PNG Uploads From DCS Screenshots Problem

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Just replied to the thread. … :slight_smile:

I will highlight this to the team, thanks

If you wish to change back to jpg you can

c:\Users\username\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\autoexec.cfg

if you dont have autoexec.cfg create one.

add the line = “jpg”

That should work


Yep, can confirm now. The latest DCS screenshots in PNG format can’t be uploaded to Twitter, etc or here, as they are rejected as corrupt images. I’ve set the PNG setting not to turn into a JPG to work around this for now here on the forums, but it can mean that large images get posted into threads and then slow them down, i.e. people on mobile/tablets etc.

If anyone has any performance problems in a screenshot thread or something then please holla and we can put the setting back (with the workaround you’ll need to convert to jpg like @bignewy has shown above).

Edit: I reread what you posted and misread it the first time, thanks for the fix!

Yeah, it’s not fixed :slight_smile: I’ve just let it keep the big PNGs for a bit until DCS screenshots are fixed or we can find a way to convert them. Basically either just convert to JPGs yourself, use bignewy’s suggestion above or at least keep the DCS screenshot PNGs as small as you can (just to be kind to mobile etc users on tight bandwidth).