P3D Shots



Night flight in the MD-82. It’s a rather cold winter flight from Montreal (CYUL) to Boston (KBOS)

Flood light effects on the engine look out of this world!


Fun fact: when going on descent with throttle at idle, not enough bleed air pressure is available for the wing anti-ice (air foil) system to function properly.

Gotta watch constantly the fuel temperature to make sure it doesn’t fall below -6 deg C… if that happens, I simply flick the Fuel Heat switch and a heating cycle starts.

Landing in Boston


That can be a factor in lots of airplanes. Our Citations lack the bleed air starting at around 76% N2 - if you get much under that, you need to run the speedbrakes out to allow you to bump the power up while descending.

I wonder if more modern airliners have that problem or if they have more robust wing heat capability…


VRS Superbug and TacPack has been updated to P3D 4.2.


Tim “Piglet” Conrad’s PC-6 still looks and functions great in P3D v4…what a nice freeware aircraft that has stood the test of time…


He and Manfred Jahn have been standouts with their quality freeware aircraft. As you’ve said, many have continued well into the current environment. I’d love to see Piglet return.



I can’t buy P3d for entertainment?


Basically it’s their reason for charging more for devs to work for modules using their platform.

For instance, a PMDG module had a different pricing whether it was a 737 for FSX or a 737 for P3D… PMDG explained that it was because P3D was not used for “entertainment” and did cost more per license.


You look like an aviation student to me.


mumble mumble, X-Plane 11, mumble :wink:


I wonder if we have enough in house talent to make an new XP version of Air Hauler. With Blackjack. And Hookers.


Lol… I’d definitely buy Air Hauler. There is a fire fighting addon that I would love to see in XP11 too…

California fires, and...a mighty need...

I got this working in Oct of '16, but haven’t tried it in about a year. Will see if I can cobble it together for a recent build. If memory servers, you’ll need your old XP10 install folder to import aircraft. Hookers and Blackjack optional.

It appears to be working.



Ha…how much airbase rent were you charged while you were gone? :rofl:


I think roughly $54k LOL. I’ve discovered that I’ve updated all of the aircraft that I imported back when I was pulling them from XP10. So, all of the aircraft paths have changed. I’d edit the company .mdb file with Access to correct the paths, but the file is password protected. The only one that I can find online with a search is not working. I’m not trying to cheat or hack the game, I just don’t want to have to import all of the planes again. One option would be to duplicate those aircraft and change the folder names to match what AH has them stored in the database. Might just do that.


I’ll work on hacking the earth tomorrow


Now THAT is definitely an Air Hauler…


Just dont be entertained when using it. No smiling!



Aerosoft DC-8 released… any thoughts?