P3D Info thread



The Milviz P-38 (included default airplane) is fantastic. The cockpit texturing is amazing…sounds…all of it. And if you kill an engine in it…better be ready for that ride!


Indeed! Already noticed and have the same intention! :grinning:

However, for me, AH2 does not seem to be working. I just checked and there’s a new update out 10 hours ago, which I am downloading. Nonetheless, the post about it says it is not intended to be the P3D V4 revision, yet.

In the meantime, Seattle to Olympia, via McChord AFB, winter conditions. The Twin Otter is working!!!

Windscreen icing. I don’t know. I never, ever saw this work before(?), and I did take this Twin Otter to the areas of the world where it was likely to happen, December last year.

Whatever. It was nice to see the icing happening (it was insidiously creeping in while I was running through the after start checks), and nice to see the windscreen anti-ice working to clear it…

Nice in general, so far.

And AH2, after installing the new update, is working again. :slight_smile:


I managed to find some scenery that brought my fluid experience to a more challenging frame rate. San Diego area had me down in the 15 or so FPS with all my settings the same. This was the first instance of finding something that wasn’t glass smooth…but it was still playable. I’ll be interested to see how ORBX scenery fares…


Good to know. I might wait until next week to work on it… I read something about Aerosoft was going to have their Airbuses (Arbii?) working in the coming weeks (July was what I read actually)…so that will be nice…




There is also one other thing that jumped out at me. Now I am not sure if it is expectation of improvement syndrome or not, and I didn’t use P3D V3 long enough to notice, perhaps, but…

The windscreen wiper blades are casting shadows on the iced up windscreen. :slight_smile:


The rim of the Grand Canyon looks pretty good with the default stuff. I’m guessing this isn’t much of a change from v2 and v3. The inside of the Canyon is pretty low res mesh…as it always has been. The King Air is nice looking on the outside and horrible on the inside…as was always the case. I really like the weather depiction though…the shadowing of the aircraft just seems really nice and the haze and clouds do seem better. I’ll be interested to see how Active Sky looks…


The first night P3DV4 was out, I saw a PIREP radar chat in AH2 that “it works with v4”. However, when I chatted back details please, I was ignored. Seems like it can import aircraft, but won’t communicate with SimConnect.


XP11 is way ahead with their B200.


What is it not doing right, for you? Just so I can go after and see if the same is happening with the specifics on my install.


Nothing then AH2 CTD. Let me try a fresh install of AH2 and create a new company.

Edit:: if you mean the B200, it’s as Beach says. The interior is early FS9.


Yeah, that’s what mine was doing, too. Have you got the new update of AH2, yet? Seems to work with that (V.50, I think), and kept my old company, too, after the reinstall.

Regarding SimConnect; well, maybe there is something up, after all. I do not seem to have the new P3D V4 stock aircraft available for buying off the market tab (eg, the Electra), even after hitting refresh…

No, sorry, I did mean AH2.


I did manage to get Traffic 360 (probably not the best AI traffic generator…but I bought it on sale last year) working with v4 using the same technique as v3:

First you have to navigate the installer to Prepar3d v3.4.Then edit in Local Disk (C:)/ProgramData/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v3/simobjects (using the next Entry number available)


_Then go to Scenery/World/scenery/locate TrafficAircraft._bgl rename this to TrafficAircraft.bgl.off/locate ai-traffic.bgl in same directory rename this to TrafficAircraft.bgl


Too bad that there is no HMDS in the F-35A. I believe that it relies on the VRS TacPack. Perhaps coming down the pipe for TP purchasers.


Allegedly, the ORBX installer might be ready tomorrow (June 2)…but I wouldn’t hold my breathe on that:


“We will push out an update to FTX Central 3.2.x.x hopefully tomorrow and when you run it you will see the Apply Update button”


Regarding Active Sky…I went ahead and bought the upgrade from Active Sky Next to Active Sky 2016 since they are promising a 64-bit version soon(ish)…


Introducing Active Sky for P3Dv4: featuring P3Dv4 integration, a 64-bit ASConnect interface, 64-bit XGauge, improved visibility depiction, turbulence effect enhancements, active runway data and more. This will be a FREE UPGRADE for all AS16 for P3D users. Purchase AS16 for P3D (reduced AND on sale right now at a deep discount) and you’ll receive the free upgrade to ASP4 on release!

Because of the very complex and challenging changes required for advanced Active Sky weather integration with P3Dv4 over 64 bit, many core fundamental modules and processes had to be redesigned. The development is complete, but we have not yet performed proper BETA testing. As P3Dv4 releases, we will concurrently begin our beta cycle. We will release as soon as possible. This could occur as early as a few days after P3Dv4 release, but may take more time. We will keep everyone updated on our progress throughout the beta.


The new ORBX installer is out apparently.


New installer seems to be working pretty efficiently. I had kept my old v3 files on another drive, but when I reformatted a couple days I go I lost the “base” install of P3D v3…so I reinstalled v3, and now the new installer is borrowing the v3 ORBX installed scenery and installing it to v4 with a lot less downloading required. Great stuff…


With the DCS 2.1 update and Orbx FTX Central release, the gate keepers are probably going think that there is a world wide DDOS attack in effect.


With all the streaming that is going on nowadays, flight sim related traffic is merely a drop in the ocean that is the internet.