Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


That’s it, Year 1. They call it (or did) the Legacy Operators Bundle. Thanks, I may have to grab it.


Savor this moment, prof.


Savoring … Hmmm thats good !


Going to play Rainbow 6 tonight, I’ll be on-line after 8:00 pm EST. Anyone else interested ?


I might be able, if so, see you there!


Prof, adlabs and I are playing. We need 2 more players!


Would love to but I’m currently socializing with people I don’t know. Two guesses what I’d rather be doing!


Wow, fun 2 hours of tactical play. That skylight breach into the bank office was fun.


Yes, that was really good, I learned a lot in those two hours !


That was a good session last night. Decently tactical.

prof, check your key bindings for Fortify or something like that. The default is F, but you might have changed it.

There are situations you can play in the tutorial about fortifying walls, which should help teach you fortifying.


I actually got Fortify to work in the last mission. I had been looking down at the bottom of the wall, the same as characters do to start fortifying. I learned to look up at the wall and the menu changes allowing me to Fortify it.

I’m going to try out the tutorials later this week and learn some more.


Yep, same problem I was having. I was wondering why I couldn’t Fortify, sometimes, when it had been working before!


Any Siege tonight, folks?

@adlabs6 @Prof @Linebacker @Tankerwade @JediMaster @DeadMeat


Sure, any particular time ?


I’m in IRC, waiting for warriors to come out and play.


Would’ve loved to, but wasn’t even at home.

I’ll keep my eye out for later this week, though.


Well, Jedi, you don’t need to be passive, if you’re able to play nights around 8-10PM, send out a message and maybe some people can join. Just don’t wait around for somebody else to start something.

Man, @Tankerwade was right. Ubisoft knows you’re not going to grind for all the operators. I just bought Year 3, so I’m good to go on that. That put me a few R6 credits shy of being able to by the Year 1 operators. So, another $5 gave me enough credits for the Year 1 operators, so I got that.

We need to be playing this 3 hours a night/3 nights a week to work this off, you guys better get playing. :stuck_out_tongue:




It’s a money trap!

I’ve fall in!


Seriously though, I’ve had a great bit of fun with R6S for the low starter edition price I paid. So kicking in for some DLC unlocks was easy, and really opened up some fun.

I should be online for some play tonight.

BTW, I completed all 10 Situations, and all 30 bonus objectives, so last night I decided to play the bonus 11th Situation. Well it’s a multiplayer T-Hunt on Bartlet U, in the toxic smoke clouds. Took me nearly 8 minutes of waiting for matchmaking before I could play, then the team was down in less than 1 minute, lol.


So since I’ve been gone like what, 5 days? Rainbow six sent me an email inviting me back. They included some stats in the email for me. I’ve got 2260 kills, of which 1290 are headshots. >35 hours played. 180 of 293 matches won.

Definitely got my moneys worth from the base purchase already, and on my way to getting dlc moneys worth (I generally value games at $1 per hour). Can’t wait to be back.