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Assetto Corsa testing some of the LMDh Hypercars at Sebring, which is coming up this weekend. The track is so bumpy, I had to turn down FFB 25%. The Acura rocks in the sim world as it does IRL. The AI are quick in the Ferrari too. There are a mixture of IMSA WeatherTech and WEC cars in these screens.

Turn 1 at Sebring has always been a challenge. So wide that’s it’s hard to have a consistent line here.


There’s something about Sebring! I love that track in rFactor 2 but never tried it in AC. I’ll have to take a look at it. That Audi and those pics look awesome, btw!

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I hadn’t driven it since back in the days of the original SimHQ racing league that @guod ran before the split, and didn’t remember it being so bumpy. This is the absolutely best one that I’ve found, from the Reboot Team that I linked above. Amazing work.

Sebring entry list

I don’t remember where I got the Audi R8 LMS. I think that it’s a repaint of Kunos DLC judging by the Content Manager data card.

The Audi R8 LMS is the first race car to have been specifically developed by Audi for customer teams. Maximum reliability, ease of use for teams and drivers and, obviously, competitiveness were the focal topics guiding the development of the mid-engine sports car. The result: The GT3 version of the R8 LMS ultra and its US version for the GT Daytona (GTD) class are fast and reliable. Numerous successes and championship titles have been providing impressive proof of this since 2009.

The perfect base for both race car versions stems from road cars. More than 50 per cent of the production parts of the Audi R8 V10 are also used for racing by Audi Sport customer racing. The production V10 engine with FSI gasoline direct injection has such good genes that it has been adopted for the race cars almost unchanged. This financially benefits the Audi customer teams as well. The first inspection is due only after 10.000 race kilometres, followed by the first rebuild after 20.000 kilometres.

Audi Sport customer racing is just as much a part of Technical Development (TE) at Audi as Audi Sport is. Armin Plietsch, Head of Technology at Audi Sport customer racing, can draw on the entire know-how of the Audi Group and the huge wealth of experience from the DTM, WEC and other racing series. Before switching to the GT project at Audi Sport he was involved in the DTM programme in a leading role. Details such as the Audi R8 LMS ultra’s rear wing suspended from the top, the small winglets at the front, as well a glance into the interior, reveal the close kinship between the customer sport race cars and Audi’s successful DTM and LMP1 race cars.




What’s interesting about Sebring this weekend is that there is both an FIA WEC 1000 miles (or 8 hrs) race on Friday and the IMSA WeatherTech 12 HR on Saturday. I started wondering when I saw the Ferrari and Peugeot hypers cars practicing, who normally don’t race in IMSA WT GTP. It will be interesting to compare lap times.


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Lambo Huracan GT3 Evo2 coming to ACC on April 19


This looks yummy.


The more I drive it, the more impressed I am with Automobilista 2. With the presets, it is so easy to setup a race, and with a custom FFB settings file, the driving physics feel really good. Here is an interesting comparison of the RF2 version of the Dallara IR18 (with help from Dallara) to that of this outstanding free mod. I just wish that AMS2 modding were easier, especially tracks.

Trying out the IndyCar 2023 mod at Road America last night and getting a little too aggressive in the braking zone at turn 5. The AI is very well behaved, IMHO. It’s the ham-fisted human causing the carnage.


Caused a big crash in the second race at Silverstone, will share the video anyway :wink: Have to learn from those mistakes. A simple correction on wheel input or a lift and the situation would have been not that fatal. Oh well, when positions become more important than safety …

Started from last position in Monaco, did not complete my qualification lap and would have been set back 5 places anyway due to causing the crash in Silverstone. Watched my teammate Volkers car excessively in both Monaco races …

First race Silverstone

Second race Silverstone

First race Monaco

Second race Monaco


I only had time to watch the first race at Silverstone. Nice consistent pace. Was that the leader who tried catching you at the end? He/she was fast.

No, it was another driver fighting for position… I beat him by 8 thousands over the finish line. Got lucky there!

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Some shots from ACC at the Glen.

Been practicing some laps there.

And some Forza 7 Shots


Our PCA Sim Racing Channel.

For example, one of our Series races.


Hey Doug, good to see you around mate. Is that series sanctioned by the PCA? Seems like a natural fit.


All our racing is PCA. Full-time busy for me. :slight_smile:


Last bit of racing for awhile I think, Wheel is put away and the HOTAS is hooked up.


Looks nice - as with flight sims, I often wonder if I’d be better off using pancake instead of VR as they look so good these days.

Mind you, I have a folder full of timing sheets for all the tracks I had in rFactor, GTR2 and RACE 07 back when they were ‘in’ and I was racing online and when I do the same circuits now in VR I completely obliterate my fastest laps from then - despite the fact that I’m nowhere near as sharp as I was.

I do have those sims still set up - I have this desk set up against wall of my ‘office’ and another setup directly behind me against the opposite wall with a WinXP rig and all my older racing sims are installed on it.
I have my G29 on a small PC desk next to that and a widescreen TV on it in front of the wheel, with wireless keyboard and extra mouse & keypad on the desk shelf. That way I can use it for both PCs and either ‘pancake’ with the old ones (or in my headset using Virtual Desktop which is a great way to do it) or with wireless VR and the newer sims on this PC. All I need to do is connect the USB hub to whichever PC I want to use - it works very well and best of both worlds (modern & retro).

PS - nice to see you @guod - been a long time since SimHQ racing days! I still have a copy of that video of us doing the Nordschleife “24hrs” with the BMW M3s. I miss those days! It was such relaxed fun, unlike most of the online racing.

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British GT started yesterday - Autosport reckon it’s going to be a good championship this year.

This is quali:

If you don’t have time to watch it, there are highlights after the sessions, plus here’s a described lap for the GTs:


Pretty much all of the current sims look great in VR, Johnny. You can go back and capture screens and video from replays. The last two weeks I’ve been bringing rFactor 2 up to date. It’s come a long way since release.

Completely optional, but I’m running everything on OpenXR via OpenComposite, that won’t run natively on Oculus. I have SteamVR replaced with the global OpenComposite tool.

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