P3D Shots



Still doing some updating of aircraft to P3D v4… This morning got the updated versions of the Carenado Do-228 (one of my favorites) and Cheyenne II…


Tight little strip (8OR3)…but she plopped in there nicely…!



Beach, do you find the Iris C-27 a bit loose, in handling? I’ve had it since release, but was a little put off by that. It has been updated, of course, to the “Battlefield Airlifter” release - maybe the FM got some tweaks.

I spy the MilViz Beaver there, too. The Aerosoft Beaver X was my first ever payware purchase for FSX and I really like it. I got the MilViz one last week and I think they are very different from each other. Which one is more accurate, I have no idea.


Here’s some recent military types:


Well…as Iris states on their site - their C-27 is their “artistic impression” of the C-27…so much of it is a W.A.G. I think with regards to both systems and flight model. To me, it feels over-powered in that it accelerates more swiftly than what I’d expect perhaps. I don’t think it is a super robust flight model, but I like it for what it is.

Indeed - working on a review for the magazine for it. Fun little bird that is more about where you take it rather than the intricacies of flying it (in my opinion). My only near comparison is the Soul Made Sim X-Plane Beaver…which is very nice. I prefer flying in X-Plane, so I like the “feel” of the Beaver in XP a bit better than FSX/P3D…but isolating that from my opinion, the Milviz Beaver is really great for the platform it was made for.

I love bush planes…so I have a natural fondness for anything with tundra tires…!


Right, sounds like we have similar tastes, in simming at least. I read your article on Milford Sound and was notionally thanking you, because I had been to that very airfield a couple of months ago, in P3Dv3, and couldn’t for the life of me remember where it was. I recognised it straight away in your screenshots, so thanks for that! I really enjoyed using it as base to check out the area for a possible Air Hauler base.



I’ve got a new favorite airport for P3D…specifically because it offers up really high framerates, some nice scenery, a long runway, and ILS / VOR-DME approaches so I can test approach modes. Sadly…no RNAV/GPS approaches to my great surprise!

ORBX Pago Pago (NSTU)

Doing some testing of the TFDi Boeing 717 (it is pretty damn amazing…)

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Testing at “ferry” weights and the higher thrust engine (21,000 lbs.)…significantly shorter takeoff and landing distances…


A quick hop from LAX over to Mojave to practice the spiraling overhead approach…


P3D is just so stunning. I just wish I had a rig that would run it.


The Vertical One departure out of Seattle… :sunglasses:


Having a right fun afternoon of virtual flying today. Experimenting a lot with P3D v4 (which I hadn’t had a lot of time to do)…trying to find the right balance of settings and performance. Pro Tip: Don’t use ORBX Southern California as your baseline…it runs for crap no matter how far you bump down the settings.

So I booted up the Iris C-27J and initially I was just going to do a pattern around Valdez, AK (PAVD), but after getting up and going…and saw how miserable the weather was, I went ahead and made it into a short cross country to Cordova (PACV).

Leaving the valley where Valdez is behind…

Shortly thereafter it was into the clouds, climbing to 7,000 for the short enroute segment to the initial approach fix for the full ILS approach at Cordova…

Hit the VOR, tracked to the NDB, picked up the ILS outbound, did a procedure turn in the hold, dropped to the inbound altitude, and shot the approach…

The whole area of Alaska is generally pretty lumpy…and makes flying approaches a lot of fun. I know most people here love blowing stuff up…but I really enjoy just shooting a good, full approach procedure. And Active Sky is simply phenomenal. X-Plane doesn’t have anything that matches it yet…

Procedure turn inbound…

I’ll be darned if I can figure out how to get the Iris C-27J to display a glideslope needle. I mean, it tracks it if you engage the APP mode, but usually you should see a CDI on either the right side of the ADI or on the HSI itself (even if the flight director is showing you where to go)…

Glaciers out there…

Picking up the field through the HUD…


Love the little C-27J even if the FDE is a bit wonky (way overpowered)…


Applied a little artistic touch to these…


@BeachAV8R - Are you flying those in VR - because if so, I’d love to know how you are getting the decent screenshots?


No…and for that very reason! :laughing: I pretty much split my time between flying VR and 2D. In the wee hours of the night, I’ll use my Rift because the kid is asleep and I don’t have to worry about getting “immersed” as much as during the day. With a 7 year old and his cousin (9 years old) out on summer break, I could very well lift my Rift and find the house on fire around me.


My kids have recently developed the need to f— with dad while he is either napping or in a VR session. I can see the need to have a feed from an IP camera in a small window in your VR session. Or perhaps lock the door and have a flashing sign above stating Virtual Reality in Use. Next they will be painting my toenails.


Dave Garwood’s Beaufighter (freeware) is just fantastic in P3D and especially in VR:

I also liked the Virtavia Javelin - though I don’t fly it that much, when I do, it’s a hoot:


Some one-eyed Rift shots from the gorgeous Papua New Guinea Bush Trekker scenery by PIS, while testing (using AS2016, too)


That’s a fun scenery package. I love the briefing documents. I’m still a little unsure on how to get it to play right with ORBX AYPY (Kokoda) and Tapini…