Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


@Linebacker get back on ts


need sleep




A nice play session, thanks saghen and Linebacker. Some good teamwork along with sweating bullets, too.


You left too early. Rhino showed up literally 2 minutes after you left.


Ah, well. My play time was over by 10:30pm, anyway, and I needed to get some stuff done.

I’ll get some of my Renown spent on outfitting Rook for the defend missions, and will try to see you guys at the next play session.


I’ll see if I can manage to get on TS this weekend at some point to see if anyone is around interested in T Hunt.

I got the Y2 season pass so I have all those operators, plus I’ve used renown to unlock all the attackers, so I’m only missing the Y1 defenders. I also have quite a few attachments like silencers and scopes for the ones I play most often.

I don’t really care about outfits and skins and stuff.


Nice Saturday session with adlabs and Rhino. Too bad we couldn’t fill out the squad. We did some PvP and PvE.


Yes, a good time. Thanks Rhino and saghen (and a big thanks to Saghen for pointing me and Prof toward this game).

I have a 100% Renown bonus active for tonight’s session, and I’ll be on playing again tomorrow, maybe 7pm-ish Eastern. I’ll post when I get online, in case any want a share of the bonus, and some play time.


I’m going to play a bit earlier than I expected today. Starting in about 10 minutes or so, 2pm eastern. If anybody is interested, I’m happy to join a game. I’ll be on the Mudspike TS server.


I’ll only be available around usual time evening.


Yea, looks like my evening might be busy, not sure. I had some time so played early, just in case.


I’m around now.


luv you long time @saghen


good pvp times with @linebacker tonight. 2 or 3 straight wins.

Some good rounds in pve adding @saghen and @adlabs6 too.


What’s up with @saghen? :kissing_heart:

The guy is recognizing flaws in our tactics and expressing them with sarcasm?!

Stone cold communication is the only way brah.

Watch your sector calls out windows as operators close to the window can practically cover a 180 degree sector out the window.


more love less rage dudes. It’s all fun and games (until Rhino gets shot). No hatin’


Shut your pie hole down Rhino … I’m trying to have a discussion here. :slight_smile:





Yep, more good play last night. Thanks guys!

On the airplane mission… At the start I saw saghen and Linebacker already climbed up and breaching on the main passenger deck (I’m heavy and run slower, so I tend to be last getting anywhere). Rhino went low, breaching at the cargo hatch below the passenger deck, so to keep a good 2 man support grouping, I followed Rhino.

So Rhino and I are moving through the baggage compartment, heading toward the nose of the plane. It’s going well, but then like TWO nitro charges in a row hit Rhino, and take him out. As I turn to face this threat, a breather is coming through the door, plus three more henchmen.

I took them all out, but now I’m stuck down in the baggage hold all alone. Rhino and I never saw the Bomb site discovered above us on the Passenger deck. When prompted about it, I cleared my way to the nearest forward staircase, and joined saghen and Linebacker.

It happens with 2 man groups, if one goes down and can’t be revived… Poof, I’m all alone in enemy territory. For sure it’s a quicker way to locate the objective, having 2 teams hunting, but I’m not sure whether it’s weaker overall, due to the divided main force strength.