Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


I’m sure we’ll play tonight. Not sure when everyone can show up.

Prof, do the single player training missions called situations. You’ll get reknown to unlock attachments and it will teach you how to do stuff before you get into multiplayer.


Will be around. Maybe not that early though.


Yes, I’d like to be there.

I had some swelling issues with my hand last night, but I feel confident enough to consider giving it a shot.


Ads, I’ll be on the Mudspike TS at 8:00 pm EST. :slight_smile:


Some good play last night. It’s a real treat when we manage a win with zero casualties.

See you guys next time!


Several of us are on now. Come play some Siege.


Some good play tonight.

A few things I’m considering:

  1. When I’m scouting with the drone, if an enemy gets outside early, and I’ve moved up close before beginning my scout… I’m heads down and in trouble. Henceforth, my scouting will be done as far away from the target building as possible.

  2. More use of non-lethal grenades on objectives would be welcome. @Rhinosaurus as Ying is great with the triple stun grenades. Anyone with smoke or stun grenades. A bonus… @Prof has unlocked Glaz, and his scope can see through the smoke.

Also a potential tactic during defense (or bomb defuse), smoke the defended area, and put Glaz in the smoke. Hidden from enemies, he can see them on thermal clear as day. Glaz may be able to carry smoke himself, I can’t recall.

  1. While R6S is a close quarters game, don’t forget the long game. In addition to Glaz, many operators have rifles and ACOG optics. When we’ve got a bomb or hostage target in an outside facing room with breachable windows, we can try taking high ground. Let one guy (@saghen with the hammer?) move close and breach the window barricade (or long range, with Ash?) Then as the enemies move into view and investigate, we make first contact from afar.


Wow. Adlabs is going all tactical and stuff.


I think he’s practising for ranked. They hurt his feelings when they told him never to come back. Lol.


Good ideas Ads, unfortunately Glaz doesn’t have smoke grenades, just Claymores, unless I can change that ?


Some of the operators come with an alternate, lemme check.


ya looks like glaz can have either smoke nades or claymores. Swap it in the loadout to make the change to your default, or you can change it on the fly at the beginning of a round at the loadout screen.


I think all ops have two choices in that area. Some only have one secondary or one primary option, but everyone gets two options for grenades or shields or barbed wire or breaching charges or something.

I admit I’ve never tried the “smoke it and shoot them with Glaz” tactic, but that’s because when I started Glaz didn’t have that ability–the scope was just a scope. So I still don’t think of it in that way. :slight_smile:


Let’s tactics it up.


I might can make it, I’ve got some work I need to finish.


it’s nearly christmas, work can wait


I didn’t read the entire thread, so apologies if already posted, but I found this useful when I was playing:



Thanks Hardtale, that’s useful.

Yesterday headed in to buy the Year 3 Pass, but got distracted. I saw on the “Unlock Operators” screen that I could get a 50% discount on all Year 1 or Year 2 Operators this week. That’s 8 operators total, and checking them out, the Year 1 set had 6 that were highly appealing for me. So I spent my money on a R6 Coin pack, and bought the Year 1 operators. I did miss out on some perks by not getting the pass, but I’ll trade that for knowing and having interest in the operators I am getting, and can play today.

So now I have 14 operators available, plus enough remaining R6 Coins to buy one more Operator down the road. With that, plus about 11,000 Renown on hand, I can fit out and have a very nice set of Operators for our play.


Was it the legacy op pack? I wouldn’t mind picking that up but haven’t ever seen it on sale.


If legacy means the original set prior to the Year 1 DLC, then no. These are separate bundles of the Year 1 and Year 2 DLC operators.

I did see the complete original set of operators on sale as a bundle about 2 or 3 weeks back. There was a banner at the bottom of the Operators screen, same as the Year 1 & 2 banners which are there now.

EDIT: Just to clarify what Operators I bought: Buck, Frost, Valkyrie, Blackbeard, Capitao, Caveira, Hibana, & Echo