P3D Shots



Well, I got Prepar3d v4 last week and immediately picked up Orbx Germany and then i got REX yesterday. This is starting to get expensive. :slight_smile:

Here are some screens that I took. Sorry for the excessive amount of them.


The last screen with the Maule - is that the Rhine perchance? Maybe going down towards Koblenz? Perhaps a little further North…


Almost right. That last Maule screen is going northeast, along the Mosel towards Koblenz.

PS, if you want to see any other place in the scenery, let me know.


@saghen, if you wouldnt mind would you be so kind as to post some screens around LZTN? I know it is not in Germany, but I would like to see the P3Dv4 default scenery around there. thx


Not much there, I’m afraid. Just the two runways and the control tower.


LatinVFR MHRO (Roatan - Honduras)…


Nice… I mean nice from you :slight_smile: but the scenery is really not nice at all. This is default FSX.

Where have all the advertisements gone…

Worldwide vector data that includes coastlines, lakes, rivers, roads, rails, parks, streams and utility lines.


…and the P3D version of the Just Flight Arrow is pretty darn good too (not AS good as the X-Plane version though…in my opinion…)


@saghen can you please do me a favour and fly over the woods around Köln/Bonn airport and check performance? I’m getting very bad stutter in P3Dv4 there (in VR).


I’m getting low FPS (~10) in the woods, so I would presume that leads to the stuttering. It was stuttering, but I would call it moderate or moderate+, not killer. I was still able to fly.

That’s the problem with Orbx sceneries, sometimes they’re just too detailed. That, or I have refused to turn down my settings to accomodate reality.


Thanks - yes, settings are always high for textures and terrain on my rig, too - and those trees do look like they are the instigator.


P3DV4.1, Carenado B350i, ASP3D, some ORBX near KMEM


I just picked up some Orbx products and they make the LZTN (Trencin) airport area look a bit more realistic. Airport still isn’t, but what are you going to do. @NEVO


Thx for info. This deffinitely looks much better than the default. Country side wise of course.

Is it just the Orbx Vector or did you pick also the Orbx Europe LC ?


I’m afraid that I went out of control with my buying. It’s Global Base Textures, Vector and Europe LC.


Picked up a few items during the big Carenado sale just to continue to fill up my P3D v4 hangar…

The T-34B just for nostalgia’s sake - I got to fly one early in my flight training at Quantico MCAS…

And I’ve spent a thousand hours in this cockpit layout…so I had to have it…

I wanted to have both the B200 and Citation II for my hangar since I fly these types at work (well, an Ultra at work, but I have flown the II in my previous job). Both are OK…both have some very serious systems deficiencies that Carenado just WAG’d, but they give the feel of the two airplanes. I already had the Citation, but picked up the Navigraph FMS update in the sale…

I also couldn’t resist this classic. The plane I learned to fly in…


That first shot of the 152, looks like it has bell bottoms


A couple heading west shots.

Carenado’s Synthetic Vision.


A few ones from my abortive trans-pacific flight.


One of the things I really like about the ORBX custom airports is that often they include some nearby quirky little strips for a bit of additional value. It pays to read the documentation with the airports that will clue you in on where these little strips are.