P3D Shots

Wow what a cool little strip!

Also, what plane is that? The Antonov C-2 ?

That’s the MILVIZ DHC-3 Otter…it’s very nice… :+1:

Doing some research…




Is that Lear 45 new? I’ve been looking for a newer series, but was thinking that the Flysimware 35 was the only option. Edit: looks like the default Lear, but is AI only on my system. Sneaky devil.

No, it is a reboot of the old Lear 45 from FSX (it is essentially the same) that has P3D v4 compatibility. The textures might be a smidge better, but it is no deeper than the original Lear 45. I got it on sale for $3.00 or something with a coupon:

I sure wish someone would tackle the Lear 45 in depth. I still think it is the prettiest of the Lear series (hearsay I know!)…

I watched a lot of videos about that Flysimware Lear 35. I think it is 50% off right now, and I have a $5 coupon, but I just can’t get over the feeling that it looks kind of cartoonish in the videos. I dunno what it is about it, but I just can’t hit the BUY button on it…

My feelings exactly. A study level Lear 45 would be perfect. You’ve probably been watching this thread as I have. Not much to get excited about.

I’ve done Bert’s GTN mod to the Phenom 300, which sort of feels like cheating. But the Carenado G1000 MFD is a pain for flight planning, and doesn’t do SID/STARs.

Ah…cool, I wasn’t aware of that.

That EagleSoft Citation XLS mentioned in that thread would be an instant buy for me. The X - not so much…that plane just doesn’t interest me for some reason.

I’ve also been hoping that Lionheart would update their Lear 24B to P3D v4. I tried to shoe-horn it in, but I get a corrupt looking cockpit and the external model is missing engines…so it didn’t work. :frowning:

Looking at that FSW Lear 35 - Hmm…$20 at 50% off and a $5 coupon applied and 10% off Tuesday…dang…that’s getting tempting just to give it a whirl…


Pull the trigger if you must, but looking at the videos, that 3D pit is so FS9, IMHO. And as long as people are buying it, they won’t feel compelled to update it.

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Yeah - I believe there may be a cockpit textures upgrade out there by a user. I’ll have to hunt around for it, because I did end up buying it… :grimacing: I’ll give it a proper write-up when I get a moment with it.

I think I’m in love! (but shh, don’t tell the girlfriend)


Wow, that looks incredible Chuck - photorealistic!

The Leonardo Maddog really knocked my socks off, so to speak.

There’s an excruciating attention to detail that really blows my mind. Once I get familiar enough with it and I have a bit of time, I’m thinking I could write a review on it to explain why I’m so impressed with that product… when time permits, of course.

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My friend and co-worker Froogle says it’s now his favorite aircraft in any sim ever. That’s a pretty darn good endorsement. My short list of soon acquisitions includes the Maddog and the Flight Factor A320.

I didn’t know you were buddies with Froogle. I love his videos; always fun and informative.

But yeah he’s not wrong, I really like the Maddog too. It’s up there with PMDG and A2A for sure.

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Night flight in the MD-82. It’s a rather cold winter flight from Montreal (CYUL) to Boston (KBOS)

Flood light effects on the engine look out of this world!


Fun fact: when going on descent with throttle at idle, not enough bleed air pressure is available for the wing anti-ice (air foil) system to function properly.

Gotta watch constantly the fuel temperature to make sure it doesn’t fall below -6 deg C… if that happens, I simply flick the Fuel Heat switch and a heating cycle starts.

Landing in Boston