Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


Sad face. Like 5-10 mins.


Oops, sorry Rhino, Marshall and I played a couple more rounds and then packed it in for the night.


I’m around for a bit


I’m around now.


Some fun play, testing in PvP tonight.

When I was playing Black Beard, hanging outside the window, Prof was also there beside me as Fuze, putting in some suppressive LMG fire. Great teamwork.

The way to break that situation, is for a defender to run outside (you’ll only be spotted and revealed with a marker to the enemy, not auto-killed, as in THunt mode), and simply shoot Black Beard off the wall. He’s sometimes got tunnel vision, and may be complete unaware you are standing right below him about to fire.

Another choice is to simply not try to duel with him. He’s got to get on the objective within the time limit, so just camp him out. Make him enter the room.

I may be around tomorrow evening. See you guys next time!


Thanks for getting that PvP action going tonight @Rhinosaurus as well as sorting the global/team comms situation. Soooooo fun.

We have 10 player slots available now so feel free to join Mudspiketeers!


Yes, thanks for getting the PVP working, it’s a different game completely in that mode.I learned a lot last night ! Have to study the character’s a lot more closely, the features they have matter a lot more in this mode. I’ll be around tonight as well.


Are we Sunday sieging?


Yes, going on-line now.


K I’ll be on on a bit


PvP is so fun and I can basically get killshots through cracks in the wall with this nutty 60" monitor. :smiley: Ya, it’s almost like cheating. If I can remember to NOT fall off the roof twice in one match I’ll be good.


Yep, good fun. And some really fun THunt missions last night. Interesting game, even losing is fun, lol.


Anyone for Rain Bow 6 tonight ? I’ll be on at 8:00 pm EST.


9 easier. Though I may not be available. Selling house.


Yes, I can probably at 8 or maybe 9 Eastern.


I’ve been on for a while, going to take a break for a while.


I’m on now, ready to go!


Keep. Selling house.


Oh come on, it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to sell a house! You must be doing it wrong!


Lol. My phone autocorrected that pretty weirdly but ya was still selling. All done pending inspection though and even had time for some siege!