Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


I’m going to be playing a bit, starting in about 10 minutes time.


Thanks to all who played, a full 5 man team most of the night.

Nice challenge. The defend missions can be brutal, but it’s some of the most fun I’ve had losing in a game. :grin:

EDIT: And I just recalled also having team killed @saghen last night… Sorry about that. While you did cut across in front of my fire (IIRC?), I was also probably not playing really well either at that point, by firing close beside/past team-mates (you and someone else) who had a better position for the situation.


Don’t worry about it, adlabs. I jumped up immediately after getting revived and rushed into the room, per the official Mudspike Tactician guidelines, without a care for any friendlies shooting from behind.


Linebacker was playing wasn’t he


He was, but he wasn’t going Full Linebacker though. He was chill, for him.


Well it brings a couple of points up, which have been on my mind after our sessions.

First, I don’t like firing past team mates, not in Arma and I need to make a conscious decision to not do this in R6, either. Because I often do.

Second, firing past a team mate who is carrying a shield is probably fair game, even a best case use of the shield. Since I often enjoy playing as Montagne, I need to be conscious about NOT making rapid left/right strafing movements when friendly units are firing past my shield. A couple of times I’ve done that, and briefly thought that I just created a TK situation there, where I could easily have avoided it.

Also, when I play as Montagne, I try to move around doors and obstacles such that other team members can fire over my right shoulder. That means I’ll approach the left hand side of doors, leaving a firing gap on the right. My logic here, is that Montagne fires his pistol right handed, and this setup keeps the opportunity open for me to fire if needed, without the pistol being blocked by being behind the doorframe.


There’s such little reward for being “first” in r6 that shoulder shooting to wrack up the kills is just pointless.

I try to keep it to a minimum, and mostly to just cover teammates who either seem like they didn’t see a guy or are looking the wrong way. It is super risky though.

You and I have made good use of the shield technique before, but I’ve also killed you because we moved opposite directions due to poor comms.

In any case, this game is def more about winning the scenario than being first, which is why it’s kinda annoying when 1 or 2 go Rambo while the others are trying to be methodical and not get each other killed.


Rhino. You’re one of the guys darting around trying to get the highest killcount. Keep it real. :stuck_out_tongue:


Only when playing with linebacker.


You taught me everything I know. :kissing_heart:


Theres a game and a place! :hugs:


I’m on for some play tonight!


Where are all these Mudspike Tacticians that wanted to play siege. Adlabs and I are playing


I would’ve liked to join but I’m in la la (VR) land right now actually learning how to shoot guns in an aggressive and tactical manner. :slight_smile:


Thanks Saghen and TheMarshal for jumping on TS, good play tonight.

I’ve got nearly enough Renown for either 2 base or 1 Year 2 Operator!


I’m going on-line tonight (Sun.) to play some Rainbow six:Siege at about 8:00 Est.
Anyone else want to join me ?


Might be a bit early for me but kids pending I’ll try to be there. 9 is more likely


I’ll be around. I think we might as well call Sunday nights, “Siege Sunday” for the foreseeable future as well …


I should be there at 8 Est.


Should be on by 9