey guys, Thinking of getting this since it is in VR but wonder how it is now on June 6 2021?

My Firend has it and since this is coop might be kinda cool. played similar games like this so the grinding dont matter to me. just wondering if VR aspect is worth it now.

Thing I wonder is can I use a Keyboard, mouse in VR or do I need to use an XBox controller or something. I have a Rift S if that maters.

Just started replaying it - it’s pretty good. If you have a fancy GPU of the right spec the DLSS helps a lot in VR - Nvidia DLSS 2.1 VR - #10 by fearlessfrog

I’ve only used the VR hand controllers with it in VR - they work nicely, although flying the ship is a bit clunky. I think you can just use an Xbox controller just fine, although I’m not sure I’d recommend the ‘smooth movement’ unless you’ve got a strong stomach, the blink move is good for me.

hey thnx for the reply, well no fancy graphics here I have a 1080GTX will DLSS work with that is it a RTX feature or similar? I have a good enough CPU I was also wondering if my GPU will be good enough to handle it in a Rift S?