P3D Shots



My sim shoe-fetish shopping problem reared its head again tonight…picking up FSDS Seychelles for 25% off… Looks like a super-fun region to explore.

I went exploring with the passable, but not very good VirtualCol Dash-8 series (1/2/3/400). It looks better from the outside than the inside…



Me too, unfortunately. Done lots of fiddling but no joy.


On a special request…the area bounded by the following…wanting to see some of the ORBX North Germany region…

Takeoff from EDLE (Essen)…with a turn westbound to hit the Rhine and head north…looks like an airship hangar on the field?

At maximum settings - this is not FPS friendly scenery…a TON of 3D objects and buildings…shadows…all conspire to make this a single digit scenery (even with a GTX 1080)…

There is a huge industrial area factory just on the east side of a bend of the river…looks like a refinery or power plant…further north on the Rhine are what appear to be nuclear power plant cooling towers…

Turning westbound toward EDLD (Dinslaken/Schwarze)…

Airport coming into view…


Same area - winter season…much more muted colors and foliage missing from the trees…

More from a few other area requests inbound later…


A few more on request from the area over Oschersleben…looks like the racetrack is there in the ORBX scenery…

Vibrant summer textures…

The dinky airfield (grass strip)…not much there but a few buildings…

Luebeck in the fall…


Those are some pretty cool screenshots, Beach. Thanks for sharing.

What resolution are you running with that 1080? Is P3D less reliant on the CPU than FSX?


1920 x 1080 - I’m currently flying an Air Hauler career in ORBX NA area (specifically Northern and Central Rocky Mountains)…which is not very graphics intensive because it is mostly wide open areas and terrain as opposed to lots and lots of urban buildings. The buildings (3D objects), shadows, and traffic seem to kill FPS. So for the region I’m flying in, I can put all sliders in P3D v4 (64-bit) to the right and I get fantastic frames. Using the same settings, if I move to ORBX Southern California region (where there are huge cities)…my FPS tanks to 9FPS. So for balance, I’d need to make some concessions with regards to scenery detail if I move to a denser scenery area.

P3D v4 has been really, really nice thus far. I think I’ve only gotten one or two “out of memory” crashes thus far…despite pushing the settings pretty hard…


Those pasted on airfields (like over the scenery…see the road being cutoff) bother me to not end. But otherwise very nice.


Yeah…I think even ORBX suffers from the limitation of having to use procedurally generated scenery for a large portion of the smaller airports out there. I’d guess they use some hand laying of scenery for high density airports and the more important regional airports…but all the rest (the other 80% or more?) are probably just generated by some automation process.


Jackson Hole is…uh…lumpy in the immediate vicinity…


Stormy night getting into Salt Lake City…but the seafood must flow!


Can’t get over how good P3D v4 looks. I’m pretty sure this is far enough south of my FTX NA regions that this is default P3D scenery. I think I remember reading they licensed ORBX Vector or some other base scenery…but I’m just really impressed with the overall look of P3D v4. The haze, lighting, and textures just look fantastic…


I’m liking these screenshots from Orbx Germany South. I can’t wait to see some other locations.


this is in USA, so I guess it looks good even default. Could I ask for shots from default P3Dv4 shots from around LZTN? If they have ORBX Vector then I am curious. Many thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve been flying around the areas that I lived, and served, in Germany North and it’s just gobsmacking how much they have changed since. I did check them out in Google Earth VR, as well, so I know it’s not lack of accuracy.

South should be lots of fun, with the Shwarzwald area and Bayern etc. Looking forward to flying down the Rhine, along the Ahr valley. I used to live down there 1989-91 and it was a gorgeous area. Also good for visits to the Nordschleife :sunglasses:


Do we have a P3D videos section?

Was thinking of @BeachAV8R when I deicded to do this…

sorry - it’s gone :cry:

Mic level is a bit low - probably for the best! :grin:


The video is showing unavailable to me… I’d be interested to see it…!


Same here.


If you are in that area you should hop over to Queenstown as well…


I’m sorry - I had a major clean out of my YT channel a few days ago and it seems that video got the chop, unintentionally.

Every few months I just delete all the videos that no-one is watching - I should really check a bit better before selecting. Not the first time.

Unfortunately, I also delete the vids from my PC as soon as they are uploaded, to save space on my SSD. It was just me taking off from Milford Sound in the JF F27 (in VR). It was a close run thing, but made it out okay (don’t ask about the landing attempt!).