OnAir - another VA app that mixes Air Hauler 2 and FSEconomy

Hey there. How are you doing today?

So I was experiencing some frustration with Air Hauler 2 a few months ago and decided to give FSEconomy a try. Both of these are great applications, with pluses and minuses. I don’t want to get into the negatives, but suffice it to say that I still think both applications and approaches are worthy of consideration and I am not abandoning either.

I noticed … somewhere, I can’t remember where I first found it, a another app called https://www.onair.company/, which promised the ability to ‘Manage your own Airline Company’. It has a monthly fee, which put me off (and is still a concern) but if you pay for a year (35 Euro Dollarydoos, $42 USD and $54 CDN), it is pretty close to the cost of Air Hauler 2, way more expensive that FSEconomy (being free) but it looks waaaay better than both. There is a 7 day free trial, which was tempting me.

In the past few months, I have found my sim time challenged by both the summer weather and work/time commitments. I needed something to help pull me back into the flight sim world in a positive way. MSF (MSFS2020? MSF2020? I am going to go with MSF) went a long way toward that goal, so I figured it might be time to give that OnAir free trial a quick run.

So here we are. :slight_smile:

After setting up an account and downloading and installing the app, I went through a few days with an initial company to get a feel for how things are. Here are the brief points from my initial 2-3 days:

  • It interfaces with MSF without issue (and I am pretty sure that you can swap to X-Plane at any time);
  • It is a mix of Air Hauler and FSEconomy and seems to take the best of both worlds;
    • Like AH2, it has a skill tree, check rides (for new ‘type’ (single piston engine, multiple piston engine, etc)), has AI pilots and a bank system with loans, etc;
    • Like FSE, it is an online world impacted by the flights and operations of others where you can rent aircraft that you can not afford to buy;
    • Like both, it is about building a company up from the start but it allows y
  • It has a beautiful interface that is much more modern and functional than the AH2 application and the FSE web interface;
  • It does have varying difficulty with 3 server worlds to take part in, going from fairly open to a restrictive ‘real world’ server with real time maintenance, transfers, cargo loading times, etc;

It has a brief tutorial session, but only on your first company - so you lose the free 172 if you ‘start-over’ or restart. That is a little annoying but you do start with $170k Dollarydoos and you can get started with that.

So let me take you through my fresh start (reset) and give you a feel for how OnAir is.

Note: I am not trying to convince anyone to leave their Virtual Airline of choice, not am I attempting to organize an effort around OnAir. I like what we are doing with AH2 and FSE and I have no interest in fragmenting the community - I was just bored and looking for something that wasn’t a moderator or admin role here at Mudspike :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Post #1 coming up in a few minutes once I get some more work-that-pays-the-bills done :thinking:


I’ve become bored with Air Hauler 2 because despite my best efforts it has proven beyond difficult to use helicopters in any meaningful way. Basically they are treated as slow, expensive airplanes only able to travel between airports. Heliports are recognized but there are NEVER operations to/from them. According to the dev, if you set them up as bases they will grow business. That is half true. They will then only route cargo and people to/from a large airport; never between and amongst themselves. It seems that players and developers see more joy in moving big stuff with big machines to big places. To some of us that’s called “work” and I’d rather not do it on my days off. EDIT: Wrong tone. I just want shorter, more interesting flights out of very small or very technical places. If OnAir is the exception I would consider it.


Welcome back!

Setting up a company in OnAir is relatively straight forward. There are a few confusing options that can lead to a few early mistakes, but I will try to cover those when they come up. Well, I will try to cover the ones that I ran into when they came up - there are likely others but I have not ‘discovered’ those yet.

Remember, your first company has access to the tutorial flight. So after you get past a few of these screens, there will be a tutorial icon on the bottom right that will set you up on an initial flight from your home base to a destination somewhere relatively close. Once you accept and complete that mission, you will be automatically returned to your home base with the 172 that they set you up with plus the staring $170k investment money. If you restart, you don’t get that option - or at least I couldn’t find the option.

This is the company creation screen. One limitation of OnAir is that you can only have one company at a time - and you have to destroy it to start another. I don’t think that Flight Experience has an impact on anything but I may be wrong. Pay attention to the 2 Difficulty Options though. Difficulty Level is described in the manual and refers changes the starting investment money you have available, the max initial load that you can get (if you choose to unlock the appropriate skill - more below), and your starting reputation. This closely matches the AH2 experience. The Jobs Bonus is adjustable after you start (even though it says that it is not on this screen - at least it is when paired with the Classic level I chose) and provides a ‘bump’ in revenue for all the missions/deliveries that you do.

OMG! Did I miss that big ‘Tutorial’ icon there? I.I. I think that I did…

Anyway. Look over here! This is your standard entry to your OnAir company. You can select the world in the top left (more info a little bit later), and you can click on that big ‘Online Persistent World’ button to ‘log in’ and get your details.

Note: There is no ‘offline’ world, so it’s off to AH2 if you want that.

Here is the ‘World Selection’ screen. It does not give you a good information about the differences but, from left to right you go from ‘game’ world to full ‘realism’ on the right. To understand some more about the worlds, let’s head to the ‘Global Settings’ page.

On this page you can change your flight sim integration, in addition to a few options. Some of these are … weird. For example: UTC offset lets you modify the UTC timezone for your flights. I think. Like, if you want to fly mostly during the day, but you also want to fly in your local area and in the evening hours, you might modify this value to adjust the time. I think.

The other options in the top middle make sense in the obvious way. I have enabled jobs at Small Airports and turned off the Flight Tracking sounds and announcing the Wind On Final options. The section below that is the ‘complicated’ section. This section is the one that relates to the server choice. If you pick the left most server (‘Cumulus’, if you don’t want to scroll back), these options are enabled. The other two server choices ((‘Stratus’ and ‘Thunder’) have these this section disabled. The values here are, in essence, game cheats. Most of them are covered well in the manual (Checkride difficulty refers to the number of tasks that you have to do and enables some more complex ones (like slowing during a turn) and Minimum Aircraft Renting changes the minimum number of hours you can rent for). The ‘Don’t Force time in sim’ one is a little weird and it seems like OnAir is sensitive to the way time progresses in the sim. Please check the manual for more in these.

At the top, you can select your sim of choice (MSF, P3D, X-Plane).

2020-09-09 18_58_59-Window

I am not 100% sure,but as I mentioned above, I think that you can bounce back and forth between sims. I think that does not work for AH2 (even if you have the corresponding product for your other sims, but I a may be wrong) and is how FSE works.

The menus are the top are fairly self explanatory as well. First up is the My Company menu

Which provides access to most of the actions and information related to … you guess it.

The World menu option is more general and provides access to information and actions related to the entire ‘world’ that you are playing in.

The Options menu is self explanatory.

Next up we have the company dashboard.

Each icon here sends yo to the obvious detail pages, but if you are looking for something specific, chose it from one of the menu options in the top left. For my current startup, clicking on the ‘Current Cash’ icon leads to the Balance sheet. Not much to see here … yet :slight_smile:

Clicking on the ‘Jobs’ icon (the one in the middle of the grid, shows you your pending jobs.

This is a little weird, too. If I understand correctly, the Mission I have here is a ‘repeating’ mission that mirrors the Tutorial mission (without the free 172) and it regenerates - which I think is to allow new players to always have something familiar that they can do. The Logistic Center tab is where you will spend most of your time looking for jobs and planning your tasks.

Back to the Dashboard, the only other icon with do data is the Employee one in the bottom right.

This should be fairly self explanatory but hopefully I can add some AI employees once I get a few missions under my belt. Clicking on your pilot should show the details.

Here you can see that I have the default ‘check ride’ certification for Single Engine Piston Land aircraft. These have to be renewed each year and you have to rent and perform one for any other types that you want to fly.

Next thing I want to point out is the Skill Tree page.

At the start, you get one point to invest in unlocking part of the tree. Be a little careful with this. If you unlock the Passengers Licence option, you can fly passenger flights (obviously) but you will not be able to take out loans, which requires the Bank Loans Agreement skill to be unlocked. So if you want to just up to a bigger (ie: more expensive) aircraft at the start, you may want to consider that option. I think that those are the two biggest choices in the early game. The others are fairly self explanatory.

Once you unlock one, you will need to gain more experience and, presumably go up a level, to be able to unlock another (or bump up the level of an already unlocked skill that allows this (ex: FBOs Agreement)).

On the aircraft side if things, if you do the Tutorial, you will have a 172 in this page.

I didn’t … and maybe I can go back and do it just to be able to sell it later. In my case, and maybe for the respected readers, it may be good that I don’t have one, because I can jump to the aircraft search part of this, right away.

Under My Company (top left), select ‘Aircraft’ under the Operations Management section.

In this case I am selecting my Aircraft class on the top right, and that populates the table on the left. If I select one of the columns with the little filter icon in the top right of the column label field, I can limit the search somewhat.

2020-09-09 19_02_29-Window

Above, I am dropping my search down to just MFS aircraft.

Once I go to the second page of results and select the Aircraft that I am looking for, I get some details on the type availability.

This is different than AH2 in that I am not sure how to purchase ‘new’ aircraft but it mimics the functionality in both for me to look at the ‘pre loved’ aircraft pool. Like FSE, I can rent aircraft from this as well (which is something AH2 does not have).

For me, Bonanza G36 with registry code N6634U is jumping out at me. It is not too expensive, has low hours, is in good condition and is not too far away from my home base at CYXX. Lets take a more detailed look at it.

I like what I see. I could go with the cheaper, slower 172 (or other MFS aircraft) but I like the speed and playload capability. I am going to jump on this one because it could be gobbled up by someone else. There could be a better deal with N3598X or N5570A but seeing as I am spending $150k of my $170k investment funds, I want to avoid and maintenance issues for a little bit. I am taking the safer route in the hope that I can earn enough, fast enough, to get me ahead of the maintenance costs.

Back to the operations map and I get automatically relocated to the location of my new aircraft. That happens once per company for free unless you have the ‘Instant Transport Player’ option selected and you are on the Cumulus server.

That is a good spot to stop for now. My next task is to relocate to my home base, so I will be searching for a job that I can fly that returns me home while providing some income. I could just start flying jobs out of 0WA42, or I could just fly it back home without making any money on the way, but that seems like a waste.

Until next time, my Virtual Airline Friends!


AH2 seems to be too much like the Spoke/Hub setup. I was thinking about helicopters as well and, mostly, they seem to fit there niche flying between hard to get locations. I was collecting parts for a Mi-2 to try in AH2 but your experience with the, and AH2 made me sad. I didn’t look forward to it.

I will see what jobs are created in OnAir but I am not seeing heliports (but I may not be looking in the right places), only smallish grass strips.

Great writeup! “MLFT”. I suppose that’ll do. But I believe you could have found a name that works with “MILF”.

(I’ll show myself out…)

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Mudspike International Logistics & Freight

Good writeup! I’ll have to sit down and read all the way through later, the program definitely sounds interesting! I might have missed it on my first breeze-through - is there a way to have other players fly for your company?


That is a missed opportunity on my part :slight_smile:

Well hello there. Glad you see you all on this fine Friday.

As mentioned in the last instalment, it is time to fly my newly acquired Bonanza G36 it’s old home at 0WA2 up to CYXX. Of course, I am going to try to find some jobs along the route, because that is more profitable and more fun.

The first thing I am going to do is look at jobs that are available at 0WA2. I do not expect much but I can be hopeful. From the Operations Map screenshot above, I am going to focus on the Bonanza G36 item on the left.

2020-09-09 19_07_01-Window

On the right side of this, you can see three icons stacked vertically. From the top they are the: ‘Flight’, ‘Jobs at Location’ and ‘More …’ buttons. I am going to select the ‘Jobs at Location’ one to jump to the jobs that are available at 0WA2.

The jobs board page is a little busy and a little annoying. It shows me the ‘Jobs From’ 0WA2 but it would be really great if it also displayed the destination. The arrow keys on the keyboard are useful here as I can at least navigate up and down the list while seeing the changes in the map. I am looking for jobs that get me near where I want to go. A job from 0WA2 directly to CYXX would be too good to be true :slight_smile:

Note here that some jobs have multiple legs. And the legs do not work as I expect them to. The first job that I have expanded has two legs that meet at 9WA7, and I wish I had that selected on the map because sometimes those legs can arrive at the destination airport from different directions. Which may be inefficient. Everything else is fairly self explanatory and there are hover-over tool tips that help explain some of the icons.

The above jobs list, however, doesn’t get me close enough to the place I want to go. So let’s jump up to CYXX and see what is available from that point of view.

Well this is looking good! 49WA is pretty close to 0WA2 (keeping these WA codes straight in my head is hard) and the job is offering to pay $21k. The cargo size seems decent enough for the Bonanza G36, so I am going to take it.

This means I need two flights. One to relocate from 0WA2 to 49WA and then another out of 42WA in to CYXX. This is certainly achievable. Time to jump to LittleNavGraph and SkyVector.com for flight planning! I will also be using Windy.com - though in this case I forgot to get a few screenshots of the weather on the route (I am using live weather as mush as I can).

My largest concern from the weather are the winds at both 0WA2 and 49WA as those grass strips offer limited takeoff room.

Winds are calm enough not to either hurt or help :slight_smile:

The steps from here are a little bit of a jumble. I will list them out because they will make the narrative a bit of a mess:

  1. Load MFS and go into the World Map and try my best to enter the flight plan I have selected;
  2. In OnAir, start a flight by selecting my Bonanza G36 and clicking on the ‘Flight’ icon (the top one in the stack on the right - looks like an icon of a plane taking off), set the fuel and cargo, check the weight and balance - and …
  3. Back in MFS, set the weather and the weight and balance of the Bonanza G36. Then click on Fly … and then Fly again to get into the pilots position;
    and ‘Confirm and Fly now’;
  4. Back in OnAir, Click on the ‘Confirm and Fly now button’, which takes me to the Flight Prep page and I wait for cargo/fuel to be loaded. Take the opportunity to enter the intended destination and click the ‘Go to Flight Tracking page’. From there, click ‘Start Tracking’;
  5. Jump back to MFS and fly the plan;
  6. Land at the destination and shut down the engine - which ends tracking in OnAir;

I do my best to match my LittleNavMap flight plan with the tools in MFS - I don’t think that LittleNavMap will push the flight plan in yes, but I believe that in a week or so a new version will be available that will be compatible with MFS.

In the Flight Preparation page, I can set my fuel and cargo (which we will see on the next leg of the trip). Since I have no cargo at 0WA2 to pick up, I will keep the fuel as it is - it’s enough to get me the short distance to 49WA and I will work out the rest there. There can be multiple FBOs at a given airport, so make sure you get the best price.

I then jump back to MFS to get in the ‘ready to start engines’ place.

Unfortunately I have not figured out how to do ‘cold and dark’ after selecting a runway to depart from, and this will mess up a little of the recording of your performance.

Next step is the actual loading of passengers, fuel and cargo. I am not sure if this pushes values into MSF but I make sure my fuel matches before push on from the planning menu in MFS get into the aircraft. Make sure that you wait for everything to load here before going back to MFS - you can not proceed to the OnAir Flight Tracking page until everything is squared away. At this point I can click on the ‘Go to Flight tracking Page’ and ‘Start Tracking’

Back to MFS and I can start flying to my destination.

It looks like 0WA2 has this nice hill at the end of the runway, so I will taxi down to the other end and take off from there, just to be safe as I am unfamiliar with the airfield and the airplane.

Incoming MFS screenshot spam!

View of the initial takeoff position:

Checking the flight plan:

View from the ‘other end’:

Takeoff, climb out, right turn to course:

Looking back at the 0WA2 airfield:

Doesn’t need to be said but the MFS is stunning:

Trying to identify landmarks around my destination:

Turning in to final:

Once I land at 49WA, OnAir detects this and I can park (parking break on) …

… and shutdown the engine to end the flight tracking.

Back in OnAir I can review the flight and check out any reputation changes. Note that the penalties here were due to MFS pre-starting the engine.

I can also review the flight and note the various events that OnAir tagged. The ‘green dots’ are regular position updates. The ‘light blue dots’ are aircraft events: flaps, lights, etc.

Back in the Operations page, I can prepare for the next leg.

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Let’s proceed on with the plan, shall we? In the last post I arrived at 49WA, after purchasing a Bonanza G36 at the nearby 0WA2 airfield. I found a pretty decent mission flying electronics from 49WA up to my home base at CYXX (Abbotsford Airport, just east of Vancouver. This should be a fairly straight forward jaunt up and over KSEA.

But wait. It seems like I have made a mistake… well, actually, hanging my head in shame, I’ve gone and made two mistakes.

First, on the left, you will notice that there is no FBO at 49WA … and that means that I only have the fuel that I brought with me. Granted, it will get me, probably, 167NM, if I do not make a thorough mess of managing the engine, or run into any significant head wind, or any weather/traffic issues as I try to land at CYXX. Not a great start and I spend a dozen minutes considering if I should make a fuel stop somewhere along the way.

