NVIDIA RTX 4000 Series

I’m seriously looking at AMD now ha ha! You should’ve dropped the power connector news here Skate. :slight_smile: I had no idea.

Yup, the pricing, the insane power demand, if it wasn’t for CUDA i’d have long gone back to AMD.

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I have to say.Latley I’m very Happy with DCS Performance in VR.I think they’ve been working on improving optimization of their code and how it performs on hardware.
Maybe I’ll hold off on any big purchases until multi-threading is implemented

It seems like all the things I hated about the 3000 series is even worse in the 4000 series.

Glad my 2070S is holding out so well (fingers crossed), I will very likely skip this generation as well.

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I must sound like a broken record by now but the fact that an entertainment product can draw a sustained load of 600 watts is insane, and that isn’t even the whole system load. That’s like leaving a small stove plate running for hours. Not for food, for fun. This is just nuts.


Doesnt UK have power restrictions?

The adapter is insufficient for the amount of power going through it, the leads are stupid small, the lines are stupid small. The Pins bend too easily and cause Arcing and power flow constraints which cause the heat, the arc causes the sparks.

That’s why AMD did not go with the new connector.


Would I have loved to be a fly on the wall when the decision for that connector was made. You don’t need an undergrad in electrical engineering to tell you that that connector won’t be happy doing 50 Amps.

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If you are talking about the energy crisis currently on (due to Government policy only) then millions will probably be in fuel poverty over the winter and will be restricted in that manner.

If you are talking about in general then depends on the main fuse box and the supplier - not something I have ever had to consider.

do you mean the limit for kettles and vacuum cleaners? because I havent actually seen any evidence that was ever actually enforced