Racing Sim Screenshots and Videos

From a couple weeks back, close finish at Talladega - NASCAR Craftsman Truck series.


Just turning some laps in MX vs. ATV Legends.


That looks awesome. What controller are you using saghen?

I’m using a PowerA Xbox-compatible controller. Works pretty good.


Some F1 22 screens,


Another race with Low Fuel Motorsports, LFM, in rFactor 2. Not a great race by any means, but at least finished :wink: 9 cars participated on Nürburgring Sprint track. Off-tracks and getting out of control cost me a bit in places and safety rating…


One thing that you can’t deny is how good the graphics are in F1 22. The level of track and surrounding facilities detail is phenomenal.

This is the other thing that F1 2022 gets right, the in-car driver experience. I hadn’t driven it in a while, but jumped in during lunch today for a few laps at Red Bull Ring.

AC in the box, RSS 2023 car. There are no crew while in the garage.

AMS2 does a little better.


I love those fight to the death for P6. I hope that he enjoyed it as much as you did :rofl:


Two more races in the Porsche Cup. Only 12 participants now, quite a decline in driver numbers :frowning:

Not much happened in either race, though race 2 saw me drop from pos 2 to 8 in the first corner…


Getting back into racing a bit. This is WRC Generations in Kenya, Italy, and Croatia.


While I listened part of LM 24 2023 on my iPad, I had my own little 2 hr version going on in Assetto Corsa. I had all of the Hypercars, albeit some with older skins. The LMP2 and GTE Am classes were built the best that I could gather and sorted according to how they qualified. I drove the GR010 and qualified second, but had miserable brain fart at about race 2/3s completed, missed my braking markers at the first chicane, and buried the nose of the Toyota in the tire wall. Finished P29 while my daughters gave me grief. Was lots of fun all the same.


When I see that, and then look at what I was driving…


I played only the demo of GT2 (on m PS2) back in the day. But I had such a great time that I bought GT3, and had a fantastic time. I still remember that last race I ran, when the completion went to 100%.

I’ve been trying to get smoother and faster with F2 cars in F1 22 (random screenshot below). Though yet to finish above last, it’s fun!


F1 23


Las Vegas



VR (HP G2)- Ultra settings, full field, rain. 90 fps.


Those look great Chaz. Resistance appears futile.

I love the smell of fresh tarmac in the morning. It smells like…we need to bin our data for Road America.


I don’t drive any newer F1 titles - by that I mean anything since DRS - because the ‘new’ toys just don’t somehow seem right for me in sim. I don’t have an opinion on them in real racing, but I just don’t like having them in the game version.

Latest I’ve done is 2009 and I was in the Brawn, so was able to win without using any of it :smile:

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The F1 games are kinda bitter sweet for me.

Im not a fan of F1. It just dosent appeal to me. I think its the money wins thing. It would be nice if all 20 cars had an equal chance, but I guess thats the appeal.

Now the career mode is 2nd to none. If all racing titles could does the F1 style career mode. That would be epic.


Tend to agree. The vintage F1 is pretty good in AMS2. I especially like the ‘91 cars. I use a round wheel and sequential stick to complete the experience. Lots of fun.


Finally won an F2 race. I had started out playing with all assists off. On either Monza or Spain (can’t recall, it’s Monza in the screenshots), I was managing in the 1:40 or so, with the AI managing 1:36.

The main problem I was having was the slightest touch of kerb can be an instant spin. So I put Traction Control to it’s lowest setting (called “Medium”), and tried again. On the first 5 laps of practice, my best time was down to 1:34 which was fastest of the session, good enough for pole position. The AI were now trailing, so I can begin to dial them upward a bit to compensate. Instead of my 9 lap race finishing LAST by 25 seconds, I am now winning by 12 seconds. While I am playing F1 22, I may just leave TC on “Medium” since without it, I get no practice driving in traffic. And that’s a big part of the experience. I actually had to retake two places after dropping them on the 1st corner.

I need to give the 5 hour trial of F1 23 a shot soon.


I’m with ya @weaponz248 . My interest declined in F1 when DRS and KERS were introduced. They’re just artificial enhancements to make up for the lack of racing/passing, taking the driver out of the equation. While one can appreciate all of the innovative tech, I still prefer the old school classic F1 cars (that AMS 2 offers, as chipwich stated.) Just drive the wheels off! I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the in-cockpit menus in modern F1 games. Which is why I follow NASCAR that provides decent/close racing. Though they have been slowly modeling after F1 with telemetry and electronics.

@adlabs6 F1 23 has more grip allowing you to drive the curbs. Still can’t mash it, but it’s forgiving with TC off.