Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


OR…you can use the drones to scout for the bombs, with one man covering as the other scouts. Two teams–two drones. :wink:


That just might work! :slight_smile:



I’ll be on soon


le now


Missed screenshots… Rhinosaurus shot the hostage.

I ended 7-1 though and we won the match so all ends well.

With @Linebacker


Aiming for 20-30 minutes from now.


LOL! Operation White Noise just dropped … 22GB update … I’ll be ready in 5 mikes. :slight_smile:


So…the SMB attacker has good weapons, but a lousy special ability. It literally only works against humans, useless in T Hunt. :frowning:

The new map is a maze! It’s not all that big, at least compared to the theme park I don’t think, but it’s largely small rooms with few large open areas, so it feels like it goes on forever. It’s also at least 4 levels if not 5, hard to tell from just one round. Definitely the most vertical map in the bunch.


I checked these out today, and I figured that both SMB special gadgets were only useable agaist humans. One hacks/rings the enemy phones (do AI Terrorists carry phones?), the other can mask his visibility on remote cameras (which again, I didn’t think the AI Terrorists used?).

Getting phone hacked is weird, and does quickly reveal my position to attackers. Plus I was vulnerable while silencing the phone. Once this was used nicely by the attackers, they triggered the phone hack about 3 seconds before detonating breaching charges. I was heads down silencing the phone, instead of being ready to fire.

The new map looks great. Going to take a while to learn it, it’s pretty chopped up and large.


around all night now


A good bit of play last night. We won that last round after you crashed, I scored like 3600XP, finally made some kills!


3600 XP! Geeze, I nearly just spit my coffee at my phone. :grin:

So you’re enjoying the PvP are ya @adlabs6?


It’s been a long many years since I did PvP heavily, back in the UT2004 days. And that was mostly on dialup.

It’s OK in R6S, but the limit for now is my network latency. Last night I was pinging around 100 to 110ms, which leaves me seeing and reacting to other players about half as quick as they can. But sometimes the math works to my advantage, and it’s fun.

The quality of other random players has been relatively high, thus far. Minimal nonsense type stuff, compared to what I saw the few times I played INS in PvP.


ya we had some good matches last night. I think we wont 50%. Maybe slightly higher.


I’m around if anyone wants to play. Respond here or pm me here. I’ll j be on ts too though with sound muted (will have the list up though).


Ah I was lucky to get in some time tonight. Tough matches, though.


I have bought and downloaded Rainbow 6, hope to see what it’s all about soon !


Great Prof, I really hope you enjoy it.

For certain I’d recommend checking out the Situations. Normal mode is great, and you can get a feel for each operator while enjoying some pretty fun play.

And you can play Terrorist Hunt mode in “Lonewolf” mode, where you are alone. If you randomly get a defense mission in this mode, it’s really not been something I can win. But when you randomly get assigned the other attacking modes… Those really can offer some fun, scouting with the drones, then making your moves.



Anyone interested in some Rainbox six tonight, starting about 8:00 pm EST ? It will take me a while to learn I’m sure but I’ll keep out of the way while I’m trying to figure this out. :slight_smile: