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I think mostly it is a download and space saving savings. And you wouldn’t have to reinstall all your custom scenery. For those of us with gigs and gigs of ORBX stuff…I’d rather just install the base product and allow my scenery to be the way it is…



It’s raining Diamond Twins. Carenado releases their version of the awesome DA62 G1000, complete with Synthetic Vision. Probably a must-have for the Chipwich hangar.

…and yet another DA62 announced by a new developer, Vertx.


Nice. I’m still eyeing that Shorts…can’t justify $40 at this moment though…


Quality Wings released what looks to be a mid-level simulation of the Bae 146 for P3D v4 for the value price of $19.95. Probably light systems modeling, no cabin, and probably default-ish FMC (I’m not sure of that though) at that price point…so buyer beware. At $20 though, the Bae 146 is one of my favorite airplanes in real life for some quirky reasons.

You do get three-ish variants:

  • BAe146-100 and -200 style cockpit (fully analogue) featuring GNS-XLS FMC
  • BAe146-300 style cockpit (simple EFIS) featuring GNS-XLS FMC
  • Avro RJ series style cockpit (full EFIS) featuring GNLU910 FMC

More details here: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=qw146p3d4

A bunch more screens here:



That’s an aircraft I was seriously thinking about getting for the Christmas Challenge. The QW 787 is pretty good in my opinion, so the company is trustworthy. However, I was told that the system depth was “somewhere between Carenado and an Aerosoft Airbus”. I’m not quite sure what to make of that…


Yeah…I liked the old QW 757 back in the day. At $20 price point…I think you could expect that a lot of systems will be lightly modeled…more like a Bae 146 “experience” than a true study of the airplane.


Actually it’s surprisingly good…particularly for the $20 price point. Of course, I can’t figure out how to get it started. The kneeboard checklist gets a little fuzzy right in the STARTING portion after the preflight…which is odd since it is pretty thorough up until that point.


Hmm now you’ve got my interest. If you ever get to toy with it a bit more, feel free to share your impressions. I’m on the verge of buying it… or waiting until Just Flight releases their Vulcan.


Well, the manual itself is really, really nice. 316 pages of superb systems descriptions. I still haven’t managed to get the thing started…LOL…I left the kneeboard and went to the Quick Start guide (another excellent 68 page guide) but I’m still not able to get the engines to crank. I’m sure it is a switch I have wrong and with two kids fighting behind me (STERILE COCKPIT DAMMIT!)…it is hard to concentrate.


Make them sit in the Mi-8 cockpit for 15 minutes and tell them to start the engines. They will NEVER ever moan about sterile cockpits again :smiley:


I have a feeling that 20 bucks is worth much, much more than meets the eye…

(FYI my wallet hates you)


The Quality Wings Bae 146 is a great value…but I will say in VR it is not the prettiest plane in the world. It looks good…but a lot of the instrumentation is of the flat “texture overlay” variant. Not a big deal…but just thought I’d mention it. And I was wrong…it does have a custom FMC that is pretty good…!


my walet is ready, my spare time is not :slight_smile:


If someone havent yet decided on his/her Xmas Flight ride


Oh man…my idled Mudspike Air Cargo would love that thing…!


Carenado rolling out a big jet - the Falcon 50. Those things are awesome short field performers with a ton of range (not Challenger type range though right @PaulRix?)

Proline 21 avionics are nice…but I wish they had done a legacy Falcon 50 with steam gauges to be honest. I’m betting this is more of a “Falcon 50 Experience **™” rather than a full on and well researched deep systems simulation. I could be wrong of course.



That looks great! If they make a version for X-Plane I will most definitely be getting it.

Regarding range, the Challenger does have longer legs. The larger Falcon 900 is a better comparison (both for cabin size and range).


Hmm, I still have 2 more legs left and a 10% coupon at pcaviator.com.


Looks like Air Hauler 2 has finally exited Early Access and is now at release. Way back (a couple years ago) when it was in EA, the question was asked if they were going to wipe all the companies when it went final and I think the answer was YES. I wonder if that actually happened…