Racing Sim Screenshots and Videos

I follow from a distant. The playoffs ruined it for me. Their is way to much emphasis on winning. Back in the Winston Cup days(ah the good old days) consistency over 36 races won the trophy not 1 win and lucking your way into the last 4 in the last race.

I never really followed Indy car, but they might just out last NASCAR and F1.

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I had a big interest in Indy Cars quite a few years back. Wasn’t initially interested, but when our Nige went over there I started watching and got more and more into it.

Think it was about during the Dario Franchitti era that I stopped. Did try it again this year as I now have live coverage on TV, but it didn’t relight the fire - nor has F1. NASCAR is just not my thing, but there was a US series I once followed religously and I just can’t remember what it was. there were a couple of names that you guys would probably recognise if i could just remember - ah, Earnhardt - Dale Earnhardt is it? He drove int it.

Awesome shots!

I love F1 racers but I suck at driving them so I just look at people’s pictures and videos. Interestingly, I have several of the F1 series that I got in bundles. Any tips or can you point me in the direction of some good F1 driving tutorials?


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Dale Earnhardt was a famous NASCAR driver. He was killed at the Daytona speedway in 2001.

Since you state that NASCAR was not the racing series you may be thinking of the IROC series where the cars were prepared identically and drivers from all disciplines competed against one another.


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Or was it CART? Or ChampCar? (CC was basically CART revived). Nigel did well in CART.
I went to a couple ChampCar races. Really enjoyed the turbocharged cars whistling around the track.

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I really enjoyed Champ Car, which pioneered some of the processes to make the series more competitive that are used in F1 today. A push to pass button and moving some of the downforce elements to the bottom of the car, to limit aerodynamic loss while in the slipstream of another car in braking zones to name two. The series seemed as much or more road course focused as ovals and the racing was outstanding. They also seemed to have more in car camera than IRL. Anyway, the excellent IndyCar series that we have now reminds me a lot of Champ Car, so I guess its failure that lead to unification helped in the long run.

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That’s the one! I remember now. Big beefy saloons is what I remember, with very wide tyres and immensely powerful. I actually have two VHS tapes which have several clips - both from a series dedicated to crashes that I used to watch around 1990 on Eurosport. I’ll have to watch them and see if any more details are given.

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AMS2 and ACC are both on my wish list and both on sale on Steam.

If you were to go with one, which one?

Note: Both is an acceptable answer. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like both. If GT racing is mostly what you are interested in, then it’s ACC, as it’s generally accepted as the best GT experience out there. Especially if you follow the GT World Challenge series. Everything is first class about it, the UI, tracks, cars, FFB, and physics modeling are all superb.

There is so much in AMS2, that it’s difficult to define. But, if you prefer vintage racing, like 70s, 80s, and 90s F1 or IndyCar, then go with AMS2. There are also V8 supercars, Minis, prototypes, and about every other racing type, usually of very high quality. There are a bunch of vintage track layouts, including Nurburgring '71. I keep a round wheel and sequential shifter for the vintage open wheel stuff. Huge fun. F1 pre paddle shifters and TC.


Both are great.

For variety go with AMS2. For spot on GT go with ACC.

ACC has a career mode for the most part too.

AMS2 is more modable.


I believe ACC has a healthier multiplayer experience than AMS2. If you’re only looking for hotlaps and SP, then I guess either.


Thanks chaps. Sounds like AMS2 is the one. :+1:


was checking yesterday few of your videos @TeTeT , also your latest with the crash, and this was suggested to me, what a dramatic finish!

how about some next vid with externals TeTeT ? that would be great :+1:

LS is one of my favorite tracks.


Wow, that’s some intense action indeed! Laguna Seca is a great track, agreed.

Unfortunately not much racing for me lately. The last attempts at LFM Nordschleife were outright disastrous in the Cup Porsche, and the Cup I participated in GSR has stopped. We have a summer cup at GermanSimRacing now running with Indycars, but yesterdays race didn’t happen as only four racers showed up fro Road America.

Not sure when I record the next race - usually my videos are just the slightly cut races. For external views I need to use the playback records and usually transfer them to my main desktop and record from there. Not impossible, but often I don’t want to invest that much time …



BeamNG update droped recently. didnt test the update in particular but did some driving anyway

buggy from a previous update, lot of fun

its so easy to wreck this jeep


Not a screenshot or video, but a public service announcement.

If anybody was still looking for Assetto Corsa, ACC or Automobilista 2, Humble Bundle has a good deal going on, if you’re missing some titles.


I’m missing Automobilista and Drift21, in my collection, so this will still be a deal. Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks Saghen, worth it for me.

If anyone wants Assetto Corsa (I already have it), let me know and I’ll PM you the steam key.


Another thanks @saghen for encouraging me to take a look at ACC. Great stuff. I added the GT4 DLC and it’s really enjoyable.

But no ACC screens today.

MXGP 2020. I am finally getting to grips with racing this. Having decent fun with it, actually.

And a couple from my WRC3 Season at Greece in WRC Generations.


Some testing at Oulton Park in ACC.