Official Thread for the November 13-15 Mudspike DCS World Fly-In

This post will be kept up to-date with the latest information on the DCS World Fly-In

Mudspike is happy to announce that our first community event, a DCS World Fly-In, will start Friday, Nov 13 and go through Sunday, Nov 15. The gracious hosts come right from our community here: @WreckingCrew, @near_blind, and @Derbysieger. There will be DCS World 1.2 and 1.5 servers running, with at least one server in Europe.

Fly-In servers will have [Mudspike Fly-In] in their name. If you don’t see one in the server list, come back to this forum to check for news on outages or a direct IP.

Voice comms are not required, but strongly recommended, and we’ll be hosting comms for the event on our very own Teamspeak 3 server. You can find the login info and password on our Teamspeak 3 page.

Mission playlists and rotations will be managed by the server admins. The missions have a wide variety of modules available - you should not have to purchase any modules to be able to join in the fun over the Fly-In weekend.

Since there wasn’t a very strong demand for workshops, those will be set-up on demand.

Rules of The Road

In order to ensure fun play for everyone, there are some ground rules and/or guidelines listed below. In general, if a player is disrupting everyone else’s good time, they will be kicked and/or banned. We’ve never had to kick or ban anyone at Mudspike, and we’d really like to keep that trend going.

  • Shoot to Kill, Play to Have Fun. It’s not just a motto, it’s…ok, well, actually it is just a motto, but it’s a pretty good one. Play hard, but play nice.
  • No team-killing. If you feel the need to go fangs out, coordinate with players ahead of time and set up a PvP mission.
  • No obscene language, VOIP or text. Not all folks enjoy obscene language, even if meant in good humor. Other folks may have friends/family reading the chat messages over their shoulder or listening in on external speakers and may hear what you intended as a closed room comment.
  • PLEASE use push-to-talk on your VOIP program! Mouth-breathers and keyboard clacking can be very distracting for others.
  • In game, read the chat bar and remember to send text messages for important comms in addition to broadcasting over VOIP (not everyone may using the same VOIP program). Be sure to know which key is used to access chat for the DCS modules you will be flying.

For airport operations, understand and follow the active runway concept:

  • There is an active runway at each airbase that includes a preferred direction for takeoff/landing. Ask if you’re not sure; the Tower should direct you to it with the heading. Do not go against the flow, even if it means a longer flight or taxi. Declare an emergency in chat within ten miles of the airbase if you must go against the active runway heading and call for a clear runway and state how far out you are in miles and minutes.
  • Stop and announce intentions before rolling onto a runway, even if just taxiing “quickly” across. Tip: Check the surrounding area for other players using the F10 map view. Don’t back taxi down a runway unless there’s no other way to go. Even then, announce it to the group.
  • The priority order when there’s a conflict for runway or taxiway access is as follows:
  1. Emergency (damage or low fuel)
  2. Landing
  3. Taking off
  4. Taxiing to runway
  5. Taxiing from runway
  • In the event of a priority tie “Got There First” and then “Right of Way” (i.e., if the other vehicle is to your right, you let them go ahead of you) are the tie breakers.
  • Clear the runway as fast as possible after landing and then announce it: “Skippy5 is clear of the active runway!”

Remember, we’re all here to have fun. If you find yourself not having fun, or are angry or upset, step away from the HOTAS for a few minutes, cool down, and then rejoin. And, of course, please leave a note in the Mudspike forums or send one of the admins a private message about what we can do better next time.



The Open Beta update today messed up quite a few things. I had a considerable amount of crashes after the update but there are more issues like graphical glitches etc.
Also, the active runway is back to being the one downwind. If that doesn’t change until next weekend please don’t use the active runway as designated by ATC because there are some aircraft that really struggle with tail winds (taildraggers!).

I really want to avoid reverting to an older version because it means less players but I will consider it as a last resort if there aren’t any fixes next week and the Beta keeps crashing in MP

The Hollo Pointe server will be ready to go on Friday, November 13 – running v1.2. Prolly start with The Highway, always a favorite mission with lots to fly in it including Combined Arms.

