Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


Obviously not on. 6 month old seems to have the flu like her brother so hospital coming up.


Rhino, all the best with the kids.

(I thought I heard someone say Linebacker’s kid was ill, which was why I was confused.)

Some really great sessions today, thanks everyone!


I’ve had some sort of cold/flu hybrid all weekend and it really doesn’t seem to be getting better so I know what it’s like and I feel for your tykes @Rhino … hoping for all the best.


I’ll be playing tonight.Starting nowish.


Good rounds tonight lads. Good to have The_Marshal with us.

Adlabs, you missed a round of realistic. It generally didn’t go well. P90 4 lyfe though. Only positive part of that round lol.

Look forward to more!


Oh, man… Realistic… Too bad I couldn’t stay all night, but some good play. See you guys next time.


I was going om and play some Rainbow 6 about 8:00 pm EST. if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:


Will try


Aiming to be there soon. Will be on tonight for sure.


We did pretty good in tonight’s session. Well, maybe except for Rhino. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some great fun. Hopefully it’ll throw us more defend missions next time!


The game is pretty bad about getting stuck in a rotation rut where you get the same type over and over after about 3 maps.
The solution usually is not to click “keep team together” then let it return to the main menu and start over. You don’t need to reinvite if you do that.


where is everybody?


I should be on in a bit.


I’ll be on-line at 8:00 pm EST to play some Rainbow Six tonight for anyone interested. :slight_smile:


Maybe I can, I’ll see.


Nope, I can’t make it. I’ve got to attend a dinner and party tonight. Have fun!


No problem Ads. :slight_smile:


Be there soon


Too late, we rage quit. At least I did.