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Well…so none of that worked…the scenery did not appear correctly…so so much for that experiment… :thinking:


SOLVED…! It was indeed a SimConnect issue - I went into the Prepar3D/redist/Interface folder and installed the ESPv1 and FSX-SP2-XPACK SimConnect versions and all appears as normal…!


Does anyone else wish that P3D would remember your last current setup flight to be the “default” and just reset to that one when you crash your plane? (Not that I’d ever crash my plane…)



So I’m slowly adding in some aircraft and scenery that don’t have dedicated P3D v4 installers - thus far, I’ve been having good results. While I’m hesitant to clutter up my new install with “legacy” stuff (that might lead to instability or CTDs)…so far I haven’t experienced that.

One of my personal favorites is the Iris C-27J…definitely a “lite” modeled aircraft, and the external textures aren’t anything to write home about, but something about it has always appealed to me. I just pointed the P3D v2 installer to the v4 directory and it looks like all is fine. As a matter of fact, it looks better to me in v4, with a brighter cockpit, but that is probably because I’ve adjusted the bloom and saturation in v4, whereas I didn’t much mess with those settings in v3…

@chipwich - Have you had any success with Carenado planes in v4?


Went back and read that…just wondering if you’d cracked that nut yet…


Anyone remember how to solve the flashing green textures problem? This is the Laborie A400M…and I solved this once before in the past, but darned if I can remember how I did it…


@BeachAV8R Have you installed the patch for it? There was a small update IIRC, which was something to do with flashing green and the HUD.


Hmm…I’ll have to dig around and see if I have that. Time to dig through my e-mails… :smiley:


If you can’t find it, let me know and I can upload it for you.


Spent the day with the kids at the Tellus Science museum, where they had a stunning Bell 47 on display. It looked almost factory new.

No joy on the both the Carenado Chieftain and the A2A Skylane Acusim. But, I had no trouble at all with the Iris Pro Training Texan II Driver for P3D v2.5. All systems seem up and running.


If anyone has P3D v2.5 - v4 and wants a really detailed DCS level of this aircraft, it is reduced to $20. That’s a whole bunch of aerobatic turboprop for the money. There are some really good walk-throughs on YouTube as well. The Pilatus PC-9/A is also on sale for $30, but I can’t confirm that it runs in P3Dv4.

From the vendor’s P3D page:

From its humble beginnings in 1937 the Texan has come a long way.

Originally developed as an advanced trainer for pilots before they graduated to first-line tactical aircraft, the Texan has undergone many facelifts and upgrades over the years.

Still a training aircraft, the T-6 is a tandem-seat, turboprop trainer enabling pilots to train for real-life missions, and is the preferred choice of militaries around the world.

The T-6B Texan II is an upgraded avionics version of the T-6A, which include an all-glass cockpit with three 5 x 7 multifunction displays, a head-up display, hands-on throttle and stick, and dual redundant Integrated Avionics Computers. It also features an open design to cater for future growth.

The T-6C features a range of training capabilities from initial pilot screening to advanced operational training. The aircraft is sophisticated. It includes mission computers, situational awareness data links, helmet-mounted cueing technology, munitions, and mounted avionics. And like the T-6B, open-architecture glass cockpit, offers the pilot incomparable visibility and room to extend the aircraft’s capabilities, in order to meet future training demands.

The cockpit of the T-6C features three interchangeable colour active-matrix liquid-crystal Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), primary flight display, navigation, engine-indicating and crew-alerting systems. It also includes programmable advanced mission functions such as a tactical situation display and MIL-STD 1787 head-up display (HUD) with F-16 or F/A-18 selectable display capabilities, and a backup, all-in-one flight instrument enabling the pilot to read essential flight cues in a matrix liquid-crystal display.

This total integration of instrument, navigation and advanced systems, enables tomorrow’s pilots develop their training skills.

So if you want to hone your skills, jump inside the most proven and cost-effective training aircraft in the world.


It that the same Texan that was a default aircraft in one of the earlier P3D versions or is it further expanded on? I love the T-6…I was sad to see it not included in v4…


I was thinking that it might have been the T-6/B, where this one is both B and C models. But truthfully don’t really remember, because I’ve always had this one installed. Anyway, I worked through a cold and dark last night, including using the UFC for navigation, and dug through all of the MFD pages. It all seemed to work, save the autopilot, which they do with a Shift-2 menu. The PC-9/A has the same features with AP linked to the FMS. But for $20 it’s fantastic. Great documentation included.

Good video here…


That’s great - (I’m a big Iris fan and have tons of their stuff) - I’ll have to get testing. Unfortunately, I’m still busy testing general VR compatability, and there are so few hours in a day. Last night I went up in the old Wilco Harrier Jump Jet (GR3 and FRS1 Sea Harrier) and I was just blown away. I thought it would be awful in VR, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Tonight I will test it in P3Dv4, along with PIS Papua New Guinea scenery. I’ve got that in v3 and will try simply linking it in the v4 scenery folder and see how it goes.


OK, I managed to get some afternoon stick time in. Tested the iris PC-9, Wilco Harrier, F1 Islander and PIS’ Bush Trekker PNG and all work great in P3Dv4, with the slight exception of some unsightly lines on the VC canopy. I think these may be deliberate, but they haven’t be done that well and for some reason they show up more in v4 than any other version. (edit - I mean in the Harrier VC)

I haven’t yet been able to get the HUD working, but it’s far from vital on the early Harriers. Also, I never realised you could fire the Aden cannon! I do now :grinning:
Look in the second pic - you can see the tracer


The default Texan II aircraft in P3D is NOT the latest Texan Driver. Entirely different animal. $20 for the Texan Driver install is outstanding. The only issue is that it causes huge FPS loss in M/P with two aircraft in the same server.

I wrote IRIS informing them of the problem, but they blew it off and said they didnt optimize for M/P. I also suggested they include an avionics texture redux like they did with the PC-9, but nothing came from it.

So it is a beautiful single player aircraft only.


You are kidding, right?

I have just this minute finished reading the Iris T-6 manual and the intro is quite interesting, considering what you just said:


My observations were on the FSX version. I did not repurchase a P3D copy.

So I can only hope it was eventually fixed and they failed to get back with me.


Yes, that quote is from the FSX model, which is the one I have bought (years ago - long before they even had a PDF manual for it). I’ve been using it in P3D - well, it’s a default P3D aircraft, so…

Anyway, I spent the last few hours testing a lot of freeware and payware FSX add-ons in P3Dv4 and most of them worked very well. Those that didn’t were mostly alphasim, some aerosoft and Carenado, but some that otherwise worked had no sound - would think that would be a fairly easy fix.

Many that use EICAS/EFIS or other electric-based displays and instruments didn’t work if the scenario started with the aircraft engines and systems running. Shutting down and restarting sorted most of these issues - but not in every plane, unfortunately. Sometimes even the GPS500 wouldn’t work - but the G1000 played up in some, too.

I haven’t given up on those.

To install these payware add-ons, I either just pointed the installer at P3Dv4 (having copied the previous FS exe files over first - fsx.exe, fs9.exe etc) or used the registry hack, making the installer think it was installing into FSX - which may explain the display issue. I can post the list of what works and what doesn’t if it’s wanted (or pm).