Racing Sim Screenshots and Videos

Ah, I remember Daytona - I started off thinking “oh no - another oval” though it was of course only part oval (the RC course we did) and that sharp turn off the oval onto the road bit - but that was just cos I was driving it wrong. Once I got it right (i.e. not ‘sharp’) I started really enjoying the track.

Another one of my faves was when we did a CV2 race in rFactor for a fun race - remember those? Like Clios at Adelaide and Fabcars at Essington. Anyway the CV2’s were just awful to race, which made it so much fun with their crazy lean angles in the corners. I had a fantastic tussle with Shepski all race long.

I remember Doug used to bring up the rear on all the GP79 races, so he could help anyone who got into trouble. I also remember a certain McLaren driver barbecuing their McLaren at Magny Cours. That was the 2006 or 7 F1 though - either CDTPor FSOne - can’t remember which (that was July 2007). Yeah, happy days.
I had a G25 then - sold it to my best mate who still uses it.
At some stage everything seemed to get very serious all of a sudden - far too serious for me and I left to go and drive with a European bunch called fGw iirc.

edit: I do remember a race with driver swaps, but I didn’t take part for some reason I can’t remember. I know I was planning to - myself and a couple of guys were practicing in a Saleen, but I think one pulled out - not really sure.

Just found these in my old storage drive:

Think it was Birmingham…


I found a perfect skin on Race Department to quench my recent Toyota GR fandom in ACC. Not nearly as sexy as its European competition, an old school design for this old man to do battle.

I setup a 20 min GT3 race at Hungaroring and ended up doing battle with an Aston Martin and a Lambo.

The cockpits are very detailed in ACC.


Good to see everyone here talking about the fun we had way back then. Hello, all! Can the past be lived again? Want to even try? If enough of you want to run a very unofficial Midspike Endurance Racing Series, in any race title that can be agreed upon, I’ll be happy to set it up. If not the interest, we still have the fun memories. :slight_smile:


Practice at Spa, This is what happens when you let the game decide the weather…

Set up a race at the Glen for 12 hours with X24 time multiple, Figured it would be a 30 min race.

After the first lap I realized that race session time is literally the length of the race. Time multiplier just moves time. So a 30 minute session with a 24x multiplier will be roughly a 12 hour race

I quit after the first lap, Dont have 12 hours to waste lol




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That’s very kind of you Doug - I’d be up for it, but the question would be which sim to use, I guess.

Despite my issues with AC I bought the Dream Pack 1 DLC yesterday (already have 2) and also the British GTs and 2023 GT World Challenge Pack DLC for ACC (which has a Ferrari 296 GT3 so I won’t need that problematic add-on any more) . If I can’t get AC working satisfactorily in VR proper I’ll just use Virtual Desktop and play it on a big curved screen like I do with the the older sims like rFactor and GTR2, RACE 07 etc.

edit - sorry, this should really be in the discussion thread :smiling_face:

Shot from the second race I tried, this one was working until I sped in the pits by accident and then got distracted and crashed going into the inner loop.


I love the desktop background shots included with the VRC F1 car add-ons


Beautiful! I had a manual gear selector with the G29 and one of my guilty pleasures was VR hot lapping the VRC MP4/4 at Monaco, Suzuka, or Spa without any aids in full manual mode. Just getting a single clean lap was a thrilling achievement. I don’t have room to mount one now, unless I remove the current shifter. It’s still fun with a sequential. What a magnificent beast!


Is it the same as the one that came with the G25? I considered the manual box for the G29 but if it’s the same I won’t get it, because although it was fun to begin with, I ended up not using it as it was far more convenient to just use sequential with the paddles.

btw - I used mine for the old 60’s F1 around the Monaco classic track in rF2 beta - that was ace fun. Coming out of the tunnel on to that raised ramp at the chicane is a highlight.


No, it doesn’t have the sequential conversion like the G25 did. I have a very esoteric (from St. Petersburg pre Ukraine invasion) sequential shifter now by Aiologs.

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love that car


I used to really enjoy racing the '80’s and '90’s F1 car mods in rFactor. They were pretty basic models and the graphics were a bit cartoony, but I loved the raw racing in those things, they were so much more fun to drive than the modern cars with all their tech-aids and gadgetry.

Talking of the 1991, 92 and 93 mods as well as the '88 and '89 ones. I’ll be driving them again soon, as I recently put them on my XP machine which I can plug my G29 into, though only has steering spring FFB and the clutch isn’t recognised. Looking forward to it, just have to make the time.

I think the 1992 F1 cars were my favourites in the history of the sport, though others were awesome, too :smiley:


Turbo F1 cars of the 80s and Group B rally cars are my jam.

And Skylines.


Seriously, are you sure we aren’t related?

And Skylines… the only thing I would like more than an original R32 is an unmolested R34 V-Spec.


Group B was the bizz. When they got banned I lost interest in rallying. I remember walking miles across boggy fields to watch the stage at Harewood House as my last chance to see them ‘live’ during the 1986 Lombard RAC - and I disctinctly remember a huge cheer going up for each Audi quattro passing, unfortunately only privately entered ones by that stage.

I also remember the papers in BFG advertising the last remaining road-going Ford RS200s for sale - bit too much for my paltry private’s income at the time :frowning:


My mate Paul has a quattro S1 with 750bhp. Sequential dog box and some crazy diff setup.

Its absolutely insane. It blows up ALL the time. But my god is it fast as all hell


Bugger off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit:0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds iirc from the info board on the S1 at the Nürburgring Museum

When life imitates art.

Check out this view from the Toyota Gazoo Racing #8 Hypercar at the start of the race, wet and under safety car, working his way through the GT gaggle and reaches Les Combs (end of long first straight). The cars spinning and running off the track could be the first lap of any online race LOL.

It’s amazing the access we have now. You could basically rewatch the whole 6 hrs from the cockpit of the P2 finisher’s car, Buemi, Hartley, Hirakawa Toyota GR010.

Time stamp to the green light.


Race Sim Studios released their Formula Hybrid 2023 today for AC. Less than $5 USD.