P3D Shots



Practicing engine failures…


Always wanted to fly this rocket-ship in real life (but only once because I’m 6’ 2"…LOL…)

Lionheart Lear 24B


Nice Beach. A few months ago when I was Lear shopping, I chose the Xtreme Prototypes GLJ 25. Don’t remember why exactly. The panels look similar, other than the XP GLJ25 will allow you to run the Garmin 500 concurrently with the WX radar.



Oceana to McGhee-Tyson with real weather. AS and P3D do lightning storms really well!


Messing around with AI Carriers (.net) the other night. :japanese_goblin:


Literally…wake turbulence…


Honey, I really feel like going downtown tonight.


The Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended now updated for P3D V4, over some Orbx PNW.



Some Mike Oldfield, anyone? :grin:

disclaimer: not intentionally set up to have any resemblance to any vinyl record sleeve image. It just went through my head while looking at the outside views.


@Troll might recognize this area…


That looks great!

Here’s a couple from me - both v3. The first is Cardiff with MyTraffic 6. I love the ground crew stuff - the little guys actually move around - those baggage handlers actually throw the cases onto the conveyor belts!

…and this is the Bell 222B from Cera Sim with a custom Royal Navy skin from CBFS - the VC is absolutely gorgeous in VR:


He might…
Didn’t I post this earlier?


deleted to save my reddening fisog


You probably did post it earlier…because I printed out the Helle approach plates and I’ll be featuring it in the next issue of PC Pilot. Got time for a couple “in the know” questions?

I love that kind of missed approach - “Must be flown manually, max 104 kt. IAS and min 25 degree bank angle…”


Always! Shoot.


A nice end to a circling approach at minimums there at ENSH… :thumbsup: Props to @Troll for his skillz…this place is no joke in the weather!




That’s the Iris C-27J HUD view by the way. A great performing little bird…I was able to land, stop, and takeoff in the remaining runway…