Did mission cleanup over the past week, and have a new one for the F-15C and A-10C called F-15C Kill Fighters, where Su-27s are threatening Kutaisi airspace.


Hey @WreckingCrew - hopped on Hollo Pointe this evening and got taken to school (as usual) by enemy SAM units. I love those SEAD duels though - but stupid me, I took along 3x Mavericks under each wing (and I know I shouldn’t do that!) and was basically wallowing around like a toaster in honey…

Quick question - I wanted to show my duel with the SAM site in all it’s glory, but my Tacview recording is blank. I believe that is due to this (snipped from Tacview site):

To prevent cheating, some hosts are disabling data export. You can either record your flight afterward by playing back the track file automatically generated by DCS World for each multiplayer flight in the \Saved Games\DCS\Tracks\ folder. Or you can ask the host to enable data export (see below).

Do you think we can enable data export on Hollo Pointe or is it still an avenue for cheaters to exploit ya’ think?

Looking forward to this weekend!


You can save the track, and then let the track rerun, that will save your flight into tacview if you want to make something for the website or during the event or something. allowing data exports during flight could still lead to cheating afaik.

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Except when the track breaks 3 minutes into the playback.

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well you’re right about that one…

There are some folks in the server right now – when it is clear I’ll make the change to the network.cfg file.

OK @BeachAV8R , object export is set to true now.

Cool - if someone thinks it’s a problem - or that people will take advantage of it, I’m OK with turning it off. I like to think we have a good bunch of people that wouldn’t cheat…but ya’ never know…

You know, I saw that comment on the Tacview site about ‘don’t use it for pvp’ and something about cheating. What’s that about? Most of my missions are F10 All View and Labels Optional. For the Fly-In I’m going to make Label Off versions of the best missions so we can fly either way. Comments?

I got the BIOS changed for auto-Power On. That was scary – had to reset CMOS and got a POST error and the monitor was plugged into the wrong on-board video so blank screen, so I brought the server home to troubleshoot it, but it is back in place and on-line now.


The idea is that someone could, in theory, have Tacview up in live mode while in a pvp multiplayer mission and have an all-knowing view of enemy positions.

But for a server doing co-op missions, I don’t think it really matters.

I wish there was a way to block the live function of Tacview but keep the recording function working. Having the ACMI file after a flight is an invaluable tool.

I’m gonna trying wanking around in the Ka-50 for an hour or so on Hollo Pointe (on TS as well). Time now is 0320Z (2220E)…

Just look for the fireball…that’ll be me…

Now…how to start the Ka-50… Hey @Chuck_Owl - I’m gonna need that guide on my other monitor…LOL…

*Edit - Oh…and I’m on my fourth beer…so this could get really ugly…


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@BeachAV8R Godspeed!

LOL…good times in the mission. @WreckingCrew hopped in for a bit and flew an A-10C while I putzed around in the Ka-50. Thank God he was there because I couldn’t figure out how to get the arming menu up in the Ka-50 when I came back to rearm. My comms menu wouldn’t open using all the usual suspects - finally he suggested ALT ’ and that did it…

I have no idea what all these buttons do…

DCS World 1.2 is still looking pretty good…!

Went through two loads of Vikhrs…kinda unusual for me!

Then Crew sprung his trap… I was supposed to escort the Blue convoy…and uh…I got a little too close to an ambush… I was down and in flames 15 seconds after the ambush was triggered…

Blue getting “rekt”…

Fun time!



I have been looking forward to the fly in and even got my weekend cleared “ish” but knowing this I have gone and broke my TrackIR haha…


I’ll be on starting tomorrow about noon MST! Maybe some helo sling loading and radio nav, although I like the idea of doing an “Around The World” flight, maybe in an A10C or MiG21.

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I plan on joining in Friday and Saturday evenings, CET time. I fly the KA-50 and Mig 21, + Flanker if needed…

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I should be available several times all weekend. Will pop in and fly opposition and make your weekend hell. :slight_smile:

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