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That may be true…but the ORBX servers traditional undergo very heavy pressure during both sales and events like this (a new sim release). It isn’t unusual for it to take days for some people to get all their files updated. I mean, one FTX region can be 15GB or more…so it is very convenient that if it sees local files, it uses them. I think DCS World does something similar.


Is that F-16 native to P3D now?
Or the Aerosoft installed into v4? Where are your wingtip rails??


That is an F-16 that Lockheed Martin included…so not even close to quality payware add-on…


Oh, you paid for it alright.



Three versions of P3D - you are correct sir…!


Well, heavy pressure is relative. With proper load dependent scaling, it would technically be no problem to smoke every ORBX customers personal line simultaneously three times over, but that would neither be cost effective nor serve any purpose. In the greater scheme of things, facebook nowadays probably has to serve more data in a day than ORBX during the entire time of their existance, just to give you some sense of what heavy pressure is in real big internet player’s terms. But i’m getting carried away. Yes, using delta compression is smart where applicable. Every megabyte you save translates to huge savings in server costs once you have a sufficiently large user base.:slight_smile:


What seems to be short-sighted is if the F-22 can have a HUD, why not the F-16. I understand that the F-35 uses an HMDS, but with the Viper, I would be happy with the one from the Raptor. Perhaps someone will learn how to mod it. The 3D pit is actually fairly easy on the eyes.


Yeah, I don’t know how all that stuff works (@fearlessfrog does!) - I imagine being a software developer is kind of hard because you often have “surges” in demand when you release stuff…and then stuff sorta idles. So I don’t know how that works with the “plan” you are on with regards to data…if you have to pay a premium to have that capability intact even when you aren’t using it. I’m sure it is all a question of money vs. convenience for the customer. I’m sure what makes it even more difficult is that some places internet is dirt cheap with no caps, whereas other consumers have to be very careful with what they download.


HUD here. I guess that I need to RTFM.


Discovered some cool things…

  1. If TrackIR doesn’t work as was the case with mine, go here and run SimConnect.msi.
    C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib

  2. To turn on the HUD in the F-16, hit Shift-1 to get a menu.

  3. and…drum roll please, in order to use AH2 with P3D V4, please see number 1. Found this out after fixing TrackIR.


Cool…I wonder if Simconnect will also make Active Sky 2016 work too… (they are working on an updated version…)


Viper HUD

Baron 58 Type Rating Complete in AH2


Perhaps worth a try. I have tried to get the A2A Skylane working, but no joy so far, even though it’s on that compatibility list that I linked. No Carenado/Alabeo titles have worked for me either. Still, the sim seems faster and more stable.

Edit: Not sure how I did it, but there is a HUD in the F-35A now.


Active Sky for P3D v4 beta has been released:



Hmm. The AS16 works nicely, but the ASCA SP2 update does not seem to be installing. I’m missing something here, as per usual :slight_smile:

What does “installs over the top” signify?


FYI, the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended has been updated for P3DV4. Some folks said that they are having a CTD when shutting down the engines, but I haven’t experienced that. There is some speculation that you need to install the SimConnect module that I listed above, so maybe that’s why I’m not having any issues. Regardless, this is one of my favorite aircraft in flight simming and it will most definitely hold me over until the rest catch up. Perfect for AH2. Well done Aerosoft.


I’ll switch to putting pics in the P3D Screens thread soon…just wanted to post a few more with ORBX scenery installed…this is the Southern California ORBX stuff…

Departing somewhere in Southern California (I think it was San Luis Obispo)…

Again, I really like the cloud shadows…

ORBX coastline area…

Want to know how to kill your frame rate? Try Los Angeles at high settings, and I have installed Traffic 360, which further populates the gates, making even more frame killing objects. I was varying between 20 and 9 FPS over the Los Angels area. I’m either going to have to bump my sliders down or turn some shadows down or something…

Really beautiful. I’ll look at some of the other ORBX regions and post some screens soon…


Upgrade time :smiley:



The Twin Otter works fine for me, thank goodness. But if there’s an update, well, there must be a reason. Thanks for the heads ups @chipwich.

Here are my three in my month old company, making ends meet very well indeed…

Screenie from somewhere else in the world, for the regional exposition, with ORBX and AS16 installed. Here, flying up the Cauca Valley, Colombia…

Haven’t had that much time to explore, but I also managed to have a look around Jerez, Spain, in that Nationalist Electra. I love the way the trees blow about in the wind, by the way. :slight_smile:


More discoveries. Dino’s T-45C (no TacPack), Javier’s carriers v2, AICarriers .net, and the recently released LH2 USS Essex all seem to work fine in P3D V4.