And that’s when I spot my second problem. I can carry 1073 pounds in the Bonanza G36 … but that means carrying no fuel or crew. I don’t know if you know this, but for now, airplanes require both fuel and crew to get somewhere. Lots of fuel with no crew, or lots of crew with no fuel the G36 just sits there lookin’ pretty. Of course more fuel isn’t a problem … because I can’t get any at 49WA anyway, and if I attempt to take out the pilot weight, OnAir helpfully tells me that I need crew to fly. And, frustratingly enough, I am only a hundred pounds overweight (plus a bit of change).

There is no way around it. I am going to either have to cancel the job or make two trips. So, two trips is it :slight_smile:. I load up half the cargo, which shouldn’t hit my fuel efficiency too badly, and head off.

Waiting for the cargo to be loaded, I mutter to myself and promise to try and not make this mistake again. I mean, yeah, I made the same mistake in AH2.

Once I have the sim set up, I pop back to OnAir to start tracking. I should do this before starting the engines but when you pick a runway start in MFS, they are all spooled up for you and I don’t feel like turning everything off just to turn it all back on.

Climbing out of 49WA:

Looking toward Vancouver, I believe:

Descending in to runway 25 with a nice little fog podge sitting about half way down the runway:

Turning to short final, a little high:

After landing and shutting down the engine…

… I check back in on the OnAir app and review my performance. Forthuantely OnAir doesn’t judge me for the double trip that I will have to make, and the custmer doesn’t care because they are not paying me any more for the second flight. That’s on me :slight_smile:

Checking out the jobs board, I can verify the partial completion. It should be fairly simple to repeat that flight and with a pay out of 27k, I’m not losing more than a small bit of profit to pay for the extra gas.

I will need to make more use of the airport screen to make sure that I understand the services available and the costs associated with landing. It should also be noted that the airports have ‘hours of operation’ and if you land outside of those, your costs go up.

I will fly the second half of this job and do the training tutorial to get the ‘free’ 172. That should let me hire someone else and maybe explore the business side of things before my trial runs out.

@smokinhole: I would say that OnAir is very similar to AH2 and FSE and not as conductive to what I would call a helicopter economy. I am not sure how easy it is to add helicopter landing pads as airports, though when I look at airports (like CYXX) I can see an icon in the top left that notes that CYXX has a helipad.

Note: where my cursor is on the top left under the CYXX(YXX) Abbotsford name, there is a little airplane and helicopter icon:

I did take a look for helicopters in the Aircraft list, and there are a good many:

Randomly poking around that the list, I was unable to find any helicopters that were not owned by ‘system’:

There are a decent number of ‘small field to small field’ flights but nothing that seem in the direct domain of a helicopter:

So it seems like, maybe, it is better than AH2? But it still may be annoying. It is hard to guess where jobs will be generated at but they feel like there is a good mix of distances.

I did drop my search criteria down to ‘Very Short’ and there are quite a few jobs from a larger hub:

And even from a smaller grass strip:


Thanks for checking on helicopter operations. And thanks as well for the detailed dive.

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I might have missed it before but why don’t you select one of the parking spots instead of a runway? Or are these fields so small that they don’t have any parking?

They don’t have any parking. I know that the devs will get to it and it’s not a big deal for OnAir as it only hits your reputation by a tiny part (way less that the reputation gain you get).

So I wanted to see what you were talking about - so I just started a test company to see what it would generate - and you are spot on with your assessment. I picked a heliport smack in the middle of dozens of them in the LAX area and set my company trip distance and airfield to the smallest possible hoping it would zone in helipads…but I saw the same thing as you - trips to small airports in the near vicinity.

I will say that even if it worked, I think the X-Plane helicopter environment isn’t very ideal anyway because (at least with Orbx) the helipads are many times buried under the overlaying buildings. For instance…in this shot there are a dozen helipads, but they exist at the bottom of the structures on the ground…and you can’t land on top of the buildings. Not sure why that is…I think I read something about helipads costing resources in the game (hard helipads?) I dunno…

Sad to see you can’t really run a good helicopter company using AH2 though…sorry to confirm your experiences…


Very kind of you to check!


I will post a screenshot of that area from OnAir later tonight. Thought it will probably show the same thing. I wonder what the timeline is for MFS to bring in the whirly-birds?


Welcome back, friend!

In the last episode, I went through the my first cargo flight and my first few mistakes :-). Since that time I completed the job that I accepted, embarking on a second trip to 49WA to complete the cargo mission, and picked up an additional mission from CYXX to CYYJ (Victoria Airport). Those were not worthy events, however and the CYYJ trip was … weird because after accepting it (it was a 2-stage job), half was completed before I even began. Also, over the weekend there were a few server hitches, which is one of the risks that FSE and OnAir have over something like AH2.

For today’s mission, and since my trial license was expiring and I did not have the skill points to either hire someone else or work out a loan for a bigger aircraft, I thought that maybe it would be idea to check out the ‘check rides’ in OnAir2.

Like AH2, OnAir requires you to do checkrides but unlike AH2, you only need to do them when you are exploring a different type of aircraft. Unlike AH2, you also need to do these yearly - to ‘keep current’… In OnAir, you start out with a SEPL (Single Engine Piston Land) license. Since I am looking to upgrade to something with more cargo space and/or a faster ground speed, I went looking for a Cessna 208 Caravan that I could rent to get my checkride.

I was lucky that there was one sitting unrented at CYYJ! Everyone seems to be renting these left and right to make some money and maybe purchase their own.

Checking out the condition of the airframe - as I think that this can lead to in-flight failures - and it seems safe enough to rent for a few hours. In my settings, I chose the middle ground for rentals - although it says $1060 per hour I think i am going to spend more than that as the ‘baseline’ rental is for 2 hours. Or I could be misreading that setting, or that could already be factored into the cost.

Whatever. It’s not real money :slight_smile:

2020-09-14 19_37_57-Rent

That clarifies it somewhat. :slight_smile:

And here it is on my operations map. The icon on the top of the stack (bottom right of the red Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX placard) is what I am looking for - the checkride button.

Once I get to the Flight Tracking page, I will pop in to MSF and get everything set up to go. With the ‘Start Checkride’ pressed…

I get an audio and text response in the game and I am good to go.

The pressure immediately ramps up, however, as I am unsure if this is part of the test or not. This message repeated a few times before I was able to find all the buttons and get the engine spinning the right way. Not sure if my instructor can see me sweat or not.

I am told to taxi to the active and proceed according to ATC. I use autopilot for this first bit, but once I am up and climbing under the first instructed directions, I feel like that may be cheating. I know that you can do this all under autopilot (as a few messages in the Discord let me know) but I want to do it like I would have to :slight_smile:

The manouvers are more complicated than the AH2 version, with a few testing your ability to slow down while turning and climbing or descending.

I did make one mistake - but corrected immediately after the instructor reminded me. I was told to turn 2 60 … and I hear 2 60 instead of 260. When I stopped at 60, after a little while the instructor repeated the requirement and I figured out my issue and followed the direction. It was not enough to fail the checkride - so there is a little room to give.

After a few of these I was instructed to return to the starting airfield, perform either a VFR or IFR landing.


![2020-09-14 20_39_13-OnAir Company Manager|690x371]

Checking out my Emploee placard…

And I have been awarded the SETL (Single Engine Turboprop Land) License. Woo! I think that means that I can ask for a raise here at Mudspike … right?

To finish this off, I need to return the aircraft to it’s proper owners.

Not a bad checkride. It was harder than the AH2 version, more challenging, but still achievable for someone not familiar to the aircraft. I can not work toward earning enough money to purchase my own Caravan.

One more thing before closing off this entry.

Just a view of the finances at this point in my career. Of note, you have to pay parking for each day, for any aircraft that you have … so that is a think to remember.

Looking at my company last night, I see that my trial period was extended by another week. I have a reoccuring mission I can do that looks like it will award me 1000xp - and that may get me to a skill point to unlock employees. That will be my next goal.


@smokinhole: OnAir has no idea about all of those:

I entered a random sample of 10 of those in @BeachAV8R’s map screenshot above and none of them registered.

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Thanks again. I am an odd duck. I’ve known it since birth. I posted a similar question in the AH2 forum two weeks ago. It got a few reads, no posts and a confused response from Slopey which made clear that helicopter ops are as much a consideration as writing a washing machine plugin.


I am going to try the free version, there are some nice videos by a guy called Tobelplays that explains it quite well